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I have been blogging for over 10 years and have learned a lot along the way. It’s amazing how much you can learn when you simply do things and try things. Back then, you had very few people doing the same things as others so it was on you to learn everything on your own. This was probably the best learning experience of my life. However, there isn’t a day which doesn’t go by where I don’t thank those close to me for helping me along the way. With that said, blogging is fun but it can be very tricky if you don’t know what you are doing. It can be tricky because there is so much competition online so you need to ensure you stay on point always. You need to know what to do that’s different so you can outsmart your competition and trust me, you’ll have a lot of competition nowadays. Times have changed and starting an online blog has become easier. With that said, here’s what we’ll be going over today so you know what to expect from my content –

First, we’ll be looking at building a network and connecting with other bloggers which will provide a lot of value to you in the end. Secondly, we’ll be looking at some of the best link building strategies online and what you need to focus on when building these links. Third, we’ll be looking at social media and how you can stand out on some platforms to create even more engagement. Fourth, we’ll be exploring the importance of research and some places that people don’t even think about doing research. Finally, we’ll explore email marketing and what days matter to send messages. We’ll also look at what times matter when sending email messages.

Let’s get started and if you need any further guidance then please post a question in the comment box below.


You should never underestimate the power of research and making sure you do it correctly. For example, through research you can enormous value into what types of content people want to read and what content you should be avoiding. You’ll also learn a lot about your competition which is important because these are the same people you will be detailing with every day. The funny thing is many people don’t know how to do research correctly and don’t know where to look. Here are three awesome places where people don’t bother looking for topics –

Quora – this is an awesome question and answer place which will provide you with enormous value. With so many people posting, you’ll definitely find hot topics and questions. When writing content, you should take time to answer them because you know your content will build momentum quickly. Remember these are topics people want to read and are questions people need answers to.

Google Trends – awesome because this tool will provide you with trending keywords allowing you to get a jump start on your competition. By writing about trending topics, you’ll have an easier time ranking for these topics too because there is very little competition.

Competition – you should take time to research your competition. Some have been around longer then you so have done all the research for you. See what they are writing about and create something better. Share it and you’ll build momentum online more quickly. Just make sure your content is the best online.


One of the best ways to build momentum online and connecting with the right bloggers can skyrocket your success within a few days. Imagine having your blog shared by someone with 100,000 Twitter followers? This is huge for your success and the power of outreach should never be underestimated. However, you must conduct outreach research the right way in order to be successful. Always start with Google because there is a lot of free information available that will help you. For example, doing a target search will provide you with enormous information on other authority bloggers that you should be connecting. Once you have your list, you can shoot them all an email asking if they accept guest posts or if you can work with them. Here are a few things to keep an eye on when getting started –

First, make sure the authority blogger is posting content regularly because this means they’ll rank higher within the search engines. Skim through their blogs and take a look at when they published content last. Secondly, you want to keep an eye on their social media accounts and how many followers they have. The more followers they have, the better for you because when they share your content it will go to a lot of people. Third, write the best content because quality blogging will lead to other content writing opportunities. Fourth, always do a follow-up because many times you’ll contact a blogger and will need to do a few emails afterward to get a response from them. Never give up and always push forward no matter what.

Link Building

This isn’t going anywhere because it is the backbone of Google ranking formula. This is why you need to always focus o it but shift the way you do it now and then. For example, what use to work won’t work well now, but there are a few things you can do which will help you out. Here’s a great strategy based on broken link building. Overtime many websites will go offline but they will still have several websites pointing to them. It’s your duty to find out what content these sites were linking to, write a better piece of content and ask for the link instead. There are tools which will help with your research and doing a Google search will help you locate them.

Write better content when asking for the link replacement because this will increase the likelihood of you getting it. Take your time and do some more research in Google to find out more about broken backlink building. This can be very powerful in getting you some solid links from authority blogs. Next,

We can focus on social media and the power it has on building your brand and traffic.

Social Media

Around 4-5 years ago social media changed the way people find information and interact online. It changed the way blogs grow and how brand build themselves. It also changed the way how people engage and find each other. That’s why you need to make sure you get the most out of social media. Many people post on social media but fail to build any type of momentum. For this reason, you need to start taking advantage of images and how a single image can skyrocket your brand and/or post. Here’s a few tips to keep in mind when on social media –

First, always add an image to your post because many people from around the world respond to images better than they do text. Next, you want to make sure when you post, it’s during the right times. I recommend you take some time to collect statistics to find when people engage the most in your niche. However, from my experience. you should be posting during the days Monday to Friday. You should also make sure you try weekends to see how the response rate it with your readers. Finally, it can get hectic managing your social media so automate the process by using some handy tools which are available. Do a quick search in Google and you’ll find some awesome tools which are both free and subscription based.

Email Marketing

I’m going to keep this short because I’m running out of room, but email marketing is a must. The best trick I can tell you about email marketing is to watch how often you send messages and be careful with the timings. Sometimes work better than others so keep an eye on this. For example, from my experience sending messages from Monday to Friday is the best way to increase your engagement. Always send first thing in the morning so your message is in the inbox when the reader gets to work. It’s been proven that weekends are slow because people tend to be away from their computers so I would avoid these times altogether. You can find out more about email marketing by doing a quick search in Google and reading some case studies which people have posted.

Final Thoughts

Use these tricks to increase your overall engagement. Some of these when implemented correctly will be awesome for your bottom line. However, it’s important to take your time and test which ones work the best for you and your blog. Insert Google Analytics to your website which is a free tool so you can keep track of your progress and results. Make tweaks where you can and once you find the perfect formula, you can continue using that one. Good luck 🙂

Lessons from The Top Bloggers Online. Learn Them.

