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October 5, 2017

I have been blogging for over 10 years and have learned a lot along the way. It’s amazing how much you can learn when you simply do things and try things. Back then, you had very few people doing the same things as others so it was on you to learn everything on your own. This was probably the best learning experience of my life. However, there isn’t a day which doesn’t go by where I don’t thank those close to me for helping me along the way. With that said, blogging is fun but it can be very tricky if you don’t know what you are doing. It can be tricky because there is so much competition online so you need to ensure you stay on point always. You need to know what to do that’s different so you can outsmart your competition and trust me, you’ll have a lot of competition nowadays. Times have changed and starting an online blog has become easier. With that said, here’s what we’ll be going over today so you know what to expect from my content –

First, we’ll be looking at building a network and connecting with other bloggers which will provide a lot of value to you in the end. Secondly, we’ll be looking at some of the best link building strategies online and what you need to focus on when building these links. Third, we’ll be looking at social media and how you can stand out on some platforms to create even more engagement. Fourth, we’ll be exploring the importance of research and some places that people don’t even think about doing research. Finally, we’ll explore email marketing and what days matter to send messages. We’ll also look at what times matter when sending email messages.

Let’s get started and if you need any further guidance then please post a question in the comment box below.


You should never underestimate the power of research and making sure you do it correctly. For example, through research you can enormous value into what types of content people want to read and what content you should be avoiding. You’ll also learn a lot about your competition which is important because these are the same people you will be detailing with every day. The funny thing is many people don’t know how to do research correctly and don’t know where to look. Here are three awesome places where people don’t bother looking for topics –

Quora – this is an awesome question and answer place which will provide you with enormous value. With so many people posting, you’ll definitely find hot topics and questions. When writing content, you should take time to answer them because you know your content will build momentum quickly. Remember these are topics people want to read and are questions people need answers to.

Google Trends – awesome because this tool will provide you with trending keywords allowing you to get a jump start on your competition. By writing about trending topics, you’ll have an easier time ranking for these topics too because there is very little competition.

Competition – you should take time to research your competition. Some have been around longer then you so have done all the research for you. See what they are writing about and create something better. Share it and you’ll build momentum online more quickly. Just make sure your content is the best online.


One of the best ways to build momentum online and connecting with the right bloggers can skyrocket your success within a few days. Imagine having your blog shared by someone with 100,000 Twitter followers? This is huge for your success and the power of outreach should never be underestimated. However, you must conduct outreach research the right way in order to be successful. Always start with Google because there is a lot of free information available that will help you. For example, doing a target search will provide you with enormous information on other authority bloggers that you should be connecting. Once you have your list, you can shoot them all an email asking if they accept guest posts or if you can work with them. Here are a few things to keep an eye on when getting started –

First, make sure the authority blogger is posting content regularly because this means they’ll rank higher within the search engines. Skim through their blogs and take a look at when they published content last. Secondly, you want to keep an eye on their social media accounts and how many followers they have. The more followers they have, the better for you because when they share your content it will go to a lot of people. Third, write the best content because quality blogging will lead to other content writing opportunities. Fourth, always do a follow-up because many times you’ll contact a blogger and will need to do a few emails afterward to get a response from them. Never give up and always push forward no matter what.

Link Building

This isn’t going anywhere because it is the backbone of Google ranking formula. This is why you need to always focus o it but shift the way you do it now and then. For example, what use to work won’t work well now, but there are a few things you can do which will help you out. Here’s a great strategy based on broken link building. Overtime many websites will go offline but they will still have several websites pointing to them. It’s your duty to find out what content these sites were linking to, write a better piece of content and ask for the link instead. There are tools which will help with your research and doing a Google search will help you locate them.

Write better content when asking for the link replacement because this will increase the likelihood of you getting it. Take your time and do some more research in Google to find out more about broken backlink building. This can be very powerful in getting you some solid links from authority blogs. Next,

We can focus on social media and the power it has on building your brand and traffic.

Social Media

Around 4-5 years ago social media changed the way people find information and interact online. It changed the way blogs grow and how brand build themselves. It also changed the way how people engage and find each other. That’s why you need to make sure you get the most out of social media. Many people post on social media but fail to build any type of momentum. For this reason, you need to start taking advantage of images and how a single image can skyrocket your brand and/or post. Here’s a few tips to keep in mind when on social media –

First, always add an image to your post because many people from around the world respond to images better than they do text. Next, you want to make sure when you post, it’s during the right times. I recommend you take some time to collect statistics to find when people engage the most in your niche. However, from my experience. you should be posting during the days Monday to Friday. You should also make sure you try weekends to see how the response rate it with your readers. Finally, it can get hectic managing your social media so automate the process by using some handy tools which are available. Do a quick search in Google and you’ll find some awesome tools which are both free and subscription based.

Email Marketing

I’m going to keep this short because I’m running out of room, but email marketing is a must. The best trick I can tell you about email marketing is to watch how often you send messages and be careful with the timings. Sometimes work better than others so keep an eye on this. For example, from my experience sending messages from Monday to Friday is the best way to increase your engagement. Always send first thing in the morning so your message is in the inbox when the reader gets to work. It’s been proven that weekends are slow because people tend to be away from their computers so I would avoid these times altogether. You can find out more about email marketing by doing a quick search in Google and reading some case studies which people have posted.

Final Thoughts

Use these tricks to increase your overall engagement. Some of these when implemented correctly will be awesome for your bottom line. However, it’s important to take your time and test which ones work the best for you and your blog. Insert Google Analytics to your website which is a free tool so you can keep track of your progress and results. Make tweaks where you can and once you find the perfect formula, you can continue using that one. Good luck 🙂

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