The Ins and Outs of PLR Content

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Businessman pressing Consumer Insights concept button.When creating content online, it is important to look at different financial opportunities where saving money does not reduce the quality of services or the amount of money coming in. Now, there are all sorts of different financial services out there that can help improve the possibility of making money while reducing the amount of money spent. One such option is PLR content. PLR content is something that just about everyone should at least look into when attempting to marketing products online, start a blog or create backlinks. There is a time where this kind of money saving service should be used and there is a time where it shouldn’t be. As long as this is understood, it becomes possible to best utilize the PLR content for the greater good.

Understanding What PLR Content Is

PLR, or Prive Label Rights, is a product, typically an article, written by another author. This material is available for use by anyone, as long as they pay the fee to use it. This is like a stock image saved to a stock photograph website. When someone sees an image they like they can purchase the rights to use the photograph. Now, it is possible to straight up purchase the photograph to be used whenever the person wants, in which case nobody else has the rights to use it. Usually though, they simply pay the usage fee. This is the same with PLR content written content. The writer is paid a fee so the individual can use the content however they desire.

Once the content is purchased, it is possible to do whatever someone wants to it. The buyer has the ability to go in and edit it as much or as little as they want. They can even toss their name to the title so it comes across as if they wrote the content instead of the actual author. The fact of the matter is the author does not create the content to become famous or to even attract attention. They simply do it so they can mass sell the product and bring in the most amount possible.

The Pros of PLR Content

Now, for the pros of this generalized content. For starters, it is cheap. Extremely cheap. It is not possible to dig into the pros of this kind of article without mentioning exactly how inexpensive it is. Someone is able to pay for the product often for pennies on the dollar. An article of a few hundred words likely costs less than a dollar, although every article is going to have a different price. So, for those individuals who are looking to save money and obtain written content, this is the way to go.

After this, PLR content is a time saver. It is possible to save all sorts of money when using this kind of a product. All someone needs to do is purchase a handful of articles at once and, instead of slaving over a computer keyboard for days (or weeks) at a time, they instantly have content that is ready to be used and capable of populating a website instantly.

The Cons of PLR Content

With every pro there is a con. While PLR content is inexpensive, it is also, naturally, cheaply produced. This means someone types out the content as quickly as they can without thinking twice about it. The material usually has typos, grammar issues and some of the least expensive articles may not even read as English. Many individuals in third world countries write this kind of content as a way to make money. They do have the opportunity to continually make money off of the articles if it is popular enough for different users to continually use the service. For the most part, it just isn’t financially valuable enough for too many writers to actually want to produce this sort of content.

After the fact that the quality of content really is lacking, there is the other problem of the article being likely used throughout the Internet. An article that is cheap and reads at least decently well probably appears in dozens, if not hundreds of different locations around the Internet. This in itself can have other problems that may impact the website owner in other ways than immediately apparent.

So how can a PLR content article potentially hurt the website owner? For starters, it is not going to rank well on search engines. As the content appears in other locations online, it runs into a few issues. First, it needs to compete with other websites out there with the same information. As these websites have used the content longer, the sites typically have a jump on search engine rankings, making it extremely difficult to climb up the SEO ladder (although not impossible). The second issue is that if the content is produced by an inferior written and it does not come across as fluent English, there is a chance search engines may actually knock the ranking down with a penalty.

When to Use the PLR Content?

So there are some pros and cons associated with the PLR content. With all of that in mind, when should someone actually use the material? For starters, if someone is just starting off and they don’t have the time or money, this can work actually exceptionally well.

When starting off in the blogging world, a blog is not going to receive any sort of traffic. It can take dozens of blog posts before search engines really take notice. This can prove frustrating for the writer when they have been at it for months (if not longer) and have posted hundreds of different publications all without more than a handful of people reading the material. With the help of PLR content, it is possible to instantly increase the possible early exposure. This lays a ground level of content to build the SEO of a blog off of.

Another entry usage of the content is with creating backlinks. So what sort of backlink service is this? When marketing an affiliate product, producing backlinks to a landing page or the affiliate account itself, it is important to have something popular these landing pages. With the help of PLR content, it is possible to inexpensively place something on the pages. A page without anything on it will just not do anything and Google will not rank it at all (or at the very least, very well as there is nothing to rate on the page). So, to stand as a placeholder before newer content is produced, the PLR content can work well.

When to Not Use PLR Content?

No SignWhile there is a time to use the content, there is also a time to not use the content. When exactly is this time? Well, if someone is more experienced and has a tenure, they should avoid using this kind of material at all cost.

If a blog has regular viewers who visit the blog whenever a new post appears on the RSS feed, chances the website also receives some decent Internet traffic from search engines as well. Once a writer starts using the PLR content, it will alienate the readers as they can tell when something is written by the original writer or when something is more or less spun. This means there will be individuals who cancel their RSS subscription to the page. This will also result in a drop in SEO for search engines, which means search engine traffic will cut down as well. Ultimately, it all comes down to if someone has an experienced and visited website or not. If they do, they need to avoid the PLR content.

Editing the Content?

Now, as someone does own the content, or at least they are able to do with it what they want, there are a few ways to make it more acceptable to search engines. That is to edit the material. Going in and changing key phrases and documentation, it can help a bit. Now, search engines are extremely capable in identifying when some articles went through a basic spin to alter keywords. Due to this, it is usually necessary to go in and change just about all of it. Doing so can take a considerable amount of time, which does render the time saving elements of PLR content moot. However, as for avoiding potential SEO ranking issues, this might be the best opportunity for someone who wants to use the content.

Is it a Scam?

PLR content is a basic feature that can be used by anyone. It is not a scam as it is actually written words available for usage. Now, the content may prove helpful to a website owner or it may prove detrimental, based on how it is used. Despite this though, it is authentic so it is not a scam in any sense of the word.

Who Should Use PLR Content?

Anyone who is just starting off with affiliate marketing or a blog, using this kind of content can prove helpful in getting off to the right foot. Anyone who already has experience with producing online material or who already has an established blog should avoid this kind of content.


There are both pros and cons associated with using the PLR content. For someone who is just starting off in the world of affiliate marketing and making money online, taking advantage of the cost cutting opportunities of PLR content can prove beneficial. On the other side of the coin though, those who are more experienced with a respected blog should avoid the service. Ultimately, it comes down to who wants to use it, but the articles do have some beneficial elements that just about anyone should at least look at. If someone can use the content, it will save them money and it has the potential to pay off using it in the end.

Should Anyone Use A PLR Article

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Close Up Of Old English Dictionary Page With Word Anybody.Link building and spreading the word of a particular company is important. This is especially important in many online marketing services. Affiliate marketing can stand as a major money maker, but it is necessary to send in traffic to the landing pages and affiliate websites. There are some ways to do this, but building links stands as one of the best. To send in visitors from outside links, someone will need to build up content around the Internet, offering information they will find helpful (after all, there needs to be a reason why someone clicks on the given subject matter or website). To do this, having quick access to ready made articles may prove beneficial, which is exactly what a PLR article is. However, there are some substantial drawbacks with this kind of service, which is why it is vital to weight the pros and cons of looking into a PLR article.

What is a PLR Article?

PLR, short for private label rights, is a ready made article. This is an article that has already been written and is sitting around for use. Typically, usage of the article and the article writes can come with the payment of a few cents, all the way up to a few dollars. Generally speaking, anyone is able to purchase the private label rights article, so there is no limit to how many times it can be used. Buying a PLR article does not mean the person buying the article receives the article in its entirety as well as the sole ability to use the article. .Instead, it basically signals they can use the article for paying it. However, the next person who comes around and pays for the article can also use it.

So what are these PLR articles generally written on? Anything really. Individuals who write these articles typically write on generic material they can sell quickly and in large quantities. It doesn’t pay much, so they need to have articles that many other people will want to purchase the rights to. After all, when maying a handful of cents for a single article, they need to sell it dozens, if not hundreds of times, to make it worth their wild.

The Difference Between a PLR Article and Professionally Written Article

First, it is necessary to toss quality right out the window. The fact of the matter is quality of an article is going to be drastically different between a professionally written article and a PLR article. There is no debate. A quality writer is not going to create a PLR article and sell their content for a few cents per download. It doesn’t make much sense for them to do this and it cheapens their work. It would be like a great painter such as Picasso selling his work for a few dollars on the street. Once he starts doing that, it reduces the value of his product and nobody will buy his other work for large sums of money (why pay a lot when someone can pay a little). So, this is a given and shouldn’t even be considered. When looking between the two, someone typically isn’t even considering quality.

Naturally, the next is price, but this kind of goes hand in hand with quality. Someone reaps what they sow, or as it is often put, “gets what they pay for.” When someone pays a few cents for an PLR article, they receive something the writer rushed and really doesn’t care about. The article may not even be by a native English speaking writer, so there are likely going to be spelling and grammar errors all throughout the content to the point where it might seem as though a computer from the 80s spat it out.

The real major difference between a PLR article and a professional written article is the search engine optimization of the content. Search engines want quality content. This is the top aspect of any SEO ranking. Algorithms have come a long way in recent years in determining the best order and ranking of sites online. Those with a top search rating typically have well written, insightful and helpful content. The professional written article will have this, which is why paying the extra money for articles is often well worth it. The PLR article, on the other hand, is not highly regarded and does not have the quality standard search engines are looking for. There are also some other issues with the SEO for a PLR article as well.

Search Engine Problems

As mentioned earlier, it is possible for anyone to go and purchase the PLR article. Often times a single PLR article is going to be bought dozens, if not hundreds of times. Now, some service providers do put a cap on the number of times a single article is sold (or at least so they say). The problem here is that when someone tries to post the content onto a blog or website, there is an extremely high chance it already exists somewhere else online, maybe in hundreds of places. This means search engines like Google will crawl the content, detect it has been used before on another site and do one of a few things. First, it really won’t pay much attention to the new blog post, which pushes it down the rankings. It can penalize the website for using mass-produced content, which not only will push the page even further down the search engine rankings but the website itself. Lastly, it might ban the website completely if it does this on a regular basis, which is a website death warrant.

Now, there are some general work arounds when it comes to the PLR article and wanting to promote it on the Internet. In order for it to really work, it needs to be changed from its original state. Think of it as a face lift. When someone buys it, they are buying the bare bones model. They need to upgrade it and do whatever they can in order to boost the general appearance. This means they should go over it with a fine tooth comb, alter some sayings, change some phrases and altering it to the point where search engines will not identify it as a copied document.

The major issue with this is when someone buys a PLR article, they do so to save both time and money. By spending this time editing and altering the article, it nearly renders buying the content useless. Often times, it actually takes longer to re-work an article and make sure it isn’t flagged for Copyscape than to simply produce brand new content.

So Why Use PLR Articles Anyway?

Asian business man write words on wall, Why?Outside of populating blogs and websites, the main reason why someone would consider using a PLR article is to offer backlinks to the affiliate landing page or website. This is an important service that can help boost exposure, as long as the website is properly received and is not penalized for a weak scoring SEO PLR article. So, as long as the article does not take a hit for SEO issues, it can prove helpful. This may be difficult to determine whether or not it will be penalized, but for the most part, if it works, it is a nice opportunity.

Should Someone Use PLR Articles

This really is a case by case basis and everyone needs to determine whether or not it is right for them. There are some pros to come out of this opportunity, and if the website is not hit with SEO sanctions, it can prove to be a solid boost. However, it is these SEO sanctions that prove potentially devastating. If an entire website and al the websites linked through the PLR article is hit with penalties, it will greatly reduce any kind of financial potential the person may experience. This far outweighs the cost of just paying a professional writer to produce solid content instead of buying a mass produced article that will weigh down SEO rankings. So, essentially everyone who is interested in populating the Internet with backlinks and added content, they need to weight the chances of receiving a boost with a PLR article, or receiving a penalty because of the PLR article.

Is it a Scam?

This is not a scam at all. It is a service that can be taken advantage of. Now, that doesn’t mean the service may, ultimately, fail and not pan out for the individual who is looking to implement the feature into his or her online marketing platform. However, it is by no means a scam.

Is it Possible Make Money With a PLR Article?

The entire purpose (or at least a major purpose) of using a PLR article is to put it on other websites, blogs and landing pages. This then allows the individual to post backlinks onto the blogs and send traffic back to a very specific website. The usage of backlinks can provide a boost in traffic and a boost in search engine rankings. If everything works out, it is possible to make money money indirectly through the increase of traffic. Of course, someone can also lose money if the website is penalized for using mass produced content. So, yes it can help make money, or it may end up losing money.


For someone starting off and in the need of blog posts and other content to populate their landing pages and to help grown backlinks, the PLR article option is out there. It is something someone may want to think long and heart about. It also is a service that is extremely cheap to opt into, which means if someone wants to, they may just want to experiment with the service and test it out on different landing pages to see how the pages are rated. By testing out the service, it may prove the articles beneficial.

Learning From RobinGupta

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Learn Sign Colorful TagsIt is important to always stay open to learning from examples and from those who have come before, paving the way. In the Internet world of online money making, there have been several individuals who have not only laid the foundations of the industry, but who continue to push the road further for others to follow. One such individual is RobinGupta. This individual runs a website named after himself with the tag line “The Brain Behind Your Business.” His service are all about losing search engine optimization and promoting a website in order to reach its optimal potential. The main issue with most websites is the content generally does not reach its maximum potential. With the help of RobinGupta though, it may not be possible.

The Basics Offered By RobinGupta

On the website, visitors will find all sorts of different information that will surely be helpful in their question to financial freedom. Naturally, it all starts with a quality website, and building this quality website is job number one. With the help of RobinGupta, there are several desirable services and features anyone can learn from.

The first offering is a general, complete and comprehensive Web solutions package. It points out what a good website has, the features it should show off and what visitors to any website are looking for. One of the most common mistakes when building a website is designing it towards what the company wants. The website should, in reality, be designed to what the customer wants. What kind of services work best for the individual? How can a visitor better interact with the website and what will make them more likely to purchase a product or service? With the help of RobinGupta, it is possible to learn how to think like a customer and design a website accordingly.

The next step is through online link building. Link building plays a very important role in the world of websites. Now, there are two major benefits behind link building. For starters, search engines take quality back links into consideration when ranking websites. This means websites with more quality links will typically perform better than websites without links. Now, what constitutes a “quality” back link? It is usually from a respected, authoritative website, such as a news outlet, or from a published blog that has solid blog post and a large enough readership to make it worth wild. The link building services offered by RobinGupta showcase exactly how to go about building these links.

The second reason why link building can benefit the website is it sends in outside traffic from other locations. Visitors who click on the link may not have come to the website on their own accord without the back link. This boosts traffic a second way. The more eyes on a website, the greater chance of converting leads into sales or, at the very least, make money off of advertisements on the website. There are actual multiple courses offered through RobinGupta all focused on Link building.

Designing the Perfect Website

Creating the perfect website is difficult but not impossible. A quality website helps make visitors feel at home while also offering a unique experience they will not find anywhere else. There are different ways to do this and RobinGupta wants to educate individuals on how to build their own, quality website. Now, for those individuals who already have substantial website building experience, they may feel like they don’t need this articular course, but the thing is RobinGupta does cover a good amount of in-depth information that may have escaped the designer while they worked on building websites. That is why the Web Design and Development service courses offered by RobinGupta can prove beneficial.

Social Media and Blogging

Utilizing social media accounts and a continually published blog have become some of the most important elements any website or business owner needs to stay on top of. RobinGupta explains why exactly someone needs to stay on top of these particular services.

First of all, there is social media, Social media has the capability of linking to affiliate pages, landing pages or really anywhere else online. While these links do not count towards the SEO link rankings, there is another reason why social media accounts need to be taken advantage of. Free advertising. Very few things in the world of business, either online or in person, are free and social media is one of these such services. It offers all sorts of financial benefits as even one sale that comes from social media turns a profit. So, from Facebook to Twitter, LinkedIn to Pinterest, there is a room and a place for just about all social media services. RobinGupta shows how these services can and should be used.

On the other end of the spectrum is blogging. Blogging takes a bit more work, at least in the way that full articles need to be produced. Like social media accounts it does provide free advertising, but unlike social media, it does help boost a website’s SEO. It does this a few different ways. First, it helps keep search engines continually scanning and drawing the website in order to identify the new posts. On top of this, it helps outsiders find the website who might not have found it on their own. They may see a helpful do-it yourself article or a how-to article that really hightails how to do just about anything. When they click on the article listed on search engines they are directly taken back to the website. This is all traffic a website would not have received without the help of blogging. It is also why RobinGupta wants anyone with a website to start blogging today.

Additional Features

Everything on the RobinGupta website is about building a brand and making a website more desirable to visitors and search engines. That is why the site does not simply stop at social media, blogging and design. There are any other services that can be covered in a nutshell. Users of the service can learn about how to create forum posts, how to properly market their website, how to upload their blogs to directories, how to write content (ranging from articles to press releases) not to mention additional PPC methods that can pay out in the long run. With so many different services and features, it is possible to see exactly why the RobinGupta service is the Brain Beyond Your Business.

Buying Services

While RobinGupta does show how to implement many of the services, the website also offers paying services for those who are looking for some help. For website owners who just are not able to catch on with the creation of link building and how to implement it into their own website, they are able to purchase links to be placed around the Internet in order to help boost SEO.