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Massive Blogging Success

You have a choice because blogging can be either easy or hard, and it comes down to how you approach it. Over the years, blogging has changed a lot and you need to stay on point to get the most out of it. It’s changed because people are always creating new content, blogs and the competition is higher then ever before. This doesn’t mean you can’t do well, but means that you’ll have to push harder then you did several years ago. I have ben very fortunate because over the last 10 years I have worked with many bloggers in different niches. This means I was able to pickup lessons from everywhere which helps me expand and not make the same mistakes. With that said,

I decided to research the web and find some of the best lessons provided by authority bloggers. It’s amazing what I learned and amazing how you can apply these easily. Today. We’ll be talking about 5-6 of the best lessons learned online and why you should implement them into your blogging right away. If you have any questions, please list them in the comment box below the content. Let’s get started.


This was one of the first things mentioned by several bloggers and I totally agree. These days research is very important so you know who is your competition and you can gather the valuable information you need when writing content. By doing research, you’ll be able to figure out what people want to read, where they go to read it, and what you need to do to outshine them. Research will also allow you to create some of the best content online which is important if you want to outrank your competition. With that said, here are the three places you should start with –

Google Search – a simple search will provide you with loads of free information. Make sure you do targeted searches and see what other keywords come up. These will be awesome topics to write about.

Google Trends – a great place to find trending keywords which are untapped. By being the first to write about them, you’ll have an easier time ranking in the search engines. However, make sure when researching on Google Trends, you use the main keywords based on your website.

Quora – this is a great community to read question and get answers to questions. You should use it to find what questions are being asked the most so you can create a valuable piece of content from it.


This has changed the way I blog and how long it takes for me to build momentum online. What use to take several years to grow my blog now takes a few days depending on the network I have. But, for you to take advantage of outreach, you need to make sure it gets done correctly. With that said, here are some of the best tips online about outreach and how you can make the most of it –

First, you want to make sure the bloggers you reach out to are as close to your niche as possible. This will ensure that when you do outreach and are successful, you’ll be able to get the full benefit from the momentum. Secondly, you want to know how each blogger can help you out. For example, you want to search for guest posting opportunities and see if they can help share your content too. Third, be genuine in your approach meaning that you want to see how both of you guys can help each other out. The more benefit you are able to provide the blogger, the better for you long-term too.

Once you have done your outreach, you can start to contact each one seeing how you can help each other. With that said, let’s move onto the next tip.

Quality Content

Many bloggers have been spoiled because they think you can write any type of content and build your brand. The reason they are under this mentality is because this was the case years ago but has now changed. Nowadays, you need to focus on the quality of your content and make sure you publish your best work. If you don’t then keep in mind someone else will come out and outshine you. With that said, you need to focus on putting together the best piece of content online and should research before starting. For example, here are some of the best tips provided when it comes to writing content for engagement –

First, choose topics that people want to read. I’ve noticed some of the best content solves a common problem within your niche. If you can write content which solves a major problem, then you’ll have an easier time outshining your competition. Secondly, make sure your content is easy to engage with so reduce clutter where you can. For example, space it out and make sure the font you choose is easy on the eyes. Third, make sure it’s full of substance and includes images because this makes it easier to engage. For example, some people prefer to pull out the value from images and not text. Make sure you add the right amounts of images to your post. Here’s the thing,

Use the research strategies which I have outlined above to help you find the best topics to write about. Look for a pattern on how often these questions get asked.

Use Social Media

Social media has changed the way we interact with people and the world. It’s also allowed bloggers a channel to build themselves through content marketing. A single tweet can boost traffic within a short period and this has even grown the popularity of social media. It’s a cost-effective way to build yourself and engage your readers with very little work. But, you need to make sure you are doing it correctly. Here’s what you should do step-by-step in simplistic terms –

First, join the biggest networks like Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus. Setup your account and include images, description and other details. Start following people so they can start to follow you back. Promote your best content and try to automate the process by using some of the fancy tools available to you. Remember, share your best content so people always see the awesome value they are gaining by following you. For more social media tips, you should search on Google and go through some of the awesome case studies.

Consistency Matters

You are going to have readers who depend on your content to provide them with solutions. They have come to your blog to find value which you have been providing them over the last few weeks. It’s important you keep providing this value to them and make sure content is posted following a solid schedule as you’ve always had. You don’t need to post everyday, but it is recommended to post 2-3 times per week. Make sure under no circumstance do you change this posting schedule because you have people who have gotten use to your posts getting published 2-3 times per week.

Here are some tips to help you stay on schedule –

If your using WordPress, you’ll be able to install a plugin which keeps track of your posting schedule. This will help you remember what you have scheduled and on what day. Next, you can always hire a freelancer to help you do some work just in case you don’t have time to write content. This will help you stay on track and remain focused when you are busy and don’t have enough time. Third, if you are overwhelmed and can’t afford a freelancer, then you might want to consider reducing the amount of time you are posting. For example, instead of posting 3 times per week, you can only post twice because it’s easier for you.

Email Marketing

Bloggers will never down play the importance of email marketing. It’s important to collect subscribers from day one and have a follow-up sequence setup for them. This way they remain in the loop and remain loyal readers. By letting them know when new content is posted, you’ll be able to direct them to your blog and have them share your content. This not only increases traffic but will build your brand too. There are many email marketing services available so do a quick search in Google to find some of them.

