In-Depth Information On Super Affiliates

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Affiliate marketing provides individuals with an exceptional opportunity to make money. However, there are always those people who seem to excel beyond what everyone else is doing, to the point of making hundreds of thousands, if not millions of dollars annually. For anyone who is making nowhere near this kind of money, it can prove to be rather frustrating. It can also show there is a way to improve upon what someone is doing to boost their overall revenue. But how can someone become one of these Super Affiliates? There are a few different options out there and pointers which anyone who is partaking in affiliate marketing needs to consider. This way, they can implement what works, cut out what isn’t and do whatever they can to boost their sales numbers. 

What is Affiliate Marketing

For individuals who are already in the affiliate marketing spectrum, they already know what this is. However, for those who are looking for ways to make money and have stumbled upon this name being thrown around the Internet, chances are they would like to understand it a bit better. 

In general, an affiliate marketer is someone who promotes another individual’s product or service. Essentially, this marketer refers someone to the company that sells the item or idea. One of the most famous affiliate service providers is Amazon. There are millions of “Amazon Affiliate” account holders. These account holders will place links to a particular product found on Amazon and then, should someone follow the link and make a purchase, the affiliate account holder will make a percentage off of the sale. Now, the reason most people are not making hundreds of thousands of dollars off of the Amazon Affiliate program is because Amazon only pays out a few percentage points on the products, which doesn’t lead to much. However, this is an example of what an affiliate program is. 

As mentioned above, someone who is part of an affiliate service will make a percentage of the sale. This is for facilitating the sale  and for bringing in the customer. Other companies provide a significantly higher payout percentage than what Amazon offers out. Depending on the vendor, this can reach as high as 75 percent (although it usually is around the 25 to 40 percent range).

Moving Up to a Super Affiliate

Super Affiliates are a bit different from regular affiliates. This is generally based on the number the individual provides. Instead of someone who just brings in the occasional sale, Super Affiliates are those who bring in a large number of sales on a continual basis. Companies can begin to expect a set number of sales sent in through these Super Affiliates and their accounts on a monthly, quarterly or annual basis (depending on how billing occurs). Often times, 80 percent of the affiliate sales made by the company are done so by Super Affiliates (where as only about 20 percent of affiliates fall into this “super” category). 

Due to the fact these individuals send in so much business to the vendor, they typically make much more money off of sales. The vendors know a large portion of profits is due to the sales made through these affiliates. Because of this, the vendors want to keep affiliates happy and prevent them from jumping ship to move over to a different vendor. By increasing the amount of money Super Affiliates can bring in off of these sales, the affiliates stay with the vendor and continue to bring a boost in sales for the vendor and a boost in their own profits. 

How Can Someone Move From Affiliate To Super Affiliate

 Many people who are standard affiliates believe Super Affiliates are corporations or large entities that have more resources in order to boost exposure and bring about more sales than what one person can do. Now, this may be the case with some super affiliates, but for the most part, it is actually just one person who understands how affiliate marketing works and what they are able to do with pushing sales numbers. This is actually a very good sign for traditional affiliate marketers as it means there is a way they move on from standard and become one of the Super Affiliates. However, what is someone able to do in order to become one of these super professionals? They just need to follow through with a very specific game plan, which boosts their potential at reaching the super level, which brings in more money through an increase in sales and a higher referral fee. 

For starters, Super Affiliates have a strategy. These are individuals who do not just fly by the seat of their pants when marketing. They actually map out what they want to do, organize their ideas for how they want to reach their goals and do everything they can in order to promote the services and products. By creating goals and and a map for reaching these goals, it becomes much easier for a person to stay on course and to build up their potential to eventually reach the Super Affiliates position. 

The Road To Success (Becoming a Super Affiliate) 

Knowing someone create a road map is one thing. Understanding what is put onto the road map is something completely different. Of course, it does require specific execution, even when someone knows what is placed on these roadmaps. However, by pinpointing each of the stepping stones, the average affiliate can push themselves up to become one of the Super Affiliates. 

For starters, a supper affiliate has a professional looking website. This is not something that is just created in a few minutes and tossed online. It needs to look like a professional service produced the site (some actually hire a professional to design the website, although there are other options for building a quality website with a Web builder). When a potential customer starts looking over the different kinds of products out there and they stumble upon two different websites offering the same content, they are typically going to give their money and services to the professional looking website, despite having the same products offered. 

Beyond the professional website, the marketing campaign is very specific. Now, when first starting out in the affiliate world, most people are going to discover there are all sorts of different marketing opportunities available. Due to this, it does take a bit of experimentation in order to find which works and which doesn’t work. Even when a marketer becomes a super affiliate, they will continue to experiment to see what marketing opportunities are worth the investment and what are not. After all, there is almost always a better way to do something, whether it is tweaking keywords or offering a product on a completely different marketing platform all together. 