These links are placed into quality blogs in order to promote the website admin’s content. It is possible to buy anywhere from 10 to 300 links (all for these are one way links, which rank better than two way links). When selecting the links, an individual is able to choose specific keywords, so RobinGupta knows how to utilize the links. Plus, the service also provides appropriate anchor text, descriptions and other assistance to make sure the links provide the highest quality return on investment for the buyers.

Who Should Use RobinGupta?

Anyone who wants to improve their website and even boost their sales should look towards the services of RobinGupta. Here, just about everything someone might want to cover can be found. It is different to find any other website out there that provides this kind of in-depth coverage. From creating a blog and posting to social media to designing a website and thinking like a visitor and not like a designer. All of this makes it a valuable service. There are plenty of free options on the site as well, so it is not like a potential client or customer will need to shell out cash in order to test it out. There are some pay services packaged into the RobinGupta website, but that is something someone can determine if it fits their needs or not.

So, just about anyone who wants to make money off of their websites, whether it is an affiliate marketing platform or they are selling their own, specific products, they need to consider what RobinGupta is able to do for them.

Is it a Scam?

Concept of scam behind smartphone for thief moneyThe services offered by RobinGupta are in no way a scam. The content is extremely beneficial and it really does allow someone to promote their website and to produce high end material. This way, it doesn’t matter what is on the website or how long they have been in the game, they will always be able to learn from the services of RobinGupta and push their product to the next level. Often times this may seem different, especially to those individuals who have been attempting to promote their website for a while, but thanks to the knowledge, this service, which is not a scam at all, can and should help just about anyone.


The RobinGupta website is one of the most desirable websites out there when it comes to learning how to produce a website and how to sell products and services online. The sheer amount of information and material located on the site really is second to none, and with so many features available for free, everyone is able to learn from the products before they decide (if they decide) to put any money into it. The website provides those who are new to Internet services and those who have been using the Internet for years now to make money alike, and it is why it is a quality product. There is a reason why it has the tagline of “Brain Behind Your Business.”

Keep It Simple With Simple Sites Big Profits

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Keep It Simple On A Virtual ScreenSometimes it is possible to just overthink making money. People will come up with these grand plans to bring in more money or to track down potential financial revenue streams. The problem with this is there are often too many moving parts. The more moving parts the greater the chance of breaking down. It is why computers are looking at reducing the number of moving parts built into the hardware. If something is not moving it will last longer, which provides a greater return on investment. The same is true for making money with affiliate programs and similar services online. It really isn’t necessary to overcomplicate everything. Some of the best ways to make money online are also the simplest.

Keep it Simple

Keep it simple, stupid, or KISS is an easy wan to remember it. Keeping it simple is the best course of action for just about everything. After all, making money online isn’t rocket science or brain surgery. It simply is about connecting a few dots together and understanding what the shape makes in the end. One affiliate program that has learned how to do this and take it to the next level is Simple Sites Big Profits. Simple Sites Big Profits is a program designed by Marcus Campbell, who is a major player in the world of affiliate marketing. With the system, it is all about cutting down on the stress and removing the bulk that isn’t necessary. With 15 years of experience, Marcus Campbell has worked in just about every capacity of affiliate marketing, which is why his insights are so valuable. It is through these 15 years of experience that he decided to produce the Simple Sites Big Profits network.

How it All Works

When first heading over to the website to check out Simple Sites Big Profits, the first thing anyone is going to notice is that it looks incredibly dated. In fact, it is basically just a handful of clip images that seem to be out of the mid 90s. Why exactly is that, anyways? Wouldn’t someone want a cutting edge looking website to really dazzle those coming in? Sometimes that is the case, but in order to prove a point and why simple is often times better, Simple Sites Big Profits decided the website exactly like this.

After entering onto the page and looking over the different sections they are able to find nine basic breakdown steps. These different steps include Niche Finding, Finding Offers, Traffic Source, Setting Up Shop, Creating Content, Getting Traffic, Testing and Tracking, Getting Involved and lastly Ramp Up Profits.

Of course, everyone becomes instantly pumped when they see the last heading. However, it is important to not skip ahead as every step builds slightly off of the last step. Like skipping to the final page of a book, sure it is going to give away the ending, but a person misses out on the journey and how they reached that point. When trying to make money online, this journey is extremely important.

Beyond the basic steps, Simple Sites Big Profits also has some tip sections to kind of fill in the gaps of the nine steps. These tips are bits of information that really didn’t fit into a specific category, but instead these steps are designed to offer insights unique from the rest of the information.

The Steps are Naturally Simple

In order to keep the feel of Simple Sites Big Profits alive and well, all of the steps are pretty simple as well. Upon clicking on one of the steps, it is going to load an insurrectional video or other service that walks a viewer, step by step, through the process it is talking about. From finding the right affiliate nice to creating quality content that attracts visitors and want them to stay and spend money, each step is geared towards boosting online potential.

After completing the basic nine steps, it is possible to continue the education and to really receive the meat of the services offered by Simple Sites Big Profits. Now, it is important to realize that the rest of the service is a pay to use service. The free content is helpful, but in order to promote the product and to really learn about who simple is better and how it is going to produce a drastic increase in overall financial revenue, this is the way to go.

Paying for Services

The pay for service costs $297 to sign up. It is important to realize that Simple Sites Big Profits is not just going to do it all for someone once they sign up. They still need to put in the work and do what they can in order to boost their revenue. This is one of those programs where an individual is going to get as much out of is as they put into it. If someone is not willing to put in the work, they simply are not going to make any money off of it. However, as long as someone is willing to put in the effort, they are going to find out just how easy it is to make money and why it isn’t necessary to over design content and go over the top with the looks of a website, blog or other entity.

Standing Out

Here is a little secret that Simple Sites Big Profits is not going to offer but is something that should help those interested in the service excel to a greater degree. After signing up with the affiliate account service, an individual is going to essentially compete with other individuals who hold accounts. The product does help point out potential leads, but these leads do not go to one individual at a time. It is generalized information and everyone can see it. Due to this, it is necessary to stand out a bit.

So, how can someone stand out a bit in order to land these leads? It all comes down to presentation. For starters, before sending out a sales pitch via email, social media or other service, it is important to look over the sales pitch, make sure it is free of typos or grammatical errors and to always edit and adjust when it doesn’t work. Sales pitches are all about fine tuning what is going on with the email and marketing content. While it is not always possible to land every lead, learning what didn’t work and altering it to make sure it does better the  next time around is a must.

The second step (and still part of presentation) is to go out and pick up a professional Web cam or video camera. Now, this doesn’t mean drop everything and spend a few grand on a camera. No, a great Web cam can run at int $100. An even better investment would be a GoPro video camera (a few hundred dollars, depending on make and mode). These cameras are pretty point-and-shoot ready, so even someone without experience can set up a great shot. But why should someone go out and pick up a camera?

Stand Out From the Crowd card with crowd of people on backgroundWhen creating an account with Simple Sites Big Profits, it points towards the importance of having a face with the content, and this goes into producing videos to not only post to YouTube but to a designed website. Looking at other videos, 99 percent of the people who sign up for the service use their built in Web camera on the computer system. These are bare bone pieces of equipment that do not produce great quality video. Lighting can bleach out the image, the background behind the individual talking is often messy (such as clothes tossed in the back of a closet or office) and it just doesn’t look all that professional.

When signing up for an affiliate program, people want someone who looks successful, not someone who comes off like a slob, is disorganized and has inferior video quality (after all, if someone is making money they would have a better video feed). With an upgraded camera, the video quality is automatically going to look much better. The GoPro camera can be taken with an individual, so they can video themselves on the beach somewhere, out by a pool, driving or doing really anything else. Maybe they want to pitch a product at a sporting event. Standing out with quality video is something that is going to help take a member of Simple Sites Big Profits’s account to the next level and separate it from the rest of the pack.

Who Should Use Simple Sites Big Profits

While this is an affiliate program anyone can sign up for, it really should only be utilized by individuals who have a passion to grow their brand and who are willing to put in the necessary work. If someone is unable to do this they will simply waste the nearly $300 they put into the program. Ultimately, if someone is up to putting in work, the Simple Sites Big Profits program is for them. If they are unsure or don’t know if they want to put in the work, this is not right for them.

Is Simple Sites Big Profits a Scam?

Simple Sites Big Profits is a helpful service pointing out some major flaws that can come up in other affiliate marketing programs. With this being said, it is not a scam. It does take some money invested into the program in order to learn from it and to make sure that someone has all the resources they need to excel, but it is by no means a scam.

Can Someone Make Money With Simple Sites Big Profits?

The affiliate program is about making money online and doing what is necessary without going overboard. This is what makes Simple Sites Big Profits a solid opportunity for just about anyone (who is willing to put in the time and the effort). So yes, it is possible to make money with the program, it just takes a bit of dedication. The dedication can pay off with Simple Sites Big Profits and the affiliate services it points out.


The thing about Simple Sites Big Profits is that is is all about learning how to streamline the process. Far too many people spend far too much time designing a website, posting dozens of pictures and doing tasks they really don’t need to do. After all, half of the time it just ends up looking like every other page. Well, with the Simple Sites Big Profits service, individuals learn how to cut down on this waste and how to make sure their product pitch is exceptional. As long as someone is able to put in the time and effort into the program, it does offer the chance to make a good living.

How to Make That Extra Shoe Money

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Business man pointing the text: Earn Extra MoneyThere is a saying that is as seemingly old as printed currency. The favorite line of gamblers tossing dice at the craps table everywhere: “daddy needs a new pair of shoes.” While the individual might not actually need new footwear, what is at stake is that shoe money. Having some extra money to go out and purchase that expensive pair of shoes that just doesn’t seem all that practical. The saying the the way of thinking is the basis for the Shoe Money Affiliate Network. The services offered at the Shoe Money Affiliate Network is a bit different from what most other affiliate programs out there offer. In fact, it starts right there with how someone joins up, as instead of everyone and their mother (who might also need a new pair of shoes) being allowed to sign up, this is an invite only service.

More About Shoe Money

Now, while the idea of shoe money comes from old sayings, the name itself is actually an online marketing professional who started calling himself “ShoeMoney.” The individual is one of the most prominent individuals in the world of affiliate marketing and he has made millions of dollars along the way. He is also one individual who has been able to produce several different programs out there, all of which are helpful to those interested in making money online.

For starters, he created the ShoeMoney blog. This is where he points out all of the helpful bits of information for those individuals who want to make money online. Of course, he is more than just some blogger who gives info to others. He also has created different Shoe Money Affiliate Network elements to make himself a rather comfortable amount of money.

The Elite Retreat Internet Conference is one conference that has proven to be one of the most popular conferences out there. This is where top affiliate marketing professionals from around the world come together and talk shop. The real benefit here is that other individuals who are simply interested in learning the trade and making their own money are able to sign up for the retreat and enjoy insights from the top minds in the business while also making money on their own.

ShoeMoney (who’s real name is Jeremy Schoemaker…hence the play on words) has penned an Amazon book titled “Nothing’s Changed By My Change” which is an Amazon Bestselling autobiography. Of course, while he has done just about everything one can possibly do in the world of making money and telling others how to make money, he has managed to provide additional insights and keep his own sights on the potential to make more money along the way.

How to Learn From The Shoe Money Affiliate Network?

There are a few different ways someone can learn from ShoeMoney and take into account everything he has to say. For starters, there is the ShoeMoney blog. This is an individual who created a service called AuctionAds, which he later sold for several millions of dollars just four months after the creation of the program. All of this points to why he is a favorable individuals to learn from. He isn’t just someone who has followed and performed the same basic affiliate marketing practice like many others. He helped create many of the same practices individuals from around the world perform today.

Beyond the blog, he also has a podcast designed to help individuals learn about making money online. This is a radio podcast that has been going since 2006. Now, it is not a regularly scheduled podcast. Jeremy tries to put the podcast up once a week on a Tuesday, but as he is often busy with different investors and projects, this is not always possible. However, individuals can always subscribe to the podcast on iTunes, so instead of checking out his website ever Tuesday, they simply can receive the automatic update from here (it can also be found on Webmaster Radio, iHeart Radio and Blubrry).

Looking Out for the Invites

As stated, the Shoe Money Affiliate Network is an invite only kind of program. This is done for a number of reasons. For starters, it doesn’t want people to sign up who are not ally that passionate about making money through the affiliate marketing programs. Individuals who simply take up space and who do not offer any real benefit take up valuable space and can actually prevent others from finding their true potential. It also may hinder SEO for others who want to make money and thrive with the service. This is because there will be different landing pages for each of the individuals who create their account, and should they quickly abandon the page, it will lay in wake, taking traffic away from others who want to thrive.

So, how can someone actually receive an invite? Well, there are a few different ways out there. First, someone can head over to the Shoe Money Affiliate Network website and actually send Jeremy an email message asking for an invite. This alone shows that someone is willing to take initiative, which might alone be enough to warrant an invite. Of course, it is up to Jeremy and his company to determine who will receive the invites and who will not, so this may not always work. Other ways to receive an invite is to visit an affiliate of the Shoe Money Affiliate Network. These locations typically have a handful of invites the service can offer out. By requesting an invite, or asking of the service provides invites, can be the next best step.

After Signing Up

If at first someone is unable to find an invite, it is important they do not despair. As long as they stay on top of it, they will find an invite. Plus, there is nothing wrong with sending a few more emails or sending out a Facebook message/tweet to Jeremy to request again. Nothing like a little bit of persistence. From here, an individual is able to then receive their invite. Once the invite is received and the account goes live, someone who signs up will find out the different affiliate tier program.

For starters, the service is a three tier program. The first tier is the individual who received the invite and is now the primary affiliate. For all sales made through the first affiliate, they make 40 percent of the profit, which is a solid amount. The second tier payout, which are the referrals the primarily tier signs up, goes on to make 15 percent of the sales price. From there, affiliate marketers go on to make even more money with the help of the third tier program. This pays out 10 percent of the sales price. So, it is possible if someone signs up enough primary referrals and they go on to sign up their own referrals, the original affiliate holder can make a considerable amount of money.

Staying On Top of Sales

Super Sale Inscription, Design Template. Super Sale Banner. SaleOne of the downfalls of many different affiliate programs is it is a bit tricky to actually stay on top of different leads and sales. Knowing when a sale is made is important. That is one of the great areas where the Shoe Money Affiliate Network thrives. It implements an automated tracking system that monitors the IP address of visitors to the website. So, if an affiliate performs an email marketing campaign and someone visits the Shoe Money Affiliate Network website through the provided email, the visitor’s IP address is marked. This way, should the person return to the website a month later, the sale still is credited to the primary affiliate marketer. With other companies, this is just lost revenue for the affiliate and all the money goes to the company. Shoe Money Affiliate Network believes this is not the right way to do business and always awards the affiliate with the money they deserve.

Obtaining Leads

One of the most difficult practices for anyone starting off with affiliate programs and marketing is generating leads. While there are some general opportunities out there to blinding bring in leads through the aid of landing pages, blogs and social media posts, this may not initially bring in the leads someone wants to start making money. But how else can someone do this? With the help of Shoe Money Affiliate Network, the affiliate actually directly receives leads from the network. It points out areas the affiliate is able to sift through in order to make money and find people who are interested.

Shoe Money Affiliate Network is able to see who has visited the website, where they are located and if they have returned. From there, Shoe Money Affiliate Network wants its affiliates to carry out the marketing for them. In order to do this, it provides emails, contact information and other ways to reach out to a potential client. This way, Shoe Money Affiliate Network focuses on the creation of the products and services while the affiliates are the marketing branches of the company. By having it structured this way, it helps both service provider and affiliate.

Who Should Sign Up?

The Shoe Money Affiliate Network is one of the most respected services out there. As it has a successful track record, there are people all around the world that want to become part of this growing network. It is why the service offers an invite only exclusiveness to it. It helps limit those who may abandon the program. So, for those individuals who are truly passionate about making money online and possess a passion to do what it takes to make the money, this is the service for them.

Is it a Scam?

This is a program that is not a scam at all. The head of the Shoe Money Affiliate Network has made millions of dollars in the affiliate marketing game and the services he provides helps others not only learn from what he has done but also make their own money. Eventually, even those learning from Jeremy may decide to create their very own affiliate marketing programs as Jeremy really is an exceptional example to take into consideration.

Can Someone Make Money?

There is a reason Jeremy has made millions of dollars off of his services: it works. This is a program that works and for anyone who is actually interested in making money, this is a program that needs to be taken advantage of. So yes, it is possible to make a considerable amount of money off of the program.


When it comes to affiliate marketing, it is difficult to do it any better than Shoe Money Affiliate Network. With the exclusive nature of the program and everything it can offer, it’s a service that just about anyone looking to make money should sign up for.

How to Look For Online Business Opportunities Without Investment

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risk free 100% satisfaction high product quality guaranteed safeThere is the old saying of “you have to spend money to make money.” Essentially, it boils down to needing some sort of financial base in order to establish different elements of a business before having the ability to go out and make money. Now, in many cases, this is true. For an individual that wants to start a brick and mortar storefront, it is necessary to have financial backing to eventually go on and open the company.

While going out and seeking financial assistance is possible, it can put ownership of the company into the hands of investors, which may water down the product. It is also something that doesn’t often pan out. Thankfully, there are other opportunities for individuals looking to make money. In fact, there are plenty of online business opportunities without investment that can end up bringing financial gain to the individual.

How to Start Off?