Final Thoughts

If you are a blogger or are deciding to start one, then these are some tips to help you out. These tips will help guide your focus so you know exactly what you should and shouldn’t be doing going forward. If you need any more tips, then do a quick search in Google and you’ll be able to find a whole bunch of them quickly. If you have any questions, please post them in the comment box below the content. Thanks and good luck.

Finding Scam Free Mailing at Home Jobs

Never waste your time investing in programs which don’t convert, and don’t bring you closer to any profits. One of the biggest scams is mailing lists and buying them for a hefty price without any return on investment. I’m surprised how throughout the years, I still see many people investing in mailing lists hoping to make that quick buck going forward. The reason why so many people fall victim to this type of hype is because ever since we start blogging we have been told that the best way to make money is through email marketing. Think about how many times you’ve heard that the money is in the list, so we try to always find ways to capture email addresses, then marketing to them with some sort of offer. Here’s something else,


Over the years, think about how many tools or software programs you have purchased promising to crawl the web grabbing email addresses from communities, search engines, and business sites. However, I guarantee you that if you try to send out an email to any of them, you’ll have bounces or even people reporting you as spam. Why? It’s because no one wants to be part of a mailing list which they have not specifically opted into to. Next, these same people hate the amount of emails they are getting each day that they are not shy about reporting you going forward. With that said,

We have to explore ways on how to find the real mailing lists so you can convert the person being contacted. I have worked with so many people throughout the years, and am awesome at finding scam free mailing lists. These lists are awesome because all you need to do is upload them, and you can start to mail the recipients even from home. Let’s get started and explore the top 3 ways to accomplish this quickly.

Solo Ads

One of the best ways to find scam free mailing lists is to contact people with solo ad placements. In this process, you are using another person’s list to sell your product and/or item. This works well because the lists are highly targeted and convert very well. I have used them before and could convert my offer several times throughout the day. With that said, one of the best ways to find solo ads is by going onto Facebook and visiting “solo ad” groups where people are listing their services. Here are a few tips to utilize when getting started so you get the right bang for the buck –

Make sure the list is very relevant because you’ll have a hard time converting subscribers if your offer has nothing to do with the niche. For example, if you have a health offer then make sure you target a health & wellness solo list, and you can find all of this by doing your research before hand. Secondly, always give the list a try before committing because the last thing you want to do is invest in a list with poor conversions. I suggest buying the smallest package the first time around and then increasing after you notice the conversion rate. Third, split test the different offers you have because one might work better then the other. You’ll only find out once you test out the different ones keeping an eye on the overall conversion rate.

Once you have put the three factors into play, you’ll have a better understanding on how to select the right solo ad lists going forward.

Approach a Popular Website

Did you know that popular websites sell lists after they are done with an event and it’s no longer relevant? For example, they’ll be many travel websites or ecommerce sites who are doing a promotion and won’t need the list anymore after it’s over. They know the list is worth way more money is sold so will be taking offers for someone to buy it. However, it’s important that I tell you that lists which are being sold from big commerce or communities is very expensive so it’s important you have a budget. One way to achieve this and not burn a hole through your pocket is to partner with someone and split the list afterwards. A list can be used 3-4 times before you have to switch around the offer making sure the subscribers don’t get bored. If you cab collect money from a handful of people and purchase a list, you’ll be able to get a real high quality one.

Again, before doing this, it’s important you understand the niche of your business, and what type of offers those people on the list enjoy. You don’t want to invest hundreds of dollars in a list and then find out the relevance if completely wrong…right? Always do your research before hand so you are sure you will be able to market these people effectively.

Create Your Own

One of the best ways to protect yourself from bad lists is to create your own. This will take time, but if you have enough traffic, you’ll be able collect a lot of relevant subscribers. However, it does take time and money to ensure you have a stead flow of traffic. If you have time to invest, and the patience, I would highly recommend this route since you’ll be investing in yourself. For example, when you build a list you’ll be investing in your success long-term, and the money you put in will go towards your own business.

This is the routine I encourage however as mentioned it can be very expensive. Not only that, but it does take time for Google to index your pages and increase traffic to your website. Do a quick search in Google to find ways to increase domain and page authority, and start to put together a plan going forward.

Final Thoughts

Finding Scam Free Mailing at Home Jobs is tough since many people are selling poor quality lists. However, utilize creativity and use the resources available to you to find quality lists. Going forward you’ll be able to convert people increasing your ROI, and bottom-line.

Does AdWords Freelance Work Pay Good Money?

If you know a lot about finding freelance work online, then you know there are several options available to you. The internet has connected people from all over the world, so you can hire almost anyone to some sort of job. However, you just must make sure the gig you choose is legitimate, and one complete, you’ll be paid in full. I’ve run into many issues over the years when working for people because some won’t pay after I submitted work. Also, you want to find work which you know will be around a long time, and where you’ll find continued tasks. There is no point in working hard to join, then find work when you’ll be doing only one project a month. This will simply not pay you enough money helping you make ends meet. With that said, we’ll be exploring something cool today. We’ll be looking at new work available with AdWords, and how you can make a lot of money if you know what you are doing. What does this work involve? Here’s a quick overview –

online ads

Google AdWords is one of the biggest advertising platforms that offers banner, text, display and mobile advertising. However, for you to convert people through click-through’s, you’ll have to make sure your ad copy is attractive. The more people resonate with your ad copy, the more they’ll click-through increasing your overall conversion rate. But, some people simply don’t know how to write ad copies which convert so will hire a team to do it for them. If you know what you are doing and have experience, you’ll be able to make good money doing this freelance work.