The Big Picture

Through all the experimentation and testing, the great Super Affiliates always have a big picture plan. They take a product and run with it. Often times, the very best marketers do not care what kind of product they are selling, as they basically can sell anything while following their platform. It does take some time and effort, but eventually they are able to push a product and increase the number of sales across the board. The big picture plan makes all of this possible. The regular, standard affiliate marketers generally jump on the ship in order to make money, but they don’t have a vision or plan for making the money and reaching the final goal. This is the major problem. It really is all in the mindset, so in order to make it to super affiliate status, a marketer needs to alter the way they think. 

Is This a Scam?

It isn’t really a platform or service. It is just a clear understanding that it is possible to increase sales and to increase the referral rate someone makes off of the sales. It isn’t a scam at all but instead a fact. Those who have more sales on a continual basis will eventually fall under the “Super” category, and with it more money. It is not a scam at all but simply a suggestion as to how an individual is able to take what they are making now and push it to the next level. 

Is it for Anyone?

In order to become one of the Super Affiliates, it is necessary to have dedication with the product, be able to put in the time, the effort and maintain determined even when a current marketing campaign does not work. An individual is not simply going to become a super affiliate overnight. It takes experimentation to see what works and, most importantly, it takes a plan and a mindset. So, while it is possible for anyone to become a super affiliate, the only way this really works is if they are dedicated to the process and have the roadmap to do so. 


The very best way to increase how much money someone makes through an affiliate program is to boost their status to be one of the Super Affiliates out there. The best way to do this is to change the way someone thinks and plans for marketing their services. By doing this and following some general tips, a determined individual can increase their possible revenue. 

Sponsored Tweets Review Points Towards Potential

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There is no limit to the different kinds of marketing opportunities available to individuals online. Whether taking part in an affiliate marketing program or trying to sell a made at home product, it is necessary to know what kinds of marketing services work and what don’t. One of the latest methods out there is through sponsored tweets.

This service works just through Twitter and, essentially, is a large, paid tweet that appears on Twitter feeds that share a similar interest based on previous hashtags and connectivity. Now, while it is one of the newest options out there, is it actually worth while to check out? By looking over the Sponsored Tweets review, it is possible to determine how it can help, if it is for everyone and the different services that come along with it. 

Before Someone Can Begin

As the Sponsored Tweets review points out, it isn’t possible to just open up the Sponsored Tweet service and begin blasting away with sponsored messages throughout the service. That isn’t exactly how it works and it wouldn’t prove to be all that beneficial even if it was. In fact, Sponsored Tweets requires someone’s Twitter account to be live for at least 120 days before they can start advertising with it. While some people might drag their feet about this and complain a bit, it is for the greater good. It is necessary to understand the ins and outs of the service before moving forward. 

Twitter is not a hard social media service to learn. In fact, it is about as streamlined as it gets, but there are still some elements a new user needs to understand. They need to learn the best way to post, how to fit a concise statement into 140 characters while also tagging content into the posts. Someone needs to learn how to monitor their account, respond to posts, and most importantly, it gives the individual time to build up their number of followers over the course of 120 days. 

Here’s the thing about Twitter. If someone sees an advertisement they like but discover the account advertising only has a handful of followers, they are less likely to actually follow through with the advertisement and see where it leads. Now, this is why it is important, as the Sponsored Tweets review suggests, to send someone clicking on the advertisement to a landing page or external website instead of the home profile of the account marketing the product. This way, the individual doesn’t see the marketing admin only has a few followers, which just does not look good. 

Building up credence with Twitter and boosting a following as much as possible during these first 120 days can help grow the brand. Besides, it is not like these four months are waisted days, not offering any kind of beneficial service. In fact, it is exactly the opposite. This is time where someone can not only learn Twitter, but potentially reach new clients by properly using hashtags and even learning the best times to post content to Twitter. 

How Sponsored Tweets Works

The sponsored tweets really is straight forward. Someone create a general advertisement. While it can be just 140 characters, if someone wants, it can also include a picture. This is probably the best course of action as it grabs more attention. An image is always the best way to post an ad to Twitter as it draws in the attention against simple word based tweets, not to mention it is four or five times the size in terms of space it takes up. All of this makes utilizing the picture option the way to go. While as the Sponsored Tweets review indicates it is possible to just send out sponsored message tweets, it is far better to up the ante and go with the pictures. After all, when the content sends individuals back to an affiliate marketing account, landing page or other Internet service, chances are there are other pictures available that can be used. Even if it is just pictures of money, making money or anything financial, it will grab a viewer’s attention. 