The key term here is “business opportunities.” There are some general opportunities to make some money off of the Internet, but not in a business sense. Some services like filling out surveys pay a few pennies here and there, but this isn’t a true business opportunity. When it comes to online business opportunities without investment, individuals need to look towards offering webmaster services.

What exactly are webmaster services, anyways? Well, of the online business opportunities without investment, this is one that doesn’t require any real specific skills. Someone needs to be dedicated to the process, but for the most part, it will lead to money, which will eventually open up other financial doors online. Webmaster services really is just about any kind of service someone can offer someone else over the Internet. It is straight forward work and while someone is not going to likely make money while they sleep (which ultimately is the goal here) it is possible to earn a living and put some of this money away for future services.

Available Kinds of Webmaster Content

There are all sorts of webmaster content options when it comes down to online business opportunities without investment. None of these offerings require any sort of financial setup. It really just depends on what someone is comfortable with and what kind of service they want to provide. Each has pros and cons and can come down to how a person is able to work.

One opportunity is as a content or copy writer. This is someone who is going to write basic articles, offer re-writes for current content, produce reviews for websites, services,  products and nearly anything else, or just spinning. Spinning is the process of taking a current article and adjusting it enough so search engines do not pick it up as duplicate. There are some “spinning” websites out there where someone basically just copies and pastes the information into the website, but these come out sounding like a foreign exchange student with very little English knowledge attempting to re-write the article. Difficult to read and easily identified as a spun article (which in turn will result in either a penalty from search engines, or complete removal from the search engines).

A content writer is potentially a good way to start off making money online, although it  really comes down to the content produced and who the individual produces the content for. This is something that can take a while to really get going as an individual will need to make it in with certain clients and services. It can also depend on how fast someone is able to type. When just producing mundane articles with little to no value that pay a fraction of a cent per word, it is all about how fast someone can churn it out. So, if a person does not type all that fast, they will need to look towards a different option.

Link building is another of the online business opportunities without investment and it doesn’t take all that much time to learn. Link building is designed to help other websites boost search engine optimization. Back links is helpful in doing this, it just takes a bit of knowledge and understanding on how the backlink process works. Working for other companies by utilizing Web 2.0 properties, placing social bookmarks around the Internet and offering assistance with link directories can prove especially helpful for the business.

A handful of other services includes programming, Web design and setup plus account creation. Now, these are services that do take a bit of understanding. In fact, a skilled Web designer, whether it is through WordPress or another application can make exceptional money. There are businesses out there that understand the importance of a website built from the ground up. So, having these skills is valuable. It is possible to learn it along the way, but it can take time.

The Benefits of Webmaster Services

The first major benefit of these kinds of webmaster services is it provides online business opportunities without investment. Beyond this though, there is a bigger picture benefit from offering these services. The individual diving into these different services is able to learn from each offering, whether it is written content or programming and can implement these features into the creation of their own content, later on down the road. When creating a business, working for an affiliate marketing campaign or doing just about anything else in the future to help increase potential financial gain through the Internet, all of the skills learned here on Webmaster services can be implemented into services for the individual once they reach the step of splitting off.

Always Remember Quality is Important

Now, there are some times where it is about quantity over quality. If working for a content mill that pays next to nothing and all it is looking for is a fast turnaround (those services that pay less than a penny a word), the quality idea goes out the door and someone needs to focus just on producing as much material as quickly as possible. Outside of this though, quality is essential.

With a higher quality product, the individual or company that received the services rendered becomes more likely to hire the person again that provided the content in the first place. They may see a well written piece, a product that is bringing in more traffic to the website or an exceptionally designed WordPress theme. Whatever it is, quality can lead to more jobs and more money. This money can then go into reinvesting into the person’s online business and help grow their financial freedom along the way.

A Few Tips

Helpful Tips ConceptIt is important to take advantage of the online business opportunities without investment services and to then move this money into an account to build an online business. When making this transition, there are a few general tips someone needs to utilize.

For starters, customer service needs to be a top priority. Clients, even when over the Internet, want to feel respected. Even though the two entities will likely never see face to face or even know what the other individual looks like, it is important to provide exceptional customer service that is able to really push the product to the next level. Regardless of what the service rendered is or what sort of online business opportunities without investment the individual is looking at, customer service is a top priority.

Having excellent customer service on top of a quality product rendered will result in two things. First, it will result in the client hiring on the individual for further work. It will also result in the client informing other potential clients about the quality of the work and how satisfied the customer service offering stands.

Now, one element that works into customer service and providing a quality product is to never accept more work than someone can handle. After all, there is only 24 hours in any day, and no matter how hard someone might push themselves, it simply is not possible to squeeze 25 hours out of 24. Once someone starts running into timetable issues, they are going to find that their work either starts to suffer or they fall behind schedule. That is the last thing anyone wants is to fall behind schedule. The clients are depending on the person to produce high end content in a timely manor. If two clients receive mediocre work that is late, neither will return for further work, costing the person two customers for simply taking on more than he or she can chew.

Practice Sales services from the get go. Sales is a vital part in the growth of any online opportunity. Whether offering webmaster services or starting up with an affiliate marketing account, sales is key. Now, when just starting off, the sales pitches and posts will be a bit rusty. That is natural as it is a new element. However, it doesn’t mean the individual shouldn’t attempt to polish up the rust. Handing in content on a sales product that features spelling or grammar errors just makes the sales pitch look sloppy, and nobody wants to hire a client producing sloppy work. Spending a few extra minutes to go over the sales information and pitches can prevent errors and help boost potential client responses.

Who is This For?

When it comes to looking over different online business opportunities without investment, it basically is for anyone who wants to start off and who just doesn’t have the money to go about creating their own online business or opting into an affiliate marketing campaign right away. It usually takes money to make money, and while in the world of affiliate marketing this typically is true, these opportunities make it possible to earn the initial money for investment later. So, this is a service that can be utilized by anyone. Generally though, it is used by those who do not have the resources yet to spend and need the extra cash to move onto the next step of making money online.

Is it a Scam?

Not at all. The idea of online business opportunities without investment is a well founded one. These different offerings make it possible for anyone with an Internet connection to make some money online, which can then be used to grow the money later on down the line.


Not everyone has the money to instantly dive into some of the larger affiliate marketing programs. After all, some of these programs do require opt-in payments to get started. For someone who wants to begin working with affiliate programs but doesn’t have the money to do so just they, all they need to do is check out these online business opportunities without investment requirements. These are a few examples of how someone can make money online and how it can turn into financial gain.

Boosting Income with Sponsored Tweets

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Hand Pressing Boost Your IncomeTwitter is a great way to send quick blasts to followers and to connect with potential interested parties with the help of hashtags. Twitter has proven to be a rather impressive force to be reckoned with in the world of social media marketing, working into a groove other social media sites simply are not able to fit into. Sponsored Tweets is a way to pay a fee to spread the word to potentially interested account holders. For anyone who has been a bit iffy with utilizing Sponsored Tweets, there are a handful of benefits to boosting a marketing presence and taking exposure to the next level.

The Good and the Bad

The good part of Twitter is a message must be contained to a handful of characters. 140 to be exact. However, with this small amount of characters, it makes it possible to blast out message after message onto Twitter. When someone is following several hundred (if not several thousand) other accounts, it makes seeing a very specific tweet a bit difficult. Unless someone is online at the time, many often miss the tweet. This is where the bad part of the service comes in. Not all followers are going to see the tweet, which reduces the productivity of the message. With the help of Sponsored Tweets though, this is no longer a problem.

What is a Sponsored Tweets?

This is a paid tweet that appears in the feed of any account holder. However, it does not just disappear under the barrage of continual tweets form other users. The sponsored tweet can appear just about anywhere. From under a direct message to right in the middle of someone’s feed, this is a much more prominent and effective way to make sure people see the specific information in the tweet. This is just the start of the benefits Sponsored Tweets bring about.

While Sponsored Tweets offers a specific benefit, it is important to follow through with some specific tips in order to make sure the most money is made off of the marketing campaign. After signing up for the Sponsored Tweets service, an account holder needs to take advantage of these different pointers. this way, it helps the money they put into the marketing account last longer and it improves the chances of seeing a desirable return on investment.

It All Begins With Experience

Many people once they find out about Sponsored Tweets will rush to sign up for the service, even if they don’t have a Twitter account. That, simply, is not going to work. Yes, it is good to be driven and want to start up with this marketing campaign, but starting up a marketing method where there is zero experience is not going to work out at all.

Twitter, while easy to learn, does have some specifics the individual needs to learn about. In fact, the marketing service doesn’t even allow someone to begin marketing with the Sponsored Tweets until after the account is 120 days old. This way, the individual can learn about how to tweet properly, how to respond, how to post and how to tag. This also allows the individual to try and build up a following. After all, when someone clicks on a sponsored message and sees the account has zero followers, it basically is a wasted message (along with wasted money).

During the 120 day period after starting up Twitter, it is necessary to not just let it sit around. First, creating a full profile is a must. This includes connecting websites, adding pictures and putting all the finishing touches on the actual account. From here, it is necessary to connect with other individuals but to not spam them. Continual spamming of others will just result in the account being blocked by other users. Here’s the thing about affiliate account marketing. If something works, others will want to learn about it, which in turn is going to make it that much more beneficial. So, when starting up with the Sponsored Tweets service, it is a good idea for the account holder to promote the service with their affiliate followers. It is possible to turn followers into referrals through the sponsored service. Eventually, an individual account holder might eventually start making more money through referrals than what they are spending to produce the tweets. This basically would allow the affiliate marketing account holder to promote their service and products for free (if not turning a profit before even including the sales made off of the Sponsored Tweets).

Now, in order to really highlight why it is such a good idea to market a product through the sponsored Twitter messages, it is a good idea to provide some insights as to how people are responding to the advertisements. From taking a snapshot of the account information to utilizing a secondary app like Hootsuite, it is possible to promote Twitter and the sponsored services with greater efficiency. After all, telling someone about how great a marketing method is one thing, but showing them the results is something completely different and why Sponsored Tweets really is one of the best marketing methods out there.

Protect Sponsored Tweets and Monitoring

the thing about sponsored messages on Twitter is people can post and comment on the information. That is good, but it is also bad. There might be competitive account holders out there who like the idea, but don’t want business to go to someone else. So, instead of joining the game or trying to create their own sponsored message, they start to bad mouth the service right under the message. It is necessary to prevent this from happening, or at least staying on top of what people post and how they interact with the messages.

So how can someone make sure the Sponsored Tweets are properly protected? With the help of a ClickWatch service. The application is designed to bring in a new level of protection for the Twitter advertisements. it also helps prevent the prices from varying drastically when using the marketing method.

Tweet Global Communication Connection Social Networking ConceptTwitter, like many other kinds of marketing (such as Facebook and Google) use a bid-based method for determining the price of an advertisement thanks to the keywords connected to the ad. Because of this, it is possible for a single advertisement to go from a few cents per click (or selecting the add) to several dollars. This is an extremely big deal, especially if the advertisement is selected a hundred times. Instead of a few dollars it can end up costing someone several hundred dollars in one day. The ClickWatch program helps make sure this doesn’t happen either.

Beyond just monitoring how a marketing professionals own tweets are fairing, it is important to also market how the competition is fairing. While using Twitter, it is a good idea to look over what the competition is doing in order to market their own services. With the aid of Sponsored Tweets, it is possible to actually look up the interaction information for the competition. This is an extremely desirable feature. Someone who looks up how the competition is doing can change their own marketing method, alter keywords and do what is necessary to produce a more desirable and beneficial marketing service.

Look at Followers and Friends

A successful marketing affiliate program is going to eventually bring in the interest of companies that want to market directly with the account holder. When investigating the account holder, they will often turn to Twitter and also look at the followers to friends comparison. Having a specific ratio is very important and is something that should not be looked over.

There are going to be individuals out there who have essentially a one to one ratio. This means for every follower there is a friend. In other words, people are just following others for followers back. That really doesn’t look too good in the eyes of a potential marketing company. It may also mean someone is using an auto follower program, where it blasts out follows to different accounts in search of accounts that will follow back. Ultimately, it is better to have a higher ratio of followers.

So, when creating an account, while following others initially to start networking with others, it will eventually come to pass where someone should not follow someone else back just to follow them. If the other account doesn’t provide helpful information, the account shouldn’t receive the follow.

Is Sponsored Tweets For Everyone?

This is a great way to venture out into the world of social media marketing. Plus, it is substantially different from Facebook and other forms of online marketing. For individuals who are into social media, likes Twitter or just wants to try something different in promoting their brand, this is something that should be experimented with. For others who do not fall into those categories, they may want to move along and look for something else.

Is Sponsored Tweets a Scam?

Not at all. It simply is a method for marketing a product, service or idea through Twitter instead of Facebook or Google.


Marketing on Twitter has become extremely beneficial. Sponsored Tweets provides an influential opportunity to help bring in new followers and to quickly connect with others who might want to purchase marketed services.

Turn a Blog into an Income Diary

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3D CharacterFor every blog out there that pays the bills and brings in a good amount of money, there are tens of thousands of blogs that are sitting there, with a handful of posts, not generating any kind of traffic or attention. So how is it some people are able go generate exceptional income off of their blogs while others just fall by the wayside? While some blogs simply just have been around for years and have the benefit of longevity, others have proven to be extremely successful rather quickly. Whatever the reasoning is, for anyone who is interesting in making money off of a blog, they need to check out Income Diary to see what they are able to learn and how it can be implanted into their own blog.

Personal Blogging

Setting up a blog really couldn’t be any easier. There are all sorts of free services out there that allow people to create their own blogs. From WordPress to Blogger (owned by Google) and dozens of others, it doesn’t cost a cent to create a blog or to get it up and running. From here, an individual can simply type up their thoughts, ideas or insights onto different subjects. From here, they can post pictures, videos or other content potential readers may find insightful, entertaining or helpful. Whatever someone ends up doing with their blog or what the subject matter of their blog is, chances are they would like to make money off of the blog. There are ways to do this, it just comes down to understanding how to turn a blog into an Income Diary.

What is Income Diary?

Michael Dunlop is someone who has been around the block in the world of online money making. One of his main ventures that brings in the money is though his personal blog. People from around the world check out his blog, which in turn brings him more money through the variety of services, products offered and the advertisements on the blog.

Michael wants to help other individuals with creating their own blogs through helpful insights and pointers that many bloggers are not doing in order to make money. That really is the basis of Income Diary. It is all about understanding the world of blogging, learning what someone needs to do and progress from there. Blogging is a work in progress, and while it is not going to bring in a million visitors right away, when done right it doesn’t matter what the topic is, there are ways to generate the desired interest.

Who Should Create a Blog?

So who exactly should create a blog? It is a free and easy thing to setup, but should anyone do it? Well, there are a few different answers to that. First of all, anyone who is passionate about something in particular and either likes to write or wants to share their ideas with the world should blog. It is possible that passion for Thai food, film equipment or travel can start to bring in a few extra bucks (if not more). However, this is not the only person who should consider blogging.

For anyone who wants to make money off of affiliate marketing, they need to have a blog that regularly directs traffic to their product page. A blog is a great way to extend outward and find new potential customers and clients. While it might not generate as much traffic as paying advertisements, there are other benefits behind it. First of all it is free, and in the world of marketing where just about everything costs something, taking advantage of what is free, even if it takes a bit of work, is important. Secondly, it can help boost search engine optimization. Search engines from Google to Bing like it when websites have a blog. It regularly updates, which means the search engine will regularly crawl the website, boosting its rating. Of course, the blog needs to be regularly updated as it doesn’t do much good for a once a month post. So, in reality, if someone wants to make money online, or if they just are passionate about something, they should turn to creating a blog.

Features of Income Diary

This is not just a big book someone purchase from the library and is then forced to page through day after day, hoping to dig some sort of insight out of the documentation. Instead, Income Diary is actually a seven day service. The product offers up a different lesson every single day of the week. After finishing up the course and performing the given lesson task on the day, it is going to showcase what a person needs to know in order to be successful with their online blog.

The seven day course is a free course, so there is no financial investment involved. This makes it pretty simple to decide whether or not it is worth wild. After all, what is there to lose?

All of the information for the Income Diary is available on the Income Diary website. For someone who wants to sign up for the service, all they need to do is enter their email address into the main port of the page. This then launches an instructional video and helps lead into the next part of the course, which is actually the first lesson.

Within the website, there are countless blog posts and helpful tips that someone can take advantage of even after they have finished the seven day course. While the seven day course focuses on building a better website that is going to be noticed by Google and other search engines to boosting Internet traffic and the best ways to make money, these additional blog posts bring even more insights into how someone can make money through the world of blogging.

The Information Never Stops With Income Diary

One of the great features of Income Diary is the fact the information does not stop. While the website is designed to educate others and show how it is possible to make money online through blogging, it in itself is also a blog, so there are posts with potential financial opportunities. The posts are broken down into a few different categories, so it is easy to find the desired information someone wants to learn about at the present time.

The latest blog posts are always saved at the top. The posts range on topic, point out everything from how much the top bloggers are earning all the way to what some of the most common affiliate marketing mistakes are and how to receive maximum results when serving as a guest blogger. All of these different pointers are helpful and can lend the insightful hand to someone who wants to make money off of blogging but is stuck in a rut or has a particular question.

One of the major traffic drawing categories for blog posts is the “Make Money Online” offering. This underlines all sorts of different posts and bits of information. Usually it has different tips in how to make money, how to get started, rules to follow to make money and different ways to actually increase a checkout page conversion. There are all sorts of helpful posts here that will help an individual out.