Let’s look at some ways to prepare yourself for this type of work, and where you can find freelance work in this niche. Let’s get started and please provide your feedback below –

Apply at Google

One of the best ways to find any partcular type of work is to approach the company directly. Google has their own internal hiring branch who is in charge of applications, etc. However, you have to take the iniative to go find the jobs and apply to them in order to have a chancev at employment. I would start by going to the offical Google website, and heading over to the career section, then skimming through the different types of jobs.

Google does have different apartments which you can start skimming through until you find the right jobs to apply to.

Hiring Company

Sometimes Google doesn’t have the time or money to go through the hiring process so will rely on a third-party company to take care of the tedious stuff. These companies will be incharge of screening applications, the interview process, and making sure they have the right person for the job. Once they have narrowed down the people applying, they’ll send over the list to Google for the final interview.

You can increase the liklihood of obtaining a job if you know what companies Google hires, then approaching them drectly. Sometimes these companies have very few applicants which increases your chances of getting hired later on.

One of the best freelance networks that have thousands of jobs for people all over the world. This platform is cool because when you do a quick search, you’ll find AdWords gigs that pay decent money when creating ad copies. If you have been a freelancer on this network for sometime, and have established yourself, then you’ll have no problem securing high paying jobs going forward. However, if your just starting out, it’s important you take some time to fill out your profile, and do the required tests. By doing this, you’ll increase the liklihood of obtaining jobs or even being invited by people looking for AdWords ad copies for their marketing campaigns.

Head over to, and type a “adwords” or “adwords copy”, and see what cool things pop up for you to apply to going forward.

A great network to find AdWords gigs and this is a cheap alternative if you are a buyer not seller. tends to be cheaper then almost any other network online because of the network of people it brings under one roof. However, when searching you want to make sure you hire someone who knows what they are doing, and will do the right job. It’s easy to get someone who claims to know how to setup AdWords campaigns because the price is very cheap.

Always do your due diligence before getting started so you hire someone who is perfect for the job, and makes sure you don’t get banned from Google for creating low quality adverts. The way that  works is that you can make enromous money if you get a lot of people ordering from you. 

Online Resources

To make money through AdWords ad copies, you have to know what you are doing. This means you have to be the best, and know what ad copy converts compared to those that don’t. You have so many online resoucres available at this tiem which will provide you with a complete setp-by-step guide to creating the best ad copies. Afterwards, you can simply start applying to the platforms listed above until you secure the best job for yourself. With experience comes the liklihood that you’ll get paid even more money because you know what you are doing.

Final Thoughts

Working for Google AdWords can be lucrative, but it’s all about finding the right type of work that is no longer difficult due to several online platforms available. Get started now by reading through the content above, and making notes on the strategies to apply later. Find out which ones work and which ones don’t convert well for you. Work hard at applying the ones which help you secure AdWords freelance work.

5 Legit Data Entry Jobs from Home

People are always looking for side gigs to work at home. This has become much easier over the last couple of years since the internet has expanded beyond our reach. You can now remotely connect with people, and work from different places in the world. Therefore, even more people are looking for remote work because it allows them to not only stay home, but take care of their families at the same time. When I first got started online, I could secure several writing jobs which NOT only paid well, but allowed me to make ends meet. Data entry jobs are more popular than ever before simply because they are easier, and pay more than other traditional online jobs. With that said,

Massive Blogging Success

You must make sure you find the right type of jobs, and only work for reputable companies. Why? It hard when you devote so much time to working from home, but then never get a pay check. It’s even harder when you have a family to feed and rely on the income produced from these types of jobs.

Today, we’ll be exploring the top 5 legit data entry jobs from home so you know exactly where to look and apply going forward. Please provide your comments and your feedback below so we can get your perspective on the topic at hand.

Online Applicants

Many companies will hire people to screen through applications, and submit information on behalf of someone else. These types of jobs have been available for years, however recently started to employ people outside of the company. Much of the transition must do with how easy it is to find others willing to get paid little less then someone local. The internet has allowed people to connect through hubs like and centralizing everything. In this type of work, you’ll be skimming through a customer job application, then inputting the right information in the right fields.

If you are interested in this type of work, then head over to Google to start looking for vacancies. You can even join freelance portals to see what job offerings are available.


This platform is hard to get into, but does provide data entry work for people outside of the company and abroad. Amazon is well-known for selling different products so they need people to input pricing, description and sales information into their backend. It is a lot of work, but Amazon is known to pay very well if you can get the job done, and enter the right amount of data quickly.

Visit to find out more about some of the data entry job opportunities.

Many people don’t know about this network, but a close friend of mine uncovered it and it’s one of the best networks to be part of. This network has hundreds of small jobs anywhere from watching videos, entering data, link building, etc. Join the network for free, and start skimming through the data entry jobs available. You’ll notice how the payment structure is a bit different compared to others because they pay you per entry bases. However, if you have enough free time, then you can generate some good money on this network.

Head over to and create an account right here for free –


There are many private companies that need to hire people to enter data for various projects. DataPlus+ is a company that works with the government to enter data in the following areas – warranty cards, law enforcement reports, judgements, VIN registration, and more. This is a lot of information and requires people to enter data so it can be the right fit for you. And, since this type of work is government funded, you get paid a good amount of money for your time so it’s worth considering. With that said,

There are other companies that work on behalf of the government that you might want to check out. The best way to find them is by doing a quick search in Google, then going through each of them. They have a solid contact us page if you want to shoot them a quick message to find out more.

Private Computer Firms

If you are familiar with the computer industry, then you know how important it is for them to have someone code or enter coding data. You’ll also understand the concept of database entries which is why they are always looking for people to help them input some sort of data. However, many of these companies won’t rely on job sites like or because they like to keep the entire hiring process indoors. So, if this is something you are interested in then you’ll have to do some research online finding private companies interested in hiring people. Here’s the good news –

Much of the information can be found online so all you should do is a quick search. Simply, head over to Google and do a quick search for computer companies and see what comes up. Then, go through apply to each one and don’t forget to follow-up at the same time after applying.