Before submitting the sponsored tweet to the company for publication, the account holder will select several keywords it is connected to. After all, it isn’t just going to show up on random pages. The old shotgun approach of just plastering the ad anywhere in order to see where it sticks simply is not the best course of action. While an individual is only going to pay once the tweet is clicked on, it has a better shot at drawing someone in if the selected keywords match the subject matter someone is posting about, messaging about or commenting on. As the Sponsored Tweets review points out, it is very important to take extra care selecting these keywords. 

Monitoring Services

When utilizing a service such as sponsored messages, it is important to be able to monitor how these messages are performing and how other individuals are interacting with the content. After all, nobody wants to pump money into a marketing platform that isn’t turning out results. Now, it is possible to see when someone clicks and interacts with the messages because the financial account is affected. However, as the Sponsored Tweets review shows, the service is going to provide much more information than just how much it is costing. It is able to show what keywords are proving beneficial, the time which the marketing content is being clicked on the most and whether or not these clicks are converting into potential leads. 

Beyond all of that though, probably one of the most beneficial services is how much the competition is doing with their own Twitter content. With the service, it is possible to look at the competition and their sponsored messages. This will then show what keywords they are using and how many people are interacting with there posts. From here, it is far easier to determine how to editing a current marketing campaign, how to shift the keywords and what the best way to better the competition is. Account holders need to not just learn from themselves but from the competition as well. 

What the Advertisements Cost

This is something that anyone who is interested in needs to take into consideration. It is far different from other marketing payment plans and costs for promoting a product or service. Why is that? Because even though two different companies might promote the same amount of times, one campaign might cost significantly more than the other. 

Twitter advertisements, as is the case with Facebook, Google and other forms of online marketing, work off of a bidding process. When producing marketing content, the advertiser is going to select specific keywords that best represents the material placed in the marketing material. Other marketing agencies and individuals also select their own keywords. Now, when one keyword is more popular than others, this is going to drive the price up of the particular keyword. This, in turn, forces someone to “bid” more on marketing their product for the given keyword. 

Due to all of this, it is possible for one company to end up spending several dollars per interaction on one given keyword, while another company may end up spending a few cents on another. It all comes down to popularity. Now, this is not something where the marketer is going to be forced to go blind into the service. They will have a general idea as to what the current bid is set at. They can also create a max bid for the keyword. In general though, as the Sponsored Tweets review points out, this is something that can have a hefty impact on whether or not someone will prove successful in their marketing bids through Twitter. 

Is This Service For Everyone?

It is a different take on online marketing. As one of the latest entries into the world of online marketing, Twitter provides a rather interesting option. Some companies swear by this service and, regardless of any Sponsored Tweets review, good or bad, they will stick with it as their main source of marketing material. It is, at the very least, worthy of experimentation, especially if someone already has a Twitter handle or if they are looking at getting into it. 

This service is ideal designed for individuals who market mobile content and products. As Twitter is typically viewed through a mobile device, having a mobile landing page or mobile service on the other end of the advertisement is a really great way to boost revenue and bring in new clients. While it is still possible to use it with a desktop variation, clients that use a mobile option will see probably the greatest return on investment. 

Is This a Scam?

Not at all. Twitter has started doing this not too long ago, but it is a service that anyone is able to take advantage of and can promote just about anything. It simply is another marketing opportunity for individuals out there who want to bring in more money and more visitors to their affiliate account service (or whatever else they are selling). 

Is it Possible to Make Money Off of This

As a marketing platform, it is not something that specifically makes money, but instead generates leads to possibly lead to making money off of sales. Ultimately yes, it is possible to make money off of the advertisement through leads and sales. Different companies will prove to be better suited to using the service than others, but that not only is determined by the product and how the service is taken advantage of. As the Sponsored Tweets review points out, it is difficult to determine exactly who is going to excel at the service and who might not prove as profitable. In the end though, it is an excellent service that is worth of a test drive. 


Trying out different kinds of online marketing is a good idea for just about any business. It doesn’t matter if the business is looking at marketing a ready made product, an affiliate account, a home made service or really anything else. Different forms of marketing make it possible to expand financial potential. This is where the world of Twitter comes into play. With the help of Twitter, it is possible to reach new customers who might not usually respond to email marketing or other forms of online marketing. Now, as the Sponsored Tweets review indicates, this is a service that might works exceptionally well for some but not as good for others. Of course, it’s possible to say this for nearly all kinds of marketing, which is exactly why everyone owes it to themselves to check out it, learn the ins and outs of the service and see what it’ll do.