Another major point for the website with a large number of posts is how to increase traffic to a website. When a website blog makes most of its money through advertisements, increasing the number of visitors to the website is important. This can be the difference of at least making enough money to pay a few bills to just having a penny or two pop up in the Adsense account from time to time.

Who Should Use Income Diary?

Revenue Financial Income Currency Budget Costs ConceptOn the outside, it may appear as if the Income Diary service is all about building blogger insights. Now, this is a major part of it. The seven day lesson plan is about blogging. Many of the blog posts are helpful for bloggers as well. However, other people who want to make money online can learn from these posts as well.

Blogging is an important aspect to affiliate marketing and to keep a product relevant on search engines. Due to this, everyone who is looking at making money online should have some sort of a blog as this is going to spread their wings, increase the Internet footprint and potentially bring in new customers and leads. With this in mind, when it comes to who should use Income Diary? Anyone who wants to make money online.

Can I Make Money Off Of Income Diary?

This is educational material found on Income Diary. It is designed to help eventually lead to making money, but using the system will not directly bring money into a blogger’s account. It highlights the best course of action in several different ways that boosts money earning potential.

For starters, it shows how to build a website to increase search engine optimization. This in turn increases the amount of traffic on a page, which allows a website to bring in more money. It shows how to build more direct traffic, which is going to lead to more money through individuals buying products or simply through ad revenue. It also shows how to directly make more money with a blog, regardless of what the blog is for.

So, while it is not going to directly make more money, it is going to help someone make more money if they take into consideration the different insights and services offered by the free opportunity.


There are all sorts of ways to make money online. One of the oldest ways to do just this is through blogging. Many of the most profitable blogs have been around for years, if not well over a decade. It is an easy service that just about anyone is able to do. Creating a blog isn’t difficult and a person can write about anything or everything. However, with the number of blog posts out there, it is easy to fall by the wayside and to not have the necessary traffic or income someone might want. That is where Income Diary comes in.

Income Diary is a free, seven day service that provides a different lesson every single day. This way, someone who wants to blog or who is currently blogging can make necessary adjustments to start increasing the financial potential. The service also continually posts new blog entries that can help those with a blog continually out. It is a service that does not stop giving back, which is one of the many reasons why Income Diary is an exceptional service that will likely remain essential for those bloggers who want to boost income, traffic or just stay on top of their game.

Take Advantage of Mobe Affiliate Marketing

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The words Timing is Everything on a clock to illustrate the impoAffiliate marketing platforms offer an excellent way to break into the world of online money making. In fact, those who make the most money online tend to do so off of affiliate marketing. After all, this opens up for a world of potential. An individual is able to showcase a particular product or service, show off how it can help someone and then entice others to opt into the service. From here a commission goes direct to the affiliate marketing holder. Often times, even secondary tier affiliates that sign up can increase the amount of money the primary affiliate holder earns. Now, with that being said, there are a few stand alone issues with the format, which is why it is necessary to look at other financial opportunities.

So What is the Main Problem with Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing, when the product or service is right and the account holder knows how to properly showcase the services to interested customers can bring in a good amount of money initially. All of that is good. However, the individuals who are driven will eventually go on to create their own affiliate marketing programs. After all, they see the inner workings of the affiliate programs and understand that while the affiliate holder makes a set percentage, the service provider takes the majority of the money in. This means there is more money available in being the designer of the product than the affiliate of the product. Once such an individual has this primary understanding of what works and what doesn’t, they will be more inclined to drop the service and move on to creating their own platforms.

Of course, this is not something that everyone does. Why? It takes a good amount of time and investment into creating a quality program or service other individuals will be interested in signing up to market for a commission. However, individuals who have worked in the affiliate marketing game will know what works, what doesn’t and what generates the most amount of money. They would have already found the best way to reach customers by creating a marketing process that works for them. They also likely have affiliates signed up under them as well. The entire road map is right there for someone who is driven to create their personal program. These are also the individuals who tend to bring in the most money.

So, once the individuals who make the most money for the primary affiliate marketing holder start to move on to their own programs, the account will start to dry up, unless that primary individual starts to seek out additional commission affiliates. This takes more time and more effort in a never ending cycle. That is exactly why it is necessary for someone who is starting to see and understand how affiliate marketing works to go on and create their own marketing platform. Doing so does not mean the affiliate marketer needs to drop the services and products they promote. It simply means creating a unique, affiliate marketing approach for themselves has the potential to increase their earnings while placing them squarely at the top of the pyramid.

How to Start Creating a Personal Affiliate Account Service?

The primarily issue someone may run into when deciding to begin their own affiliate account service is how to set it all up. After all, they have always worked at marketing someone else’s product. How can they begin creating their own service. Even if they have knowledge to share which in itself is valuable, they need to know how to create websites and service pages that bring in interested affiliates to market and product the product. This is where Mobe Affiliate comes in.

With the help of Mobe Affiliate, it is possible to start out on the right foot with creating a unique affiliate program for others to follow. Of course, it is still up to the individual to decide what kinds of content and services they offer through the created account. Mobe Affiliate is more about allowing the individual the ability to build their website and promote their unique content. It gives the person the necessary tools they require in order to grow their product and to build their services within the affiliate marketing community.

So How Exactly Does the Mobe Affiliate Service Work?

One of the good things about Mobe Affiliate is that it is designed to be extremely easy to sign up and begin creating a unique experience for other affiliate marketing professionals. For starters, all someone needs to do is to head over to the Mobe website. They can sign up for an affiliate account. Once the account is live, they are able to receive a host of different templates which they are able to utilize for the creation of their personal accounts. There are all sorts of different affiliate templates available, which makes it possible to customize just about everything connected with the website.

Now, while creating the website with the unique affiliate marketing service, it is still possible to make additional money through other affiliate marketing practices. Yes, the individual can stick with their current programs, especially if these programs are turning a profit. However, as they are using the Mobe Affiliate program to produce their own service, they might as well become an affiliate marketing professional for Mobe as well.

During the process of building a website and adding new content and information to the page, they can place advertisements for affiliate programs that take visitors directly to a Mobe activation page. This way, not only will the individual be able to make money off of the Mobe Affiliate service, but they will be able to post their own financial potential as they grow their individual brand.

Is Growing an Individual Brand for Everyone?

The fact of the matter is those people with a drive and the desire to expand their financial potential while not settling for second tier will be the ones who go out and create their own pages. They will see the potential for financial growth and they won’t want to be outdone by some of the other people out there who are making money in the affiliate marketing business. Often times taking the next step can prove difficult, but it can also prove extremely financially beneficial. These are the people who will decide to split off and create their own, individual brand.

With that being said, while creating a personal brand is something everyone can do, especially those individuals who have worked in the affiliate marketing world for several years and both know and understand the ins and outs of it, few people will actually do this. Why is that? The sheer amount of work it takes. While there is the potential for a major financial payoff in the end, it takes a good amount of work that is not going to be paid or compensated. It can take months, if not a year or longer to popular the website, produce e-books, produce marketing material and start to sow the seeds of the personal affiliate program. The main element that prevents people from doing this is themselves.

The bottom line is while growing an individual brand is available to everyone, it is something very few people actually take advantage of. These are the people who are most successful in affiliate marketing and want to take it to the next step. So, while it is for everyone, the only people who will likely take advantage of the service are a select few who are especially driven to excel.

Is it Possible to Make Money?

Building someone’s own personal affiliate marketing brand with the help of Mobe Affiliate is something that can, in the long run, make a substantial amount of money. With a larger percentage of the payment price for services and information rendered going directly to the individual who created the program, it is possible to make a substantial amount of money. With every single tier and new person who signs up for the affiliate program, the more the creator will make. If it is a quality program with quality services, it is possible to make hundreds of thousands of dollars every single month (if not more).

Make Money Button - GreenThe fact of the matter is yes, it is possible to make money with Mobe Affiliate. However, it really is not Mobe Affiliate that actually makes the money. It is a person’s drive to produce their own affiliate program. The majority of work is done by the individual. They need to produce the information, type up all the content and format the program to a point that works best for them. Mobe Affiliate is a tool that can assist with the services while also help bring in some additional money for those people who wish to sign up for the added Mobe Affiliate program.

Before someone decides to sign up with the Mobe Affiliate due to the sheer potential and money making opportunity, they need to first think about what sort of knowledge they have on the subject. Are they able to talk about it and go into details about every single element and practice of affiliate marketing? Additionally, are they willing to put in time, such as months if not longer, before a single cent is earned (often while spending money to set up the program as well)? If a person is still ready for the challenge and willing to put in the time and effort into the service, there is a good, strong chance they will make a considerable amount of money off of Mobe Affiliate.


The thing about affiliate marketing programs is as secondary affiliates who were brought in by the original account holder become more experienced and seasoned in the world of affiliate marketing, they may start to break off and create their own products. This means the primary account service provider will need to do one of two things. First, they will either need to continually go out and obtain new followers in the affiliate marketing practice. This is time consuming and never really puts the individual ahead of the game financially. It is why creating a personal affiliate program is a great way to expand potential financial growth. It puts the individual in charge and allows them to bring in a larger sum of money.

With the help of Mobe Affiliate, it is possible to build this affiliate program. The services rendered through Mobe Affiliate make it easier than every before to set up a service, build a websites and offer these new, unique services while still taking advantage of other affiliate marketing programs. After all, someone who is building their personal service still needs to have money coming in to stay financially capable before their own program eventually takes off.

How to Find the Best MMO Opportunity With Odigger

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Make Money Online - Web ScreenFor anyone who is looking around for the best money making online opportunity, it can often look rather daunting. After all, there literally are tens of thousands of different options out there. So what in the world is someone to do? After all, it isn’t possible to just sign up for all of the different services out there. That would both prove impossible time wise not to mention financially. Thankfully, there is a different way to track down the best MMO opportunities out there, all without being forced to sign up for all of these different products and programs. This is done with the help of oDigger.

First of All, What is MMO?

While different people use different slangs, it typically refers to money making online. It is a method for making money over the Internet that can develop into a long term activity. Now, there are plenty of ways to make money online. These can range from performing surveys and filling out general information to affiliate accounts. Typically speaking, the very best ways with the highest financial potential is with an affiliate marketing account. This is where someone promote a particular service for another company. Then, should a customer find the product and purchase the product through the promoter’s link, that promoter makes a percentage of the profits.

A skilled promoter (something which can take some time to truly learn and develop a method) is able to make a large chunk of money. Paired with a few different affiliate marketing services, that individual can make a quality living not only by avoiding going into work every day, but they can make money while sleeping or even on vacation.

Now, in order to become as successful as possible with the assistance of an affiliate marketing account, it is necessary to look through the different kinds of MMO affiliate marketing services out there. But, as stated earlier, there are tens of thousands of different opportunities out there, so how can an individual actually find the right products or programs to market? This is where the oDigger service can prove extremely beneficial.

What is oDigger?

The oDigger service is an affiliate search engine. It tracks just about every single known affiliate marketing account to see how it is run, how people make money off of it and what kinds of services or products the affiliate accounts use. This way, when someone is interested in signing up for an affiliate marketing account, all they need to do is head over to oDigger and see what sort of information it brings up.

People want to make money and they want the ability to grow their own financial potential. However, they also want to save time and avoid putting valuable resources into affiliate services that are not going to pan out. With the assistance of oDigger, it is possible to locate the perfect affiliate services without spending much time at all sifting through the other, inferior programs.

The Services Provided by oDigger

While oDigger is a search engine, it provides so much more than just a way to type in and search out particular affiliate marketing providers. There are other opportunities individuals can take advantage of when using oDigger.

For starters, when someone first arrives at the website, they are able to see all of the different offers and networks available. At present time (April, 2016) there are over 92,000 different affiliate offers stemming from 619 different affiliate networks (it should come as no surprise that most affiliate providers do expand their wings and promote different services in order to create a larger foothold).

So what all is someone able to do beyond just searching for particular affiliate marketing providers? Well, first of all, the search field makes it possible to search for a provider that works with a given source of information or product. This way, someone who is interested in joining up with new affiliate programs can find something they are passionate about. Maybe they want to work with technology products, or they have a passion for health, insurance, financial assistance or really anything else. Most topics have some sort of affiliate program opportunity available through the service and it can be located with the help of oDigger.

Outside of the search field there are other opportunities available for those visiting the website. There are special offers and services showcases through the website. Perhaps someone wants to find a discounted affiliate sight to sign up with. Or maybe there is a product that is actually offered through the affiliate services and the person visiting doesn’t necessarily want to sign up for an affiliate account but they want to try the product. That can be done through any of the offers and deals.

Now, as someone becomes well versed in the world of affiliate marketing, they are likely going to want to create their own affiliate account. This way, they can promote their own products or services. Of course, in order to do this they will need to showcase their information and share it with the rest of the world. How exactly is someone able to do this? Well, if they have been in the game for a while they can begin to promote their own products through fellow affiliates who have signed up through the original promoter’s services. They can also go beyond this by submitting their affiliate account information to oDigger. oDigger is then able to save it into its databanks and grow the number of offers and networks.

Finding the Right Affiliate Account

While there are different services available, the main reason why someone decides to check out oDigger is to see the different affiliate services and locate that special opportunity that works for them. So, how exactly should someone begin to use the service in order to find that one given affiliate account? There are actually some extremely easy tools that should be used.

Affiliate marketingFor starters, there are two ways someone can search for the right affiliate account. Fist, if they have a genera idea as to what kind of product or opportunity they wish to promote, all they need to do is search the given topic by typing it into the keywords. From there, they will see all of the different affiliate services online. The affiliates are sorted by star rating, which in turn makes it possible to see how other users have rated the program and go from there.

On the other hand, if someone really does not care what sort of product or services they promote, typing in given keywords is not going to help out all that much. Instead, they need to just look over the top performing affiliate accounts. The best of the best are highlighted, along with the user rankings of the services. When clicking on the service, the individual is able to also see what sort of financial payment opportunity the affiliate account provides. This way, beyond just finding the best of the best by user rating, they can see what pays out the most money (or at least the highest percentage).

Is oDigger a Scam?

This is far from a scam. It is more or less a search engine devoted to affiliate marketing services. It actually is extremely useful. Someone who decides to check out oDigger will not need to pay any kind of money for the service and it really can point them to potential affiliate marketing services that work out for them. As there is no money required to use the service and it does open up the potential of finding the right companies to work with, there is nothing but great things to be said about oDigger.

Is it Possible to Make Money With oDigger?

This is not a money making product. It is not a marketing service either (although someone with an affiliate marketing platform they wish to share with others can simply upload their product information into the search engine). As it isn’t a product or a marketing platform, all oDigger does it provide helpful search tools or ways to save some money on a product here or there. While it is not something that makes money, it does help people find the right connective affiliate account service. This, in turn, makes it so much easier to finally connect with a product or information that fits the same ideology as the individual without having to try out dozens of individual services available online.


it is possible to make a good deal of money online. In fact, many individuals bring in hundreds of thousands of dollars every single month with the assistance of quality affiliate marketing programs. Of course, being able to find the right affiliate marketing program is tough. With nearly 100,000 programs available throughout the Internet, it isn’t as easy as simply logging onto Google, typing in “affiliate marketing account” and just signing up with the first services that load into the search engine. What it takes is proper research to locate the very best opportunities not just in general but for the particular individual who is looking.

oDigger provides the insights to those who want to make money online but who really just do not know what program is best or what kind of service is going to prove to be the most financially beneficial. With so many different services, trying to find a company that can actually satisfy a person’s specific needs should not be tricky, but it often is. oDigger is a program that fills a very helpful void. There are not other services out there that are similar to what oDigger provides. So, before anyone decides to go out and sign up for specific affiliate accounts, it’s in their best interest to look at the kinds of opportunities in front of them and look over what programs have the greatest payoff potential while also offering the best in products and services.

Compare the LeadPages Pricing Packages

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Comparing A Multicolored Team Versus A Gray OneWhen it comes to affiliate packages and services that are designed to help individuals make money online, there are often multiple price points. These price points provide different kinds of services and benefits, so understanding what each point offers and what to expect is important. That is true when it comes to LeadPages pricing. The company has some exceptional services, but beyond this, there are three pricing opportunities for individuals to help tailor a package that works best for each affiliate.

What is LeadPages

So what exactly is LeadPages and why should someone look into using the services provided. It is a service that helps build landing pages. This is a nice feature for individuals looking to build individual pages that direct visitors to potential affiliate programs. These landing pages can vary in format, but having a quality landing page that can generate leads, obtain email opt-ins, provide text messaging services and even interact with social media services, this is a full service opportunity for those who want to make money in the affiliate marketing world.

The LeadPages services is so popular it has been featured in some of the top business magazines and publications in the industry. This includes Forbes, Inc. 500, Entrepreneur, Fortune, TechCrunch and The Huffington Post. With so many top publications taking a look at it and promoting the services, it shows not only how serious the services are, but that it is well respected. So, anyone who wants to align themselves with a top tier service provider that not only can help build the top landing pages but help someone potentially make money in the long run, LeadPages is the service they need to check out.

The Features of LeadPages

Before pulling the trigger on any service, it is necessary to check out all the different services it provides. LeadPages offers a wide range of different services for all sorts of individuals and services. This makes it an exceptional opportunity for just about anyone. Of course, different services come with different packages. That is why understanding what each of these services can do is necessary before moving into the LeadPages pricing options.