Final Thoughts

Data entry jobs can be very lucrative if you find the right ones to dedicate your time to. However, you must make sure the ones you locate are reputable and will pay you for your time. I know you are probably looking for these jobs because you need some extra income to help pay for bills or family support. The last thing you want to do is dedicate all this time and find out that you won’t be getting paid in the end for your effort. With that said,

Go through this guide and start to implement some of the strategies mentioned because I have tried them and they do work. Head over to Google right now and start conducting your research, however after you do please leave your comments below so you can guide others in the right direction too.

Get started now!

Work at Home PayPal Paying Jobs to Earn Income

It’s all about finding the right jobs which pay well and can help you get through the day. We all work to pay bills, take care of our families and build a wall of security. However, I’ll admit these days it’s tough trying to find that one job you’re comfortable in. The good news is that things have changed and you have the popularity of the internet to help you find work from home jobs. The concept of “work from home” is not new because companies have been remotely allowing employees to go home and work for several years. This remote work has now evolved to allowing people to not even come into the office. This helps the companies because they save millions of dollars each year in rent and hardware costs.


As beautiful as the concept of “work from home” sounds, it’s still hard to find a job which truly allows you to extend your skills set and earn enough money. But, I believe it’s all about where you work and how you have been searching for work because some jobs are worthwhile. For example, the ones willing to pay through PayPal are reputable and tend to be the more popular ones in the market. These work at home PayPal paying jobs have changed the way which people live and earn money. Today, we’ll be exploring some of the most popular jobs where you can earn a lot of money working from home, and trust them to pay you because they have partnered with PayPal.

Let’s get started and your feedback will be greatly appreciated in the box below.

Freelance Writing

When I first got started online, I was involved in freelance writing and earn decent money doing it. The cool thing about this kind of work is that your only limitation is you, and you have the choice to change it anytime you like. For example, I can choose to work more hours or less, and the money you earn depends on the same thing. For example, if you write more then you’ll be earning more money than the average person. However, there are a few things you must keep in mind about freelance writing which will determine your success.

First, it all comes down to quality because the better your content, the more people will hire you going forward. This will allow you to find more work and build a better network of people. Secondly, it’s important to ensure you join reputable networks so you get paid after completing a job. In my experience, you have two that you should depend on – and Third, writing gets easier as you do it more often because you improve your overall writing speed. In the end, this helps you get more done earning you more money at the same time.

Product Reviews

This job can be correlated to “freelance writing” because you’ll be writing about products instead of general topics. There are many companies which are looking for great writers and product reviewers to market their brand. They are looking for people to test out their products then write about it for others online on top blogging networks. If you have been blogging for years, then you know there are many free sites available which accept content written by others. These review companies are looking for people who have access to these networks to write about their product and/or brand. Here’s the cool thing –

These same networks are willing to pay great money to those who have access to top blogging platforms, and can write high quality content. Secondly, these networks pay you through PayPal which makes things more exciting and provide you with additional motivation to work. (

Recently, there has been a surge in the amount of people writing on private platforms like These are all private networks with very few people having access to them as contributors. However, if you do have access to them, you can make enormous money because people are looking to get published on them and will pay good money to do so. For example, if you head over to and do a quick search, you’ll notice that some people have gigs listed for $150.00-$300.00 per article published on So, how can you use this to your advantage and working at home?

There are others networks to like,, and which all require you to apply before getting contribution rights. If you are one of the lucky ones which gets chosen as an author, then you might want to think about selling your expertise. You can charge premium rates and you will secure many writing jobs going forward that will earn you big money.

Working for PayPal

This is a company which hires people from all over the world because it has offices globally. For this reason, you can get a job working from home doing personal claims or disputes for PayPal. From what I’ve heard they pay good money and you can move up very quickly throughout the company. However, it all comes down to the way you work and how much effort you put into your work. Just like any job, the harder you work the more opportunities you’ll have with better pay.

Final Thoughts

Finding work online can be very easy if you know where to look, and who to network with. Head over to Google right now and do a quick search for online work and you’ll see how popular networks pop right up. Click on them and setup an account with every single one of them so you can start exploring the opportunities available. It will take some time to find one which you are comfortable with, however afterwards you’ll have a great time knowing you secured a good enough paying job to keep you busy at home and providing that much needed extra income.

Please let me know your thoughts below by leaving a comment.

How to Bring in Extra Income from Home with These Flexible Side Gigs

We all know how hard it is to make a living working 9-5 especially when there is no real security. You’ll be working for a company for several years, and they’ll lay you off without any consideration for you or your family. Therefore, they say business can be very ruthless so you must always stay flexible while moving forward. The good news is that many people are starting to explore job opportunities online because this will connect you to a wider choice of jobs. I remember when I first got started online and how hard it was to make real money, but things have rapidly changed with the introduction of freelance portals. You know have several hubs that connect you with others looking to hire people for niche specific employment. All you must do is take some time and look at the jobs available to you. With that said,

Massive Blogging Success

I have come up with six-side gigs that you can consider for the time being, and start to come up with a game plan. Skim through some of the jobs available and start applying to them. You’ll get a better idea into the type of experience they require so you can get the right skill set required. Let’s get started and your feedback will be appreciated in the comment box below.

Start Consulting

If you are an expert in your niche with years of experience, then you can focus on providing consulting to others getting started. This has always been lucrative because others getting started don’t want to spend time learning what others can already show them. Therefore, experience is important because people will only pay for the best advice. For example, imagine someone is trying to come up with a social media marketing plan and don’t know where to start. As some with experience, you can provide them with a step-by-step game plan on how to get things done right. This will save them a lot of money because they won’t have to find out what’s working and what’s not on there own.

Many consulting companies have made enormous money coming up with marketing campaigns for others. They show them how to choose the right keywords, ad networks, and even content to engage readers.


Online marketplace is a great way to make money online because they connect you to sellers from all over the world. I could make a lot of money by simply being the middle man between transactions. I would promote a product and then have it shipped over to them directly from a supplier. You just must find that one item in high demand to get started, and trust me there is no shortage on eBay.


I would recommend starting with a product you know and then finding creative ways to market it to those who are not so familiar with eBay. You’ll be getting it for cheap from eBay so having the right people buy the items can make you a lot of money going forward. Head over to to get started and skim through the various categories available to you.

If your wondering how to bring in extra income from home, then the next one will help because it did for me…

Freelance Writing     

Platforms like and have made a lot of money connecting people who are looking for written content. The reason this has grown in popularity is because Google puts a lot more emphasis on content and quality. People who can’t or don’t want to write high quality content will pay you a lot of money for some well-written content pieces. With that said,

You should focus on finding gigs based around your niche, and focus on finding employers that will pay top dollar for high quality content. If you can locate both, then you can make a lot of money writing content for other people within different niches. However, you must make sure you have the right type of experience and can add value to the bottom-line.

Social Media Marketing

Many companies who are busy don’t have time to manage their social media campaigns. Therefore, they will hire third-party people to get the job done for them. For you to be able to secure such a job, you’ll have to know a lot about social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Google +, etc.

These jobs don’t tend to be time consuming since you are sharing once a week for the company which is why it’s important to have several contracts at once. Head over to to find out more about social media marketing opportunities.

Affiliate Marketing

If you have read my other content, then you know how much I focus on CPA, CPC and CPA marketing. I also focus a lot on selling products for a commission which can end up driving enormous profit to your bottom-line. With that said, this can be a great side gig because you can automate the entire process once you know what works and what doesn’t.

Start to promote products within your niche and find creative ways to engage the right type of people you’ll be interested in buying these items through your website. I’ve noticed that if you write high quality content and have a huge following, then it’ll be easier to get people to buy affiliate products through your website. Do some research online because you’ll find a lot of information on this topic that’ll help you get started.

Focus Groups

Some companies starting out will need your help with testing products so will ask you to join a focus group. This is a very uncommon way to make some decent money however as a side gig, you can’t go wrong taking part in focus groups. If you do a quick search online you’ll find many taking place around your area, but I would focus on some online. The ones online will ask you to review products after testing or even games after playing them for 30 days looking for bugs or glitches.

Make sure you join credible focus groups like those which pay after project is complete. I would stay away from medical focus groups that ask you to test a medicine because some can be detrimental to your health.

Final Thoughts

There are many flexible gigs you can do on the side to make some extra money from home. Read through this content again and try to apply to some of the programs above to get started.

High Paying Jobs Online – Get Started Now

It’s all about making money online and the internet has changed the way we do this. For example, at one point it was hard for you to make a decent living online, but since almost everyone in the world can login, it’s become easier toc connect with people over the world. Even people that were working 9-5 office jobs can now find jobs online that not only pay a lot of money, but provide a way to improve their skill set. The key is to find ways to locate these jobs so you can tap into a niche before others do. I’ve been asked this question several times and always give the same advice, you should do a quick search in Google. However, today I’ll be going over the things I’ve learned over the last few years, and how easy it is to find the jobs you are looking for online.

12 Free Tools Which Will Help You To Make Money Online

Let’s explore 4-5 ways to tap into the online job market and find the type of work that you are comfortable performing. We’ll also explore ways to improve your skill set so you can secure even better jobs online. Your feedback will be appreciated in the comment box below.

The growth of the internet expanded the online job market because it allowed “job hubs” to quickly establish themselves. For example, you now have websites that will allow people to quickly post jobs, and for others to be able to apply. This connects people quickly and allows people to get started online sooner then the traditional methods of securing jobs. Another cool thing is that has different jobs in many different niches so you’ll find something relevant to your experience.

To get started, head over to and create a free account. Make sure your setup your profile because many of the people hiring will love to go through your profile to learn more about your expertise before screening you even further.

This is a general job site which connects people all over the world, but mainly in United States. Now days, many traditional jobs with offices will remotely hire people to save on office space rent, and other overhead. If you head over to and type in this search “work from home”, you’ll find a handful of jobs just waiting to be filled and these jobs allow you to work from home. But, the most important thing is that you follow what they have listed as prerequisites for their jobs. Here are a few things to keep a close eye on –

  • Make sure the experience matches as indicated in the job description
  • Make sure you can meet the hour requirements
  • Some of these jobs will require you to go through paid training before hand (will discuss in next section)

Many people don’t know about this site, and how it offers some of the best jobs online. One of my friends told me about this platform, and I could secure a few jobs going forward which not only paid well, but I could perform from home. Some of the clients on this network are KFC, Assurant, Tim Hortons, CAA, etc. They all pay hourly and have no hours’ maximum so you can make decent money working on their platform. However, there are a few requirements that you should be aware of –

  • This platform does require you to invest I paid training. The cost is anywhere from $100-$150
  • You do require a good PC so you can install and manage the application
  • There is a minimum of hours you must work with no maximum
  • Additional training must be required

Through Blogging

One of the old fashion ways to make money online is by having your own blog with a lot of followers. If you have read my other content, then you know how much emphasis I put on creating your own blog based around your own passion. This way you will write high value content which not only provides value to people reading, but that they can easily resonate with going forward. Once you have a huge enough following, there are several ways you can make money and we’ll discuss a few right now:


First, you can sell advertising space on your blog for a fixed amount, however you’ll need a lot of traffic for it to even be worth while for anyone to invest in marketing. Secondly, you can sell affiliate products on your website, and get commission each time someone purchases through your site. However, you’ll need to sell popular products which are high in demand going forward. Third, sell content space on your blog for those looking to build a reputation for themselves. Many people starting out want to get noticed and what better why then to post content on a popular website. Many people will pay you to have their content posted on your website, and the price demands on value and traffic of your blog.