For starters, potentially one of the most important elements of LeadPages is the mobile-friendly templates. Search engines such as Google now rank mobile websites higher than traditional desktop websites when making an Internet search with a mobile phone or tablet. So, a page that has a mobile landing page is going to perform better than one that doesn’t. With this kind of feature, it should help generate more leads, especially as now more mobile searches are performed on phones and tablets than are performed on traditional desktop computers. Not enough services provide mobile land page support, yet LeadPages does.

Before getting into the LeadPages pricing services, understanding the drag and drop customization is key. One of the most frustrating elements of designing a website, or even a landing page is the inability to customize the content. With LeadPages that is not an issue. Someone can simply opt into the service, then take advantage of this drag and drop design. From bringing in images stored on the computer to typing text just about anywhere on the page (or even a countdown timer for when the real website goes live) there are all sorts of features potential customers need to keep in mind.

The lead capture pop-up window is an extremely attractive service offered through LeadPages. One of the main concerns of anyone who owns and runs a website is obtaining desirable contact information, especially an email address. The email address can be used later on in the form of email marketing, yet often times the company or individual needs to actually pay a service for thousands of email addresses. This service doesn’t cost all that much, but the main problem is it is almost impossible to know exactly what email accounts are going to be dead or which ones are going to be active. Having the email accounts obtained through a lead capture pop-up as offered by LeadPages takes the guess work out of the equation, resulting in less money spent on email marketing and a greater return on investment.

Finally, some added features found in LeadPages includes an easy A/B testing and analytics system. This makes it possible to see what marketing campaign is working and how conversion rates have changed with these new elements built in. Full integration into the website is an offering, including sending new contacts directly to a stored email list, utilizing a Webinar platform and offering several excellent other features. While these are some of the available features offered by LeadPages, there are always ways to increase the functionality through the individual services and to really get the most out of what it is offering.

LeadPages Pricing Packages

Now that the individual services have been outline, it is necessary to get down into the LeadPages pricing elements. There are three different packages available through the service. The first is the Standard, the second is the Pro and the third is the Advanced package. Additionally, it is possible to pay for the services in three different ways. The first is a quarterly option, where payments are automatically deducted every three months. The next is an annual package, with the full year paid in full, and the third is a two year package, where two years are paid in full. The price drops with the longer billing cycles.

The Standard Package

The Standard package is designed for home businesses or the solopreneurs who are just looking to make it into the business world. This is great for someone who is not sure what exactly they need from LeadPages and wants to test it out. Of course, it is always possible to upgrade at any time. This way, if after a month they find they like what the service is offering but think they might need additional features, this is always possible.

With the Standard Package, if someone decides to pay quarterly they are going to pay $37 a month. Should they decide to switch to the annual payment package they pay $25 per month, and the two year payment drops it even further to $17 per month.

In terms of services offered in the Standard package, an account holder receives unlimited landing pages and unlimited domain assistance. They are able to use the LeadBoxes pop-up forms, utilize WordPress publishing, publish the landing pages to any site they own, not to mention advanced HTML export for looking over analytical information, all while receiving email support.

Pro Package

The Pro Package is the next step up. This is designed for the small business and for professional marketers. Of course, there might be times where an individual is doing well for him or herself and they want to take full advantage of the additional services. With the help of the LeadPages pricing options it is possible to cut down on payments for the services. In fact, it isn’t all that more than what a Standard package offers.

3D Businessman With Speech Bubble - Best ValueThe Pro package runs $79 a month if the account holder decides to pay for the services every three months. This price drops down to $49 a month when paid annually for the service. It bottoms out even further with the two year payment payment to $42 a month. If someone knows they are going to take full advantage of the LeadPages pricing two year plan, they need to consider what this is able to do for them and if the two year offering is the way to go.

Beyond all the Standard features which comes with the Pro service, an individual is going to receive the mentioned A/B split testing, to see how new marketing is doing and how it is holding up against previous methods. LeadLinks and Leaddigits are both available with the package. it is also possible to upload custom landing page templates, uploaded form external sources. This way, if someone has found a third party source that produces specific landing pages in a look they like, all they need to do is download that template and upload it up to this service. Additionally, they receive access to partner discounts, first priority email support and take advantage of the live chat support service.

Advanced Package

The Advanced package is designed for the full time marketing team. This is a service that probably isn’t required by other companies or smaller businesses run at home simply due to the number of features it provides and the price tag. Of course, if the LeadPages pricing really doesn’t matter to the customer, or if they need to pay for the added services, then this is a great opportunity.

Now, there are only two available pricing points for the Advanced package. It is not available in the quarterly pricing point, so anyone who wants to use this LeadPages pricing method needs to go with either the annual billing cycle or the two year billing cycle. The annual price point is $199 a month. This drops down to $159 a month when utilizing the two year billing plan.

For anyone who is interested in this LeadPages pricing point, they are going to receive the exact same services as the Pro package, plus the  implementation coaching program. This is a helpful service that can provide helpful insights as to what someone should do with the program, how it is best utilized and what all should be done in order to take advantage of the powerful tools used on the site. Beyond this, the LeadPages pricing point comes with sub accounts, Hubspot, Marketo and Salesforce integration (which is extremely helpful for those who use the services), not to mention a full strength template importer and support through not only email and live chat, but through a direct telephone line as well. With such a large service package, it is often important to have this kind of direct connection whenever possible.


The fact of the matter is, LeadPages provides an exceptional service for anyone who is looking to create landing pages. Landing pages is great for those individuals and businesses taking part in affiliate marketing programs. Landing pages are stripped down websites that don’t necessarily have full pages. When marketing an assortment of products and directing individuals to a specific company page, it is better to have a landing page than full blown websites. It is also less expensive to. With LeadPages, all of this is possible. Plus, with the different services packaged into the different LeadPages pricing points makes it possible for just about anyone interested to find the right price point that fits into their pockets while also improving upon the way they interact with their landing pages. This is an excellent service to consider for affiliate marketing practices.

Build Search Engine Optimization with Links Management

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Online SEO concept with white text - SEO - for Search Engine OptIn order to bring in more Internet traffic to a particular website, it is necessary to build the search engine optimization. Search engine optimization, or SEO, is the practice of making a website more attractive to search engines. The more attractive a website is to search engines, the higher it appears in search results. The higher a website appears in search results, the more traffic it receives. All of this comes back to how a website appears and how it is rated by the search engines, namely Google. Now, there are many different elements involved with SEO, one of which is building backlinks. While it is possible to manually input these different options into a singular website, the very best way to go about doing this is with the help of Links Management.

The Basics of SEO

When search engines first really took over during the late 90s and early 2000s, search engine algorithm were rather basic. Outside of the specific keywords, search engines did little else to rate the websites in terms of quality. Website designers and admins quickly discovered they could josh the system and push their websites up to the top simply by typing a given keyword over and over again. Often times, someone visiting a website in the late 90s and early 2000s would see a given keyword copied and pasted at the bottom of a website several dozen times (if not more). Now, search algorithms have become much more complex. In fact, search engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo! and others do not share the exact makeups of identifying the very best website. However, there are several elements that are known to go into the ranking process.

First of all, one of the most important elements of a website (if not THE most important aspect of a website) is content. The content needs to be high end and provide an excellent level of quality to visitors. If it is different to read the information, it had faulty coding and it just looks poorly designed, or at the very least rushed, it is going to significantly drop the ranking of the website.

Due to this, it is always important to take time with the creation of every page, even a landing page for an affiliate marketing campaign. Google has become very good at identifying quality inside of a page. When quality is not present and the creator of the website is just producing the page for clicks and views, Google will drop the rating, resulting in a loss of both clicks and view.

The next aspect of a website are the keywords present in the website. Keywords are what someone using a search engine type to bring up specific information. Now, different keywords can bring in different search results. It is generally ideal to use long tail keywords. This is where it is not just one or two words, but more or less a phrase. The fewer the keywords used, the more competition there is for the search results. If someone sells antique toy cars on their website, they can’t just use the keyword “car.” The website will never fair well. Instead, using the long tail keywords of “antique toy cars” makes it easier for someone to track this information down and it limits the potential competition.

In relation to keywords, since the days of individuals typing a single keyword dozens of times on a single page, Google and other search engines now penalize a website for “keyword stuffing.” The keyword needs to flow properly within the context of the website. If it doesn’t flow correctly and it appears as though it has been stuffed in (usually anything more than two percent of the text being the keyword is deemed as potential stuffing) the website SEO will drop.

There are a host of other elements involved with the overall ranking of a website. Ranging from the design of the website, the images and media placed on the site, several individualized elements, and one aspect that many people actually forget is involved: backlinks. Backlinks is a very important element to building strong SEO and boosting traffic to a particular website.

The Importance of Backlinks

So what exactly is a backlink anyway? This is a link placed on another website, such as a different blog or other service that directly sends individuals to a website. These links placed on other websites are extremely desirable as it has a two fold benefit. The fist benefit is to send traffic to the website from an outside source. By doing this, an affiliate marketing page (or any other website receiving these  backlinks) will receive traffic it normally would.

Secondly, the website is going to receive a boost in SEO. This is because search engines like Google look at the different backlinks as showcasing the importance of the website and highlighting how helpful the website is. Of course, just like any other search engine optimization element, it is important to use backlinks carefully, otherwise the search engine might see it as faulty material and penalize the ranking.

Now, there are some backlinks that are deemed desirable and there are other backlinks that really do not help the website at all. The links that do not really help all that much are social media links. While linking to a social media page is always beneficial and makes it easier to connect between Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other services, it does not go into actually boosting SEO. It would simply be far to easy to highlight a link in messages and posts and send the messages around or post every few hours. Due to this, social media linking does not go into boosting SEO.

What is seen as valuable are the links placed on blogs. Blog links are deemed to be extremely valuable, especially a blog that has a large number of posts and links back to a particular page. For an individual who wants to boost their affiliate marketing standings, it is a good reason as to why they need to get into blogging right now as it can push a product, boost SEO and bring more attention to a particular service.

Shared linking is not desirable either. This means two different websites simply share links that go back and forth to one another. This kind of linking is not seen as desirable as Google can see websites are just sharing links and not doing so to highlight quality content. Google may either choose to ignore it, or if it becomes out of hand, Google may penalize both websites. This is why having a link placed onto a blog leading back to the affiliate marketing page or other website simply to highlight the quality services is desirable.

Utilizing Links Management

Creating different links for an affiliate marketing campaign or different purpose all together is important, but what also is important is maintaining these different links and staying on top of the information. When placing dozens of links (if not more) for a particular website, it can be difficult to remember where all of the links are. With the help of Links Management, this no longer is an issue. The Links Management service makes it possible to monitor different links and even see how the links are performing.

Conceptual Keyboard - Links (blue Key)While links do help with SEO, the links are also designed to send traffic to the affiliate page as well. Due to this, monitoring how links perform and the kind of traffic every link generates is essential. Now, it can be difficult to do this simply by looking at incoming and outgoing traffic from one page to the next. Instead, the Links Management service is able to provide this kind of assistance.

With Links Management, which runs comprehensive filtering services in order to provide key analytical information, it is possible to see exactly what is going on with the different links and the kind of content that is happing with the links. Some of the desirable benefits offering by Links Management is not just the amount of traffic generated into and out of the link to a particular website. It is also able to show how many impressions it had (how many times individuals viewed the particular link) plus not much revenue the link generated. All of this makes the Links Management extremely beneficial for anyone who is running affiliate marketing campaigns and wants to boost the kind of services rendered.

Who Should Use Links Management?

There are all sorts of different services out there for individuals who want to  build affiliate marketing plans. In order to increase the potential for any affiliate marketing service plan and to boost revenue, it is necessary to do everything possible and extend outwards to different possible interested parties in the service. So, in reality, anyone who wants to market a product or boost their SEO with backlinks, it is important to be able to monitor how these different links are performing and if a link is generating traffic. With Links Management, all of this is possible. So, ultimately, anyone who wants to make money online through the power of affiliate service and marketing, this is a great tool to take advantage of.

Is it a Scam?

This is a service designed to simply show how well individuals links are performing and to even stay on top of where the links are located. When generating dozens of links (if not more) it can be difficult to know where all of these links are at. So, having this kind of service is a plus. All of this makes it a valuable investment and by no means is it a scam. Now, it is not going to generate income on its own. It is not a money maker service or program. It is just a tool designed to help monitor performance and to potentially increase income by highlight what is working and what isn’t.


Improving search engine rankings is very important. This is even true in the world of affiliate marketing. After all, not only is someone who is promoting a product need to improve rankings just to see a boost in traffic, but they need to increase ranking to perform better than other affiliates out there. This tool makes it possible to do this and it is a valuable opportunity to strive above the other individuals out there who want to make money on affiliate marketing. Often times the person who goes the extra mile marketing makes the extra buck.

Boost Online Exposure with IncomeDiary

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Double Exposure Manipulation Of Business Man Using Tablet And BlBlogging is a nice way to make money online. It is also a great little way to help individuals boost the amount of exposure for a particular product or service. Whether they are part of an affiliate marketing program or they are looking to sell their own goods and services, having a quality blog is important.

Of course, with the hundreds of thousands of blogs out there, it can be difficult to stand out above the rest. So, how exactly should someone go about doing this? With the assistance of IncomeDiary, it is possible to not only learn from the best, but also understand what all it takes to run a successful blog. It is rather amazing what fine like there is between a quality blog that makes money, and a quality blog that simply is never found by anyone.

What is IncomeDiary?

This is a service designed by extremely profitable online bloggers who have made their living blogging. These individuals are now able to travel the world whenever they want and post to the blog from every corner of the planet (as long as there is an Internet connection). Naturally, this is the dream of most bloggers out there. The idea of being able to travel the world, visit different locations and just write about the experience is a major reason why so many people get into the process. However, more often than not, bloggers start off with high hopes, but then find out after a few weeks (or a few months) it is a bit more challenging to build an audience than what they initially thought, so they abandon the dream. That is where IncomeDiary comes in and where it is able to help.

IncomeDiary wants to show individuals who are considering blogging (or who are currently blogging) that there are other options out there is plenty of potential in blogging, they just need to understand it better. Yes, anyone can start up their own blog. It doesn’t cost a cent. It is why so many people begin blogging but then stop, because it is easy to begin, and just as easy to quit when the financial game is not there. IncomeDiary wants to show these individuals exactly how to make money and how if they stick with it, making money is truly in the cards.

Aspects of IncomeDiary

For starters, this is more than just a single individual jotting down a few pointers as to how to be successful in blogging. The program starts out with a seven day lesson plan. Every single day someone who signs up with the program (which is free) receives a different lesson. Sometimes the lessons are simple pointers that help outline how to create a blog and how to build the blog from the ground up so it can help improve the search engine optimization of the blog. The lessons can also cover common problems that a blogger faces and how to avoid it. By the end of the seven day course, a person who has subscribed to the services should have a much better understanding as to what they need to do in order to prove successful in the world of blogging.

IncomeDiary is more than just a single person giving these lessons though. There is a supplemental section where outside expect bloggers and other individuals who have made ample amounts of money through the Internet give their stories and pointers. It is actually one of the best features on the entire program as it provides tips along different lines. These different tips are great for learning. After all, it takes multiple teachers in order to learn about a subject from the inside out. These additional instructional pointers can fill in the gaps that might have been missing in the seven day lesson plan.

After it is all said and done though, IncomeDiary is more than just a lesson plan for those who want to get into the world of blogging. It provides great material on a continual basis. This is because the IncomeDiary website in itself is actually a blog. There are several different blogging points of interest, ranging from how to improve the look of the website, how to bring in more traffic and how to make money.

These are usually the most common questions in the world of blogging, so IncomeDiary tends to touch up on these areas (while it is not exclusive to these three areas, it is covered rather frequently). With continual blog postings, a person can continue their education. They don’t even need to sign up for the seven day course in order to use the blog posts. Hading over to the IncomeDiary website and reading the latest posting is a fun opportunity and one that is easy to do whenever someone needs the additional insights.

Who Should Be Blogging?

In the grand scheme of things, the benefits of IncomeDiary really comes down to who is able to use it and who it is going to prove beneficial for. To determine this, it really is necessary to look at who should be blogging.

For starters, there are the individuals who just like to write and share their words. If there is an idea they wish to push out to the general public, a blog can be a way to do this. Often times, the most successful blogs are those that revolve around someone’s individual passion. They love something and they want to showcase that love. Other people tend to latch on to this kind of feeling because they see just how passionate the other person is and they often feel the same way. This makes it a perfect combination.

Usually, these are the people who last the longest in the blogging world. The is because they likely did not start up the blog simply to make money. Sure, bringing in additional income is nice and it makes for an even greater enjoyment regarding the particular subject matter, but because they started it out of a passion for the product or idea, they will stick around. Other individuals, however, often fall by the wayside because they are in it just for the money, and when the money does not come in right away they are more willing to jump.

The other people are the aforementioned individuals who want to make money off of the Internet. Blogging provides an excellent way to do just that. It is important to stick with the blogging of course, as it can take a bit of time to establish the money making opportunity. Blogging on its own will take a bit of time to start generating any kind of financial gains, as the number of visitors usually needs to go up in order to make money off of it. Blogging can also be used to push a particular product or service and spread the word of it to the rest of the Internet. This increases the number of pages directing back to the page, which is extremely beneficial.