I don’t like talking about surveys because many of them don’t pay after you complete them. However, there are one or two which not only pay, but provide you with money whenever you refer a friend too. To find the best ones, I would do a quick search online and see what others are saying. Review the best ones and find out what others are saying going forward because this will help you make a more informed decision.

Head over to Google and type in “paid surveys reviews” and you’ll be able to locate many sites with reviews. Then skim through them all until you find 1 or 2 which perform better then others.

Final Thoughts

There are many ways to find high paying jobs online, however you want to ensure they are credible. The last thing you want to do is put in effort and not be paid in return. Take some time and research many of the online job sites to find out which ones are trending and becoming more popular online. This way when you apply, you’ll be able to focus on the right networks and secure jobs which not only increase your skill set, but one which pays for the time you put in working.

Tips on How to Make Some Quick Money Right Now

For those who have been blogging for years online know how easy it is to make some money online. They’ve established themselves online, and can easily drive traffic to their content converting visitors into paying customers. However, if you are just starting out, then it’s difficult to start making quick money because you must put in a lot of work. Today, I want to talk about something very special, and answer this questions which I get asked a lot – how to make some quick money right now? I’ll be exploring the top 4 ways to make money online and why people choose to go in this direction compared to typical 9-5 jobs.

Massive Blogging Success

Let’s get started and your feedback will be greatly appreciated in the comment box below.

Writing About a Topic

One of the best ways to make money online is to write about your passion or something close to you. When you have a passion, you know about it well and can teach people about it too. This means that people will learn from you and can look at you like an authority within the niche. Overtime, you’ll build a huge following which will convert into profit through selling products or even advertising space. However, for you to start to build yourself as an authority, you will need a huge following who not only promotes your blog but shares your content too. Here are a few ways to ensure that you get the right following:

  • Always research your audience and the topics you write about. The more engaging, the more they will be able to attract a larger following.
  • Always write lengthy content because they tend to work better with readers. You can provide an in-depth solution in longer content.
  • Always research keywords so you can add them into your content. This way you’ll be able to optimize your content for search engines.

Product Reviews

If you have a blog, and have huge followers, then you can make money quickly by writing product reviews on your niche. For example, if you do a quick search in your niche for tools, you’ll see that there are many tools available for people. However, one of the hardest tasks is to find what tool performs the best especially with such a huge selection. I know firsthand how hard this can be because I have bought tools in the past, and it was a mission for me to find reliable ones for use. I would rely on product reviews from others to find the best tools to use within SEO or blogging.

If you do a quick search in Google from “keyword + product reviews”, you’ll find how some sites have done very well simply writing product reviews. Again, if you have a huge following, you can write product reviews for your audience and make money each time someone buys a product through your website. This is known as affiliate commission and many of the top bloggers have been making close to $40,000 a month by selling products through their websites.

If you have been in your niche for a while, then you know the type of content and products people are looking for. Start to reviews some of the popular products for your audience, and ask them for their feedback too.


One of the best ways to make money quickly is by selling advertising space on your website. Obviously, you’ll need a high level of traffic, but if you have been around for a long time, you shouldn’t have a problem attracting traffic to your site. With that said, you have several options when finding people to advertise on your website because there are some networks that will help you out. For example, is a great advertising marketplace which connects people in different niches who are looking for ad space. Secondly, you can sign up for Google AdSense who’ll pay you each time someone clicks on an ad. AdSense will post relevant ads on your website within specific locations that you have assigned. As a matter of fact, many people who started out with marketing will sign up for AdSense first, and then do more private advertising on their own.

To help you find high performing advertising networks, you should do a quick search in Google and go through the list of networks. I also recommend you check out a few by joining up and reading reviews on them because this will ensure you sign up with a network that pays you on time when your withdrawal your money.

Sell Content Space

This is a cool strategy and one which many people don’t use so it’s hurting their bottom-line. One great way to make money quickly is by selling content space on your blog to those looking to build their brand. If you have a high readership, then your blog is a great way for people to get noticed especially those who are just starting out. I always get guest posts request for my SEO blog because it’s been around for many years, and has a huge readership. Many of these people even offer to pay me money to have a post published on my blog. This can be a very lucrative opportunity however you must make sure you follow the game plan. For example,

  • Make sure you screen all writers before they start handing in content.
  • Make sure the content is relevant or it will push away readers.
  • Be clear about the writing guidelines and make sure people are not handing in spammy content

Final Thoughts

If you’re looking to make some quick money right now, then you should try and implement some of the strategies discussed above. I’ll admit not all of them will work, however you’ll find one which not only keeps your visitors coming to your blog, but which convert a lot of them too. This just adds to your bottom-line of making money from your blog and/or website. At the same time, it’s important you have a tool in place to track the analytics or conversions so you have a clear indication of the most effective money making strategies.