Sharing Information About a Product or Service

Blogging offers this potential to share posts about an affiliate product or other service. For anyone who is interested in making money off of the Internet, IncomeDiary and the information it provides for blogging is essential. This is because creating tailored blog posts will help generate traffic, which in turn sends the traffic back to the website. These visitors can turn into potential leads and even sales. This is the entire propose of having a blog as it helps market the product. It is one of the few opportunities out there designed to push a product without paying any money. However, as it does take a bit of work, there are individuals who simply will not blog, or will try to blog a few times and then stop. Individuals who take the extra strives and do whatever they can to push their brand are the ones who ultimately end up successful. With the help of IncomeDiary, this is possible.

When Should Someone Use IncomeDiary?

Question MarkIs there a right or wrong time for someone to take in the information offered by IncomeDiary? Not really. If someone is considering starting a blog, looking up this information can prove helpful to hit the ground running. It assists them with information designed to boost the layout of a website, improve the search engine optimization of the page and do whatever is necessary to produce a structurally sound website.

On the other hand, individuals who have extensive experience working with their blogs and who blog everyday should also take advantage of the information given here. They may find just a slight change in how they set up their blog might be the difference between a few hundred visitors a day and tens of thousands of visitors a day. This is a service that should be taken advantage of which is exactly why IncomeDiary is offered for free. With the lessons plus the continually updated blog posts, it is all designed to help others with their blogging dreams and push the potential within the website.


Blogging is an important aspect for anyone who wants to make money online. Now, for many, making money off of a blog is really the only goal. They want to be able to write their ideas and thoughts while traveling, sitting at home, watching TV or doing anything else. Now, it is possible, and while it can take work and determination, it often is possible, especially when there is a passion for the product. Beyond this, it is possible for someone to blog about a product and bring in more attention to the service or the account with continual blog posts. Whatever the desire though, IncomeDiary is able to assist.

For someone who is looking to  take their blogging skills to the next level and who really wants to make money off of the Internet, it is important to learn from those individuals who have been successful in blogging and who continue to make a considerable amount of money off of blogging. While there are plenty of books out there that just give some basic informational insights as to what to do with a blog, this is going to offer far more helpful information that can go a long way in promoting a product or service or to simply build a brand and bring in more attention to the website. Anyone someone wants to know about blogging is going to be covered by IncomeDiary’s website.

Boost Money Making Opportunities with JV Marketing

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Sales ManagementSometimes the best way to make money online is by going at it jointly. This helps spread the news of a particular product or service while also splitting the bill to do so. Doing so is the basic principal of JV Marketing. Short for joint venture marketing, this is a newer approach to marketing products online. As it is different from other practices, it is well worth the look. So, from marketing a blog to an affiliate management account,  JV Marketing may prove to be an extremely desirable service for just about anyone.

So What is a Joint Venture Program Anyways?

The term joint venture is rather self explanatory. It is a service where two or more people come together for mutual benefit and gains. In  JV Marketing, that is basically what the service is as well. It brings together a few different individuals who are looking to market a product or service, essentially pooling researches, doubling exposure and really making it that much more beneficial for all parties involved. Joining forces can prove to be especially fruitful. Now, it can also be a bit foreign to many individuals who are just getting into the marketing business, especially if they have never worked with other people before.

Joint venture is not something that is only done by smaller entities online. In fact, many large corporations make the vast majority of income (or at least a sizable amount) through joint venture marketing. 20 percent of the income Sony brings in throughout the course of a year is done so through joint partnerships. The interesting thing about this is half of that money is actually made through joint ventures made with those who are the competition (such as Samsung or Microsoft).

The fact of the matter is, joint ventures help save just about everyone money. Automakers do this rather frequently. If two companies have technology they wish to share without pushing a product on the competition’s market, they may produce the same basic car sold in different regions of the world. Many Asian and American auto manufacturers do this as a joint venture.

What are the Benefits of  JV Marketing?

There are several major benefits attached to undergoing a  JV Marketing platform. Naturally, there is the shared cost aspect of it. People want to cut down on the amount of money they put into a marketing campaign or pushing a product. With the joint venture, they may only pay half (or whatever else the agreed upon percentage is). However, this is not the only benefit. In fact, there are many other desirable elements to  JV Marketing.

Possibly more important than the money saved in a joint venture (which is already very important) is the amount of time saved. When starting a small business or when trying to make it in the world of Internet marketing and growth, time is often the biggest issue. There just is not enough time in a given day to perform all necessary tasks and to stay on top of different services. Outside of hiring additional help, which may not prove financially beneficial (at least yet), an individual simply is able to do what they can with the amount of time they have. With a  JV Marketing, it drastically frees up time. Now, they only have to perform half as many tasks, which can free up all sorts of time. This time can then be spent elsewhere in order to finish up different projects.

What Kind of Joint Venture Partnerships Are Out There?

This is probably the most difficult aspect of the joint venture service: starting it off. After all, when working online, most of the work is done without the assistance of anyone else. Due to this, it can prove challenging to know where to look or how to go about reaching out to different individuals. Well, there are a few examples of what kind of joint venture partnerships there are out there and how to go about creating such a partnership.

The e-book is a great way to market oneself. The e-book can be just about anything, as long as it provides helpful information. If there is an individual that wants to show people how to travel cheaply, they can write an e-book on the subject, then can then form a joint venture with a company that provides discounted airfare. By partnering together, the website service receives a kickback from every sale while the writer of the book receives the additional marketing for the book. Sometimes everything isn’t just split down the middle. It simply is working together for mutual gain. The process is designed to be in the best interest of not only every member of the group, but the group itself.

Another kind of joint venture is a way to build traffic on the site. There might be one party who has a quality product but does not receive very much in way of traffic. There might be another individual who has a large list of subscribers and continual traffic but is limited on products offered. By forming a joint venture together, the company without much traffic can gain traffic while the other company may receive financial compensation from the products sold.

How to Identify the Right Company for a Joint Venture Practice?

Now, there are going to be all sorts of potential marketing opportunities. For someone looking for the right joint venture, they need to take a hard look at a few elements of their own business. By identifying a few key points of their own business, it makes it far easier for someone to actually select the best joint venture to take their business to the next level.

For starters, determining the major weakness of a company or individual website. A website is only as strong as its weakest link. Typically, this low point is going to drag down the rest of the website and its ability to perform well. That is exactly why identifying the point is crucial. In  JV Marketing, the main purpose is to seek out someone or another entity to not only bare some of the burden, but to also fill in the gaps of where a website or small business is struggling. Locating a website or other service provider that is strong in that weak point can offer all sorts of corrective elements.

The chances are high that while another business is able to fill in for the weakness of one company, that company is able to provide assistance for the opposite company’s weakness. This works exceptionally well for both parties involved and it is why going at it through a  JV Marketing is desirable.

Beyond determining what kind of weak point is found on a business website, it is also important to locate other websites and individuals making their way through the world of online money making that works in a similar venture. If one individual is looking at selling t-shirts online, they need to find a fashion forward blog or service. Now, it does not necessarily need to be competing. Maybe one just provides advice on fashion while the other site actually sells fashion products. This way, the two can work together towards financial gain. The service needs to be mutually beneficial. This way, both entities involved with the joint venture can receive the desirable benefits.

Who Should Consider a Joint Marketing Venture

Joint Venture, Hands Shaking DesignWhen it comes down to it, everyone looking to make money online should consider a joint marketing venture. This is something that can prove mutually beneficial for all parties involved. Now, it can be a bit difficult, or at least different, to set up, simply because most of the individuals online looking to make money have not worked with other individuals in this capacity before. There often is a learning curve involved with the entire practice. However, as long as both sides remain open to one another, it is possible for everyone to make money and to improve their standings.

Always Look Into the Joint Venture

Whether someone has reached out to the company or the company is reaching out to someone else, it is extremely important to properly vet the other organization, business or individual. While a venture can prove to be financially desirable for both entities involved, it can prove devastating for both as well. Now, this typically does not happen, but there is always the chance of one company failing, going bankrupt or just going their separate way. If the two companies are spending money on marketing or to pay for certain services, this can lead to the other company being forced to pay for twice what they might have originally bargained for. Looking over the ins and outs of the other business in order to make sure it can stand up and provide the best kind of services without causing problems is a must.

Is it Possible to Make Money Off of  JV Marketing?

With a joint venture, it is very possible to make money off of the service. The fact of the matter is it can help cut down expenses while also improving the outreach of a program. It might boost exposure for a company while also bring in more profits. so, while this is not a specific service that can generate income, it is a marketing practice that can not only save time and money for a particular business or individual, but it can boost the potential as well.


When starting out, many individuals want to go at it alone. They want to create a website, market the product and do whatever they can to boost their overall financial prowess. While this is a great plan, it can take up a considerable amount of time while also reducing the potential for the business to actually thrive based on finances or not having the necessary resources they need to do so. Eventually, a business might discover they need at least a bit of help. This is exactly where  JV Marketing can come in handy. When properly set up, it offers mutual benefits for both companies (or multiple companies, if there are more than two businesses or individuals working together).

It is very important for there to be an agreed upon structure for what each of the members will contribute to the partnership. As long as everyone holds up their end of the deal, everyone is going to profit from the finances while also proving to be a helpful service, both for new businesses and established companies.

Using How to Make 1000000 to Make Your First $100,000

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Concept image of a Calendar with the text: Be a MillionaireAs they say in business, the hardest million someone makes is their first million. Of course, in order to make a million, it is necessary to first make a hundred thousand. Not a bad pice of change right there and most people would be especially happy to make this kind of money. Now, how can someone go about doing this? Well, there are plenty of different opportunities out there for those who are willing to work for it. In reality, when it comes to how to make 100000, the opportunity sits right in front of someone. It is a matter of executing the program and staying on top of what it is able to provide.

Ditch the Small Commissions

This is the major problem people fall into when looking to make money online. While there are plenty of programs out there designed to help someone make money over the long haul, the affiliate attached program comes with commissions that pay peanuts. When a commission is only going to pay a few dollars, it is going to take a very long time to make that $100,000. Besides, if the 100K is made over the course of 15 years, is it really all that impressive? No, it isn’t. So spending up the process is vital.

Small commissions require more sales. If someone is making $10 per commission, it is going to take 10,000 sales to reach that 100K mark. It could potentially take years to ever reach 10,000 sales, and that is if someone is putting in a considerable amount of effort. It can often take time to build a brand and to build up sales on a regular rate. Some people are extremely good with what they do and with what they sell, so it might not take as long. However, smaller commissions just drag out the process. That is why it is important to look for opportunities that make it possible to make more money with less commissions.

Track Down the Major Commissions

Many people do not go with products that are more expensive (and with it bring about a higher commission) because they deem it to be harder work. After all, selling a product with a $1,000 commission is going to be much more difficult than something with a $10 commission. While it may take a bit longer to reach one commission, it isn’t all that more difficult to sell. After all, a product is a product and a sale is a sale. Whether selling a car or a loaf of bread, it often is more in the pitch and finding the right customer than actually what is sold.

It Comes Down to Technique

Selling a quality product with a high commission rate is one way to how to make 100000. However, with that being said, it often is all about technique. Some of the most successful individuals have made it to their current point in life not because they sell the finest product on the planet. It is because they know how to sell their product. The more someone understands their product and, almost more importantly, their key demographic, they increase their opportunity to sell a product infinitely.

First, it is necessary to understand and know the product intimately. Someone needs to know the ins and outs of the product, service, content or anything else sold. They need to be able to live and breathe the product. Knowledge for the product is showcase when selling the product. A lack of knowledge on the product shows a lack of passion. If someone is going to spend a large amount of money on a high commission product, they want to see passion and excitement in the person selling the product. This drastically helps improve the sales potential and helps address the question of how to make 100000.

After knowing the product intimately, it is necessary to know the key demographic intimately. This isn’t just the standard age, gender, financial makeup or the information you can pull up from a print out. An individual needs to know what is much more important to them. Think of it as filling in the information about a character in a movie or book. The most successful stories are those with characters who are completely fleshed out. They need to flesh out the information about the key demographic that they can’t just obtain by looking at them.

So what other information should someone look to pick up? What are their interests, what frightens them the most, what do they want out of life. If someone is able to answer these questions, they can take the product they are offering and present it as an opportunity to finally reach their goals, to help avoid what they are afraid of or to help them reach their financial potential. By having a complete understanding of the individual, it helps drive up sales and it makes selling the high ticket item with the high commission value that much more potential.

Stay With It

People want to make money and they want to make money now. While it is possible to always make money quickly off of sales and services online, it often can take a bit of time to set everything up and to get the ball rolling. Whether selling services, taking part in an affiliate program or some other money making venture, these are usually snowball based practices. It takes time for someone to build up steam. One sale will eventually turn into two sales, which turns into four, then eight and before someone knows it they are making dozens or even hundreds of sales every single day. It only takes time.

The fact of the matter is this is an important step to take and while it is going to take time, it is not something that will sit dormant. A person needs to stay with it to see if there is any growth. Even small growth demonstrates potential. Where there is one sale that didn’t exist the month before, it shows the signs of growth. Planting the seeds of financial opportunity is not always going to grow instantly but take time. By sticking with the seeds, nurturing the growing opportunity and doing everything to cultivate it over the long haul, an individual is eventually going to answer that question of how to make 100000.

Promoting High Ticket Item Services

Luxury Shopping Bag Expensive Exclusive Premium ItemsFor those individuals who are interested in learning how to sell a high ticket item, they may need some general guidance to do all of this. While identifying a key demographics strengths and weaknesses is important, it is not always something that is going to pan out all that easily. It may take some additional insights and information to do all of this, especially for individuals who are just starting off in the world of high ticket items and online sales. That is where the MTTB program comes in.

The MTTB System is designed to show someone how to make 100000. It is going to provide an individual with all of the training education they need to identify the key points of their demographic and to make the sales they have been striving to.

For starters, when signing up for the service, an individual is going to receive a “done for you” online sales system. This is going to make it possible track current spendings on particular items, identifying possible sales leads and generate the highest potential income possible. It is not a magic bullet for hitting the key targets every single time, but it does help identify those who will most likely be interested in the high ticket item.

Outside of the online sales system, someone who signs up for the service is able to receive a one on one private personal coaching discussion. The best way to learn how to make money online is to discuss with someone who has done it before. There is a reason people become apprentices for a particular trade. It is because they can learn first hand how to be a master at the trade. It is necessary to think of this as a one hour apprenticeship with the experience professional. People will have questions on how to make the sales, close the sales and find those individuals to sell to. This personal coaching interaction helps clear up any questions someone might have.

Lastly, when signing up for the program and learning how to how to make 100000, the service comes with a step by step training program. This way, someone is able to learn about everything they need to do in order to make the sale. When growing an online affiliate program or business, having someone guide them towards the road of success is important and extremely helpful. While the individual still needs to perform all of the services on their own and make the pitches themselves while reaching out to potential clients, this step by step program highlights the way and allows those interested in making money for themselves to finally know what to do and learn how to make 100000.

Is This For Everyone?

There are people who have been trying to make money online for years and they still don’t know how to make 100000. Maybe they just haven’t had the right luck. Perhaps they have quit different systems before starting to see real financial growth, or maybe they have been trying to live off of the small commissions and they just are not making the necessary sales to do so. Whatever the reasoning is, for anyone who wants to make money online, this is the kind of program for them. So, whether they want to know how to make 100000 or they just want to learn about expanding profit values and how to make a living, this is a nice program opportunity.

Can Someone Make Money Off the Program?

The entire purpose of how to make 100000 is to understand how to reach that six digit threshold. There is just something about that number that is extremely attractive and stands out above the other numbers out there. Six digits is so much larger than five. Wouldn’t it be nice to push that household income up to the six digit level? This is a program that while it does not sell a specific program or service, it does help people learn how to make the sales and reach their financial goals. So while it does not directly make money, it does help people make money.


There are plenty of people out there who want to know how to make 100000. There are ways to do this, and with the offered MTTB service, it is possible to learn the ins and outs of making large commission sales, which spreads up the process of making six figures.

Looking How to Get On Wikipedia Here’s How

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Building a strong Internet footprint is important for any business. It makes it possible to outstretch to different individuals and to reach new clients. There are many ways to do this, and while having a company website (or individual website) in addition to social media accounts, there are other beneficial options available. One such website outlet to consider is Wikipedia. Wikipedia generally ranks exceptionally well on search engines, and as it can provide a desirable backlink to a website (helping boost search engine optimization), it is important to know how to get on Wikipedia.

What is Wikipedia?

For anyone who might not know, Wikipedia is an open source encyclopedia. It allows users to freely edit, alter and input information on any topic, ranging from single-celled organisms to John Denver. Having individuals contribute to the information listings makes it possible to grow the content, without having the company behind Wikipedia do it. The organization does monitor inputs, authenticate some alterations and has the power to revert back to previously saved versions of the information. With this open source feature, it is possible to create new pages for just about anyone or anything, including a business, affiliate program or any other service.

The Good and Bad of Wikipedia

Before anyone should set out to create a Wikipedia page about themselves or their business, it is necessary to understand the good and bad. This way, they can prepare themselves for what might come next, whatever it may be.

First of all, the good. Wikipedia ranks exceptionally well on search engines, so it can prove beneficial in attracting visitors and traffic. In fact, Wikipedia may actually rank higher than a company’s own website, blog or social media material, simply because search engines know and trust Wikipedia with most of the information included as this information is not typed for search engine optimization but instead to provide helpful insights. This makes having a Wikipedia page a good option.