Get started now and please leave your feedback below in the comment box.

How to Make Money Fast Using CPA Offers

The concept of CPA offers is NOT new, and has intrigued me ever since I got started online. Many of the top bloggers got their start testing out CPA offers, and made enormous money once they cracked the marketing. For those of you not aware, CPA offers stand for cost-per-action, and are based around email submits, downloads, application fill outs, etc. I know you maybe think that it’s hard to convert through CPA but you’ll be surprised at the number of people who would like to receive free coupons, downloads, etc. Just like any other marketing campaign, you must find ways to get the offer in front of the right people. Now this can be done in many ways which we’ll be discussing later.

With that said, here’s what we’ll be discussing today –

  • What are CPA offers?
  • What types of offers are available?
  • Marketing methods
  • Choosing the right offers

What Are CPA Offers?

Here’s a quick definition from Backlinko

“CPA stands for “Cost Per Action“.

CPA is very simple: you get paid when someone clicks on your affiliate link and completes an action.

The “action” can be just about anything, but usually consists of:

  • Filling out a form
  • Getting an estimate or quote
  • Signing up for a free trial
  • Buying something”

With these types of offers, you are getting paid for someone taking an action like one of those mentioned above.

The Types of Offers

Over the years, I’ve experimented with many different types of platforms, and have gone through the different offers available to marketers. I’ll go over through some of the most popular ones right now so you know what to expect when you get started.

Email submit – these offers are based around coupons, gaming platforms, gift cards, etc. You’ll get a conversion when someone types in their email address and hits submit. The pay-rate can be anywhere from 0.80 to $1.20 per conversion. If you get 200 people to convert in one day, you can make enormous money through this easy conversion.

Downloads – many of the newer software companies are relying on CPA conversions to get their tool in front of potential consumers. For example, is a popular CPA platform and they have the best download offers that consist of backup tools, PDF converters, image optimizing tools, and even music software. Depending on the type of people you get these offers in front of, you can make a lot of money. These offers pay per download around $2.00 to $3.50 per conversion.

Application Form – these types of CPA offer’s pay the most because they are credit and insurance based. For example, you’ll get paid $100.00 or more for every approved credit card application. Many of the new credit card companies or insurance companies will turn to CPA platforms for marketing help.  These CPA platforms will provide marketers serious money per conversion if they can get specific offers in front of the right people.

Legal – These types of offers perform very well and are lawyer based. For example, you might have people who are searching for a personal or retirement lawyers, but don’t know where to find one. These forms will provide a referral to these people and pay you a lot of money as a finder fee. I’ll admit, getting people to convert on these types of offers can be very hard not because people are not looking for lawyers, but because marketing does cost a lot of money.

Out of my experience credit card and lawyer applications take more work to convert because people must fill in more information. Unlike an email submit which only requires an email address, an application requires name, address, phone number and even social security number. However, there are many different marketing methods that can work in your favor if you know where to look. Let’s discuss a few right now…

Marketing Methods

When getting started with CPA offers, you have several methods of marketing. However, it’s important before you get started that you know what type of monthly budget you have. I’ll go over 2 very cool marketing methods for people with a budget, then discuss 1 for those without any money to invest. First, CPC marketing is very effective if you know what keywords to bid on. Some keywords depending on the niche can be very low and can turn a profit once people start to convert. Explore AdWords and Bing which are two of the best networks with loads of niche relevant traffic. Next, you can also invest in media buys which is buying space on relevant websites. This is good because you can buy some prime space for a fixed monthly amount. Explore what’s available by heading over to  

If you don’t have a monthly budget, then your main marketing method should be organic. Organic marketing is the lengthiest form of marketing because it takes time writing content, building links and becoming credible. This method requires time and patience however can be very lucrative if you put together a strong organic campaign.

Choosing the Right Offers

I get asked this question – how do I choose the right offers? What should I look for when choosing offers? Let me go over a few important things that will help you pick what converts. Here are a few pointers to help you out –

  • Choose offers that are close to your current niche (if any)
  • Choose offers that have a huge demand because you’ll be able to attract more people
  • Choose offers where the keywords don’t cost a lot to bid on.
  • Look for the offers that pay a lot per conversion

Final Thoughts

CPA offers and marketing can be very lucrative if you know what you are doing. It’s very easy to make money through CPA offers, however you need to do your research before. For example, know what niches have the most demand so you can choose offers catered to that audience. Secondly, you should find marketing strategies which are cost effective so when you convert your offers, you make a profit. Third, always join up with reliable CPA networks because the last thing you want to do is have a high level of conversions, and not get paid.

Get started now with the following networks –,, and

Work at Home University – Complete Product Review

There are many online products which promise you a way to make easy income online. I’m sure if you have been blogging throughout the years, then you have tried some sort of product to make money from home. However, before getting involved, it’s important you know what products work, and which are a complete waste of time. A few months ago, I came across a product called WAH University or Work at Home University which promises you a way to build an online empire.


I decided to give it a try so I can write a review regarding the entire program. This way you guys can make an informed decision before purchasing the entire suite.

We’ll be looking at –

  • What is WAH University?
  • The features
  • The Pro’s
  • The Con’s
  • Editors conclusion

Let’s get started and your feedback will be greatly appreciated.

What is WAH University?

This program was created by Michelle Withrow who was a stay-at-home mom that made thousands of dollars posting links online. She has some experience with sales, and has even made some money drop-shipping auction items. There has been a lot of talk about how legit the program is because it uses tactics which are available online for free. The skills used in this program are from years ago and may not be as effective today as they were before. However, if you are a complete newbie, then you might want to try some of the strategies used