Now, for the bad. As an open source service, anyone is able to log on and edit or alter information on any given topic. This means a competitor or even just a friend joking around can change any of the information, put false documentation, write not great comments about the brand and input a history that can look extremely negative. This is a service that puts the information in the hands of its users, and it isn’t always desirable. While Wikipedia is able to edit some content it knows is falsified, when it comes to individuals or smaller businesses, this can be especially difficult to do. So, continually monitoring the content on Wikipedia is a must.

Additionally, there is no guarantee a Wikipedia page is going to stick. So, while someone might ask “how to get on Wikipedia”, creating the page isn’t all that difficult, but keeping it open can be difficult. Why is that? Wikipedia doesn’t want individuals simply creating vanity pages for themselves that do not provide any kind of insightful information. It can prove both costly and time consuming to create a page that is removed because of vanity reasoning. As long as the page does provide useful information to visitors, it should stick, but keeping this in mind is important.

Just the Facts

One major problem individuals run into when attempting to create a Wikipedia page is attempting to glamour up their profile, either personal or business. This is a quick and surefire way to have the page removed. Wikipedia is designed to provide encyclopedia-like knowledge, which means the information can’t by typed in either a positive or negative light. It simply needs to be presented as is, without any kind of interpretation. Only facts should be included, so when it comes to how to get on Wikipedia, it often is better to have a secondary individual create the content. It can prove difficult for a business owner to step outside of the box and type up information on their own products or services while keeping it out of a positive light. Once it starts to come across as pushing a product, Wikipedia will remove it and reject it.

There is a very specific formatting requirement found on the page. When looking over different Wikipedia pages, just bout everything comes across as the same tone and style. In order to keep everything even keel and to ensure nothing stands out above anything else, these specific formatting requirements are set up. Following these steps, including the tone of the content, including just facts and properly sourcing any information is a must, otherwise the content will be pulled from Wikipedia shortly.

How To Get on Wikipedia?

The thing about how to get on Wikipedia is while anyone can type up a page, not all pages will remain. Outside of avoiding the “vanity” page and sticking to just the facts, there are some desirable courses to follow in order to improve the chances of the Wikipedia page sticking and remaining online. While Wikipedia is free to remove just about any page it may desire, by following through with these individuals steps, it does increase the chance of keeping the page up.

Wikipedia likes its own websites and pages. This is something that can be said for most other websites out there. The ability to reference itself and offer links to other pages is beneficial. The same is true with Wikipedia. With this in mind, being references on other Wikipedia articles is desirable. If writing about a business, having the particular business mentioned on a different business page (such as a CEO leaving the company to found the new company) can help provide proper sourcing. The more sourcing a Wiki page receives, the better its chances of remaining around.

Of course, being mentioned on another Wikipedia page is not always possible, and a company isn’t able to simply move in and create a reference for its services on another page. That does not mean it is impossible to create a lasting Wikipedia page. Instead, when it comes to how to get on Wikipedia, being mentioned on third party website with legitimate news insights, such as newspaper websites or magazines, can prove beneficial. Being referenced on a general blog isn’t going to work, so finding news based material is the way to go.

The more people who work on a Wikipedia listing the better. Before ever ever starting a Wikipedia page, it is a good idea to have different account holders edit other content on Wikipedia and add helpful insights. From there, when the actual creation of the Wiki page begins, the other account holders should log on and edit the pages as well. This provides more credence to the page when multiple account holders (especially those that have contributed to previous pages) work on a page. with this in mind though, it is important for the editors to come from different IP addresses (different computers). Wikipedia can detect where edits are being performed from, so if everything comes from the same computer, having different accounts doesn’t matter.

Lastly, open up a discussion page. This is kind of a behind the scenes aspect for how to get on Wikipedia. It also is not somewhere that most visitors to Wikipedia end up, which is why it is valuable. This is a page that allows individuals looking to edit content communicate with one another, share ideas and insights onto the information. Creating this kind of page and allowing for some discussion (and taking part in a discussion) can show other readers like the given page and are passionate about the give page, which bodes well for helping the page stick.

Who Should Use This Service?

When it comes to how to get on Wikipedia, this isn’t a service that just anyone should take advantage of. Sure, it might sound like a good idea initially to have a Wikipedia page, but the fact of the matter it can also be a burden for some. While Wikipedia might detect individual pages simply as a “vanity” page and remove it (even after spending all sorts of time and effort on a multi-thousand word page), being forced to continually monitor the page from day to day to make sure it remains as it should can prove time consuming and problematic.

Instead, this is a service that really should only be taken advantage of when it comes to a small business or when pushing a particular product. If there is already a page about the given product, Wikipedia is not going to allow a second. While it is possible to add some insights to a current page and even link to a company or affiliate page as reference, it is not something that will always be available. Plus, Wikipedia does not allow sales pages. It is straight forward and just the facts.

Essentially, the page is for a business or individual with information that can prove insightful to readers. If the content provides little to no value for readers, Wikipedia will likely pull the page, which just results in wasted hours creating the content page. With that being said though, if the page does remain up and provides information on a product or business, it can help generate more traffic for the company’s actual website while also boosting the search engine optimization. If both of these aspects can come to fruition, it should prove especially desirable for someone (or something) to create the Wikipedia page.

Can Someone Make Money On This?

The fact of the matter is when it comes to how to get on Wikipedia, this is not a money making venture. There are no advertisements found on Wikipedia. It is used to educate and inform readers, no more and no less. Now, when looking over the facts and tips for how to get on Wikipedia, should the page stick, it does have the potential to increase visibility for a product, boost traffic to the website and increase SEO. Should all of these aspects prove fruitful, it can eventually generate more revenue through sales and advertisements on the company’s (or individual’s) Web page. If this happens, the Wikipedia page will be indirectly associated with making more money. In general though, when it comes to how to get on Wikipedia, this is not going to earn people money, only potentially more exposure.


Having a Wikipedia page is not for everyone. Asking how to get on Wikipedia is a very good question, as any increase in online exposure, when good (or at the very least, neutral) can generate additional attention for an individual, product or business. However, this is not for everyone. It can cause more trouble than it is worth for some, especially in the event of negative press. Should something negative take place, it may result in other users of Wikipedia posting onto the page. For some though, having a Wikipedia page can prove helpful in generating more attention to the brand, pushing the website and increase visitors to the company page. In this event, it is beneficial and desirable. It simply is necessary to weigh both sides of the coin for Wikipedia.

How to Use PLR Content to Make Money

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There are all sorts of ways out there to promote products and to build the potential of a business, affiliate account an individual wanting to bring attention to a blog. With so many different options out there, it can be difficult to know what to use and what may prove the most beneficial. One common entity is PLR articles and how to use PLR content in order to boost visibility. Well, by following through with a few basic steps, it is possible for just about anyone to use the PLR content and to potentially grow their brand by doing so. While nobody should ever use a one size fits all approach, looking into how to use PLR content and implementing it into the business strategy may prove beneficial.

What is PLR Content?

PLR is short for Private Label Rights. This is a rather new implementation on the idea of producing content. private label rights is a specific, designated license that allows someone to to edit and publish articles as if the individual produced the content on their own. They can even remove the original author’s name and byline and include their own. Essentially, it is taking content that already exists but is offering its licenses. An interested party can then purchase the content and either use it as is, make adjustments to or or toss on their name to the content and pass it off as their own.

While the idea of a PLR article is on the newer side, it is not all that uncommon. In fact, people all over the Internet, from individuals looking to build a brand to major corporations, take advantage of PLR content. Why should someone use PLR articles? There are actually all sorts of advantages here.

Why Should Someone Use PLR Content?

There are all sorts of benefits available for using PLR articles. First of all, it is inexpensive. The content is already written and produced, which means the price for the content is lower than if someone requested to have it written specifically for a particular need. Instead of hiring a writer to produce the content, it is simply sitting there, available for purchase.

Whether looking to increase the material found on a blog or pushing a particular subject matter, publishing content and linking ti back to a website can help with the search engine optimization of the particular page. Also, if the company is looking to popular the Internet with new posts in an already crowded market, the more posts they publish, the greater the chance of being noticed. It is like wearing a blue shirt in a crowd of thousands. Finding the one shirt can be especially difficult. However, if there are a few hundred blue shirts, it is far easier to notice and to select it. When there are hundreds of pages published by the same website, it makes it easier to notice the website.

Thirdly, it is actually possible to make money off of the PLR articles and content after paying for it. How is that? Whether using it in a blog post or publishing the material in other locations around the Internet, populating the page with advertisements offers the potential of making ad revenue from the content. Someone is usually going to make more money off of 100 publications than one publication. So, while it does cost money to purchase the PLR content, it is possible to make all that money back and then some.

The Differences Between a Produced Article And PLR Content

 Before someone decided to look into how to use PLR content, it is a good idea to investigate the difference between produced articles written specifically for the subject and PLR articles. While the price is obvious, where a specially written article can cost a pretty penny and PLR articles may cost as little as a few cents, there is a drastic difference in quality.

It is important to look at the quality of the content before buying any PLR content. Typically, a writer who knows their value is not going to sell their content for a few pennies, or even a few dollars. This is because once they start selling their product for an extremely low price it devalues everything else they produce (simple laws of economics). Due to this, the only individuals who typically place their content up for PLR purchase are those who mass produce a large number of articles, often at an inferior quality.

Quality really is the name of the game here. Buying PLR content is all about buying quantity, while buying a specialized article by a professional writer is about buying quality. An individual looking to purchase content needs to determine if they need quantity or quality.

What Else to Know About PLR Content

The last step really before looking into how to use PLR content is to realize that there typically is either no limit to the number of licenses offered on a particular article, or if there are limited licenses it generally is around 50 or 100. What does this mean? Will, there are a few implications behind it, all of which are important to consider.

For starters, if the buyer of the content does not change any of the information, it is going to often be found throughout the Internet on other websites. Due to this, the content listed by the buyer is not unique from possibly hundreds, if not thousands of other writers out there. For some, this might not be that big of a deal. For others, it is a huge deal.

Some who look into how to use PLR content and want to help boost the SEO of their websites through new publications, they will find it is a double-edged sword. If the content is edited and altered in order to provide a different spin on the original content, this can prove beneficial. However, if the content is published without any kind of change, it will match dozens, if not hundreds of the exact same publication in other locations online. This means it will actually drop in SEO because it is not unique. Once something becomes mass produced, search engines like Google will start to reduce the placement ranking of the content.

How to Use PLR Content?

While there are some benefits associated with how to use PLR content, it is necessary for someone to understand how to actually implement the content. While it may or may not help with SEO (depending on the level of editing someone performs on the content), there are other valuable options that can be extracted from the articles when published.

First, the content should include a link back to the original page. Perhaps the topic is published on a blog. The blog should then include a link that sends visitors back to the company website, affiliate website or whatever the other desired location is. Link building can help with search engine optimization in a way. Now, it can’t just be a singular blog without any other posts to it. The blog should have regular readers and followers. As long as it does, it should help boost the amount of traffic the website receives.

Ultimately, the PLR content is best used for link building. The content can be published on the blog with links back to the home page. It generally should not actually be placed on the actual website, but instead a secondary website. This allows the boost of the backlinks while also avoiding potential SEO hits that may or may not come due to similar published material on the original website.

Should People Use PLR Content On Their Websites

This is something that should be considered. There really is no right or wrong answer for everyone. Instead, it is something that every website owner needs to look into and determine on their own. For starters, those individuals who need to build their links and want to expand their potential outreach through other blog posts, using PLR articles may prove helpful. On the other hand, the similar content published on the website and on dozens of other websites can hurt SEO on the main page. So all of this needs to be weighed.

If someone does decide to take advantage of the PLR articles, they need to edit the content, at least someone, to properly take advantage of the material. This is a very important step in regards to how to use PLR content. If someone does not follow through with this kind of step, they may open up their website up for the SEO hits, which may hurt the site more than it helps. At least editing the content can change up the keywords enough to alter how search engines crawl the websites and information.

Is it Possible to Make Money with PLR Articles

Really, the answer is yes and no here. It depends on how to use PLR content and how someone decides to implement the content. For starters, if there are dozens of articles used and the person who purchased the PLR content decides to place advertisements on the pages it may prove possible to make money directly off of the page (especially when some of the pages may only be purchased for a few cents at a time).

For the most part, these articles are used to build links and to draw in possible attention from outside sources. Due to this, it is also possible to make money off of the content in an indirect way. If it generates more traffic and more possible leads, it means the company, affiliate holder or loan individual may actually boost their sales thanks to the PLR content.


Before anyone decides to go ahead and take advantage of PLR content, they first need to know what it is. The PLR content provides individuals with an inexpensive way to popular websites and build links to the page. These are articles prewritten with information that should prove valuable to the website owner (or they should not buy the content). The inexpensive price of the content is valuable for those who do not have a large amount of time or money to popular a blog or to create backlinks. With this in mind though, it may not prove to be the right choice for everyone. Depending on how the content is used it may actually hinder a website (this is why it is extremely important to actually edit the material).

A website owner needs to weigh what they intend on doing with the PLR content and whether or not the knowledge of how to use PLR content is actually going to help out the website or hinder it. Ultimately, the content, should the website owner decide to publish the content, should be uploaded in a way that makes it easier enough to remove it without a problem. After all, if the content ends up causing problems with the traffic and ranking of the website it is used with, it should be dropped. Thankfully though, the PLR articles are inexpensive to purchase and will not be a big financial loss.

Have a Camera For Every Setting with GoPro Superview

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When recording affiliate marketing material, it is important to have a quality camera on hand that can capture all of the necessary footage. One of the biggest problems individuals run into is inferior video quality on their recordings. When this happens, it can reduce the chance of external individuals actually wanting to follow through with opting into the marketing material. After all, if the video quality is subpar, it reflects poorly on the product. In order to avoid this kind of a problem, investing in a solid camera with different camera settings is vital. With the help of the GoPro and the GoPro Superview, it is finally possible to have a solid camera capable of making all the necessary shots.

What is the GoPro

The GoPro is a portable video camera. It is small, just a few inches in size, and comes in a water proof case that is also nearly indestructible. Due to the construction, it is possible to take it anywhere and to use it anywhere. There is no limit to the accessories available for GoPro users. From connecting to the top of helmets to suction-cupping the camera to the outside of a moving vehicle, there is really no limit to what the GoPro can do. However, probably the most important feature of the GoPro is that it is fool proof, easy to set up and designed to provide exceptional video quality anywhere.

There are different video cameras available for active individuals. There are a few major difference between the GoPro and these other cameras. The main different, ultimately, is the video quality. Other hardware is waterproof and highly durable. The GoPro features not only full 1080p HD video, but the color quality and pixel density is far beyond what most other digital video cameras of the size can replicate. In the world of affiliate marketing, this is a must.

Why Having a Video Camera is Important

In affiliate marketing, it is often necessary to have a video camera on hand. The video camera is designed to showcase success. When someone has been successful with making money online, they need to highlight this. There is only so much a written blog is able to do. Video captures the attention of the viewer while it also makes it possible to promote the local surroundings. Having a quality camera is where many affiliate marketing professionals run into trouble.

So, how do these affiliate members run into trouble? They use a significantly inferior camera. More often than not, these individuals simply turn on their Web cam build into a laptop and record from here. This causes a few different problems. First of all, the recording quality is not desirable. Even if the Web cam is “HD” the color contrast is inferior, which generally washes out information on the video screen (while giving a terrible complexion). The audio quality is not all that good, and instead of showing the world around someone and how successful they have been, it simply shows a messy desk in the background, or at the very least a bookshelf.

If someone has been successful in an affiliate marketing program they are trying to pitch to others and they want others to believe that have made a good amount of money with the program, one would think the highly successful individual would have the money to pay for a video camera. This just reflects poorly on the affiliate marketing member and may even suggest to the audience they are lying about how successful they have been with the product. Even if every word they have spoken is true, appearance is everything. There is the saying of “dress for success,” well that includes not only what someone wears but the equipment they use to present themselves. Video marketing requires quality video footage.

Taking Advantage of the GoPro and GoPro Superview Services

Now, it is not necessary to go out and hire a complete camera crew in order to shoot a small commercial. After all, while the video is designed to look like a quality production, it also is designed to be more direct, like one person speaking to another. Due to this, having a quality video camera on hand is all that matters. This camera needs to handle different lighting situations while also being able to record audio just about anywhere. The GoPro is able to do just this, and it even has a few different angle settings any user of the camera equipment needs to consider.

A mistake many people who use the GoPro tend to make is they leave it just on the one and only lens angle setting. The camera, at least with the GoPro Hero4, is able to record at a narrow, medium, wide and superview mode. The thing is the camera is preset into the normal mode and most people simply leave it in this mode. However, there are times where a different camera setting is more desirable. After all, when recording a video pitch, the camera needs to be close enough to the subject without being right on top of them. By editing and adjusting the different camera settings, it is possible to find exactly the right kind of angle setup that makes for a good shot.

There is a way to view each of the four camera angles and settings at the exact same time. this is done with the help of the GoPro Superview application. This GoPro Superview app is created to assist a user with seeing exactly what the video camera sees and then settle on a particular angle. After all, sometimes an affiliate marketing member will be out on their own and need to record specific footage. They are able to see what angle works best and where to place the camera with the GoPro Superview application installed onto the mobile phone. They can look through their application in real time and determine the best framing.

Quick Lighting Tips

When recording quality video footage for an affiliate marketing video (or really for anything, for that matter), outside of looking at the GoPro Superview app, it is important to have the right lighting. This is another mistake many people run into. They simply set the camera down and push the record button, without thinking of what the lighting in the shot looks like. Now, without getting overly technical, having the right kind of lighting setup is extremely beneficial.

When recording the video on the inside, it is important to not mix outdoor lighting and indoor lighting. Indoor lighting has a more orange color spectrum to it while outdoor lighting is more blue. With both lighting tones are using within the same shot and on the same subject, it causes all sorts of complexion issues. Additionally, the GoPro will attempt to default set the white balance on the cream. The white balance is either going to be balanced to white with orange light on it, or white with blue light on it. Regardless of what it sets to, the picture will not look good.

By keeping either all interior or all exterior lighting, it reduces the odd complexion issues. It is possible to setup interior lighting, and even if someone does not have high end lighting equipment, they can perform a few basic setup features. They can have two soft lamps off to either side (one of which is slightly closer) and off at 23-45 degree angles from where someone is looking (so the lamp is placed between 2 and 3 o’clock in front of the subject and 10 to 11 o’clock). This provides quality lighting around the face, but as one lamp is closer, it helps give just enough shadow to prevent being a flat face in the camera recording with even lighting.

When recording the video footage on the outside, the light should not be directly behind the subject, which places it shining into the camera. The light should also not be directly behind the camera, shining into the eyes of the speaker. This may require the subject of the video to wear sunglasses. It is always best to see a person’s eyes when making affiliate promotional videos as seeing eyes makes a person appear more trustworthy. Ultimately, the sun should be located at an angle to the side of the camera of the subject.

Who is The Tech For

There are all sorts of different GoPro options available on the market today. While the latest GoPro models usually run for between $500 and $600 (depending on a few internal features), it is possible to purchase either a refurbished model or one from a few years earlier for a significantly discounted price. Regardless of the camera model though, it is extremely important for any individual looking to promote their affiliate program to have a quality camera on hand.

Making videos is a great way to promote oneself and a particular product or service. In fact, there are different marketing services and agencies that recommend the creation of such a video. This particular marketing individual needs to avoid using the inferior quality camera built into their laptop. They especially need to avoid ever recording video with the camera built into their phone or tablet. These cameras possess an extremely limited censor and a camera that does not have quality pixelation. That is why it is necessary to invest in the GoPro.

The GoPro Superview application allows individuals to see what the GoPro sees through the screen on their smartphone. Then, once they identify the right angle with the help of the GoPro Superview application, they can just push the connected setting and go about recording a quality video that not only looks good but sounds good as well.

Can Someone Make Money With The GoPro Superview

This is one of those “have to spend money to make money” kind of campaigns. For an affiliate marketer, the individual does need to save whatever money they can in order to cut down on expenses and increase potential profit. However, there are some ways for marketing that ultimately requires the person to spend money, even several hundred dollars, to eventually make money in return. The creation of video advertising is one such instance. With the GoPro, it is possible to not only record quality video footage of a one on one interview, but it can also be taken just about anywhere. Who knows, maybe some great outdoor activity shots may just be the way to go about landing that nature loving account.


In order to promote a particular affiliate marketing service, it is necessary to have an individual video camera that can record high end video footage without costing an arm and a leg. The GoPro with GoPro Superview makes it possible to see the right camera angle and record the footage.

Domain Investing No Longer a Major Money Maker

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Once upon a time, individuals who wanted to try and strike it reach over the Internet would go on domain hunts. During a domain hunt, an individual would especially purchase a a dormant domain based on the name. It then would hold off for someone who wanted the domain and, in return, sell the domain for far more than what they paid for it. This is basically the practice of digital real estate. Buying property that will likely prove valuable in the long run by the right buyer. With this in mind though, it often could take years for a possible domain to prove fruitful, if ever. Now, several years ago, when the likes of Go Daddy and other domain offering services made it big, domain investing proved to be all the rage and offered the potential for anyone to take part in this digital real estate investment practice. Times have changed.

The Times Have Changed

The Internet has long been a a place where individuals could make a substantial amount of money. The available options for making money has always evolved. From creating short lived, quick websites to making money off of content mills and other basic services, domain investing proved to be a very long lasting investment opportunity. However, this no longer is the case as the times really have changed in the world of Internet money. This is not to say all domains have been purchased. Not at all. There will still likely be domains that are bought and sold for profits for the rest of the Internet’s existence (as there is no end in sight and the Internet is only expanding every single day, this likely will never happen). While some domains will sell, buying and sitting on a dormant domain is not going to prove as beneficial as what it once did.

How Buying Domains Has Changed

When domain investing first started, it was all about buying an easy to remember domain that would prove beneficial for a particular company or service. Singular words were often the most valuable, such as,, and so on. Other, major companies saw the power of having a simple, easy to use domain name. This, however, is no longer necessary as it is far easier to find a particular company or service without an easy to remember domain name.

The failure of domain investing if directly connected with the evolution of search engines. A search engine around the turn of the century could provide basic search features, but the algorithm used to determine the top search results were not all that refined. It often simply showcased websites with a matching URL. So, if someone searched for “computers” they would almost automatically see as the top, if not one of the top search results. Due to this, having such a domain proved extremely beneficial and profitable. No matter what other search engine optimization other domain holders utilized, it simply could not compete with the domain name.

Search engines have altered greatly in recent years though, as the power of the current algorithm makes it possible to have a domain that has nothing to do with computers, when selling computers (or anything to do with the given topic). What matters is the material and information on the inside of the website. Once search engines became more powerful, domain investing lost its favor. Individuals holding particular domain names could no longer ask as much for the website as it did not guarantee a top ranking, or even a first page ranking for a particular product or search result. While having a matching URL can help, slightly, search engine optimization really is about the information on the page and not the URL.

Different Is Better

It has come to a point in the world of domains that different is better. Now, popular websites can feature website domains that have nothing to do with the given topic. Whether a particular website is for a professional photographer of a sports blog, the name doesn’t need to be a matching URL. In fact, something off the cuff can make it more memorable. Regardless of the topic or the services offered on the URL, domain investing has gone, more or less, by the wayside.

It Is Still Possible to Make Money

Now, the general notion of domain investing has changed. It is no longer ultimately possible to purchase a domain, have it sit dormant and to sell it. Outside of the original asking price, it isn’t all that possible to make much, if any money off of the selling of the domain, at least without doing anything to it. In order to increase the value of a given domain it is necessary to boost the desirability of the domain. This means physically creating a website and bringing in traffic to the page. This way, if someone is interested in the domain, they do not just purchase a blank domain without any actual traffic. If someone can build the website domain into something with strong SEO or that receives considerable traffic instead of what

a blank website, the holder of the website can make money off of the site. With proven Internet traffic, this makes it a valuable upgrade that will allow the domain holder to ask for more money. The amount of money they can ask for simply depends on the kind of traffic the domain brings in on a daily (or monthly) basis and if there are customers heading into the website.

This practice is similar to selling a rental property without any tenants versus selling a rental property with rental tenants. When the property is sold without tenants, the individual buying the website still needs to do what they can to bring in value to the property and rent it out. Until they rent it out, they simply will not make money. However, if there are tenants currently paying rent, money is coming in and the buyer of the property can instantly receive some sort of return on their investment. When buying a domain, it is far more valuable when there are customers currently visiting and paying for services off of the website.

What Should a Current Domain Holder Do?

So if someone currently owns domains and they want to sell the domains for profit, what should they do? After all, it isn’t like it was back in the day where they could sell it for hundreds, if not thousands of dollars of profit. First, they can simply put the domain on the market for a few dollars more than the original purchase price. Outside of a few domains out there, the domain typically is not going to increase in value all that much when sitting dormant. If someone actually wants to make a large profit off of the sale of their domain, they need to put in some work.

What kind of work should the domain owner do? Ultimately, they need to build a website. They need to build up actual content on the page. Even if there is no desire to do anything with the domain in the long run, creating a website is like performing a renovation on a house. It boosts the value, even if the end game is to sell it. From creating a blog on the page to actually selling products and services, this is going to drive traffic to the website, which in turn boosts value. The more traffic the website readily receives, the higher the value of the website.

Is it Possible to Make Money Off of Domains Currently?

While it isn’t impossible to make money off of domain investing currently, it is far more difficult than ever before, and most of the time it simply is not going to have any kind of profit. Buying a potentially desirable domain may prove fruitful in the end, but the owner needs to put work into the domain to actually make a profit of more than a few dollars. If someone who is buying domains or currently owns domains doesn’t want to put in work, they are not going to make any money off of the purchase and it will not prove to be any kind of investment. So, while yes it is possible to make money off of domain investing, it is far more difficult now and it will take a bit of work to do so.

Should Someone Consider Domain Investing?

Ultimately, it comes down to the person and the website. The best reason to buy a domain, whether it is an attractive domain or not, is if the buyer actually wants to build something on the site. Maybe they sell the domain in the long run after running it for a year or two, building up traffic to the site. If someone really doesn’t have any real desire to do anything on the domain, buying it might not prove all together fruitful.

Now, with that being said, there is kind of a work around. It is possible to look up domains owned by current companies. For example, looking up Apple, Google, Microsoft, Ford or anything of this nature. It is possible to see when ownership of the domain expires. Should ownership of the domain laps (even just a few moments (it is possible to swoop in and buy the domain. The company is not going to want to develop a brand new domain as this just is too expensive. All of the marketing for the company would have to change and it would confuse consumers. When this happens, the company that let the domain laps typically pays a good amount of money for the domain back. This is the best way to make money off of domain investing, although it is more about timing and luck than anything else.

One other option that has come to light recently is buying domains buy potential presidential candidates. Purchasing the full name of a presidential candidate, or one who might run in years to come, may come with a similar payout. The great thing about this is the payout might not come from the individual running but their opponent. In the latest U.S. presidential election, Donald Trump’s team purchased and used it as a landing page for Donald Trump. It shows that a savvy individual can make money, in some ways through domain investing.

Is This Kind of Online Money Making For Anyone in Particular?

Ultimately, this really isn’t desirable for anyone. Someone can build a website, put time into it, pay to maintain the domain, and then never sell it. That is a real possibility. Periodically looking into the potential expiration of a domain can prove fruitful, but this is more of a hobby than anything else. Someone will need to look up the information and stay on top of extending ownership of the domain.  


For the most part, domain investing is all but dead. While there are a few potential ways to make money in domain deals, the best way to do this is building an actual website and boosting domain value.

DirectCPV Review Shows Potential ROI

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Online marketing for any business website, individual blog or affiliate product is all about a healthy return on investment. Without a quality ROI, there is no point of marketing the website. Marketing is about bringing in more visitors and leads than what the website had been generating, yet if the marketing is costing more money than the sales or ad revenue is bringing in, the marketer admin needs to pull the plug on the service and look for another option. For website admins just entering the market, who do not have a large amount of money available at their disposal to market a product or who do not have a large profit margin with the services and content sold, current marketing services online may not prove very financially beneficial. Due to this, it is important to look over all marketing agencies out there and determine which provides the best potential return on investment. There is no right or wrong answer to this, as every website and affiliate program will find different results. It does mean that testing out different marketing providers out there is extremely desirable and even recommended. As this DirectCPV review points out, while not for everyone, it may be a desirable option for some, if not a starting point in the world of online marketing.

What is DirectCPV?

After diving into the ins and outs of the service, the DirectCPV review indicates that it is an online marketing service that provides a slightly different option than what most website admins and marketers are use to. It has a network where customers pay to have their advertisements placed on other website with similar keywords or with similar products (for example, advertisements for televisions placed on a website talking about TV tech specs). While not as large as other service providers on the market today, it works in a slightly different manor.

When a user signs up for DirectCPV, they are going to select the keywords they want their advertisements connected to. This is the same as just about all other online marketing services currently available. The major difference here though is it does not use a pay per click service. The major online marketing services providers such as Facebook, Twitter and Google all use this method of marketing, where a website admin only pays once someone clicks on the advertisement. Instead, as this DirectCPV review has determined, the service is a pay per impression service. So, whenever the advertisement appears on a website, the marketer is charged. Now, this might seem like a more expensive option, but it actually is the opposite. With DirectCPV, the marketer pays a flat rate of four tenths of a cent per impression. In other words, for every 1,000 impressions, they pay $4. However, with a pay per click option, an individual might end up paying more money for a single click (depending on the keywords, it can cost over $10 per click). Ultimately, as long as more than one or two individuals per thousand impressions click on the advertisement, it is a much more financially beneficial option, at least in terms of the number of visitors reading the website. Plus, nobody wants to pay a pay per click fee if someone accidentally clicks on the advertisement.

Setting Up a DirectCPV Account

Setting up an account with DirectCPV is rather easy, and this is one of the major reasons why it is so popular with smaller companies looking to market themselves. All someone needs to do is head on over to the DirectCPV website, choose to create an account, fill in their general information, then they deposit their money. As the DirectCPV review indicates, a minimum deposit is $100. For anyone who has not yet used an online marketing service, this might seem like a large amount to deposit. In reality, this isn’t all that expensive. Most online marketing services require at the very least a $50 deposit to get started, as other services charge the same $100, so this is really no different than what else is out there. Once the money is deposited into the account the account goes live and the marketer is able to start creating advertisements. Generally, this is done instantly, so there is no wait around, nor are there any delays.

The instant open account and the ability to start marketing with the creation of the account is a favorable option that most other services do not have. Most other companies like Google and Facebook require someone to first open an account and then to deposit money. The service provider then usually takes  a few days (or even up to a week) to clear the account. For some, this extra waiting time is not that big of a deal. Other times, for a marketer admin that wants to get on the ball and start marketing right away, either for a special date (such as a holiday) or to offer up a flash sale, this is an extremely negative option. So, for any company that wants to instantly market itself online, this DirectCPV review points out that DirectCPV is one of the best opportunities available.

Depositing Money

With the initial $100 deposit, the account holder is able to decide how they disperse the money. When creating the account, they can select the maximum amount of marketing dollars spent every single day. This can be as long as $1 or as high as they want. Now,  just because a max amount is set does not mean the max amount will be spent. After all, it simply depends on how many times an advertisement appears on different websites. If the ad just does not load up enough times, the marketer will not be changed the max amount. This gives exceptional control over the amount of money used to market a product or service.

Potential Return On Investment

This is where it is going to change for all website owners. With the DirectCPV review, it is not possible to tell each potential marketer what the return on investment is going to be as it will change not only from marketer to marketer but it will also potentially change from week to week. However, it really comes down to what sort of Internet traffic a service receives and whether or not it is going to prove financially beneficial against other marketing companies. While it does provide a better priced service than what the other major options are out there, this does not mean it will have a better return on investment. After all, even if a marketer pays less for the DirectCPV service, if nobody ends up buying the products, it doesn’t really help and they should go with other options. Ultimately, as the DirectCPV review points out, the only way to determine whether or not it has a better return on investment is to sample the service and compare it with the other options out there. It does have an advantage as it starts out with a less expensive price though, so the potential for an improved return on investment is there.

Marketing Options Available

With the DirectCPV review, it is going to point out that there are different marketing options available. As mentioned above, the most common marketing offering sit in Facebook, Twitter and Google. The vast majority of social media services do have potentially beneficial marketing opportunities. Plus, services like Facebook provide additional key demographic statistics, so if there is a very specific demographic that a company wants to go after, Facebook can prove helpful in this way, although it is usually going to be far more expensive than what other companies offer up. Beyond these services, Bing/Yahoo! have a combined marketing platform. These marketing services can appear on both the Yahoo! and Bing search engines, although with Yahoo! struggling and potentially filing for bankruptcy soon, this marketing may only appear in Bing (no word as to whether or not this will affect the bottom line marketing price, which should be considered).

Who Should Use DirectCPV

This is a service that should only be used by anyone who already has a website or affiliate account they want to market. As DirectCPV review points out, this kind of marketing platform can prove helpful. For anyone who that does not have such a website or affiliate program, there really is no use for an online marketing agency, so they should just avoid DirectCPV, or at the very least bookmark the service provider until they actually have a website or affiliate account to try and push. Once such an account is active, it is at least worth the experimentation to use this service and to see if it provides a better return on investment  over what other marketing companies out there provides.

For those who do need to market a product or website, it is a good idea to test out the service to see if it works. There are other reasons to check out the option as this DirectCPV review points out. For starters, for a company or individual that needs to stretch the marketing dollars, this is the best way to go. Even if it does not necessarily provide the best return on investment over the long haul, it is less expensive to use and will help save companies just starting out money. Other pay per click services often price out many possible marketers due to the price for a particular keyword or phrase. While it may not be fair, that is how these particular services work. Thankfully, DirectCPV does provide those without the financial resources an option to market without breaking the bank. Should it prove financial desirable and help grow the company, the website admins and owners can then decide whether or not they want to check out other marketing options.

Is it Possible to Make Money Off of DirectCPV

This is not a service designed to make direct money. As a marketing agency, it is designed to bring more attention to a particular website or service. Due to this, it is not a money making service, although it can help increase the amount of money a company does make with potential sales and ad revenue. So, with this in mind, it can help indirectly make money through the website, but the service itself does not make money. This is why it is only really a service that should be considered when a company has a product to market.


Marketing a product, blog or affiliate account can drastically increase leads, traffic to the site and, most importantly, the bottom line. DirectCPV is an available option that instead of using pay per click, it provides a pay per impression service. The return on investment opportunity may prove more beneficial than other service providers, helping companies just starting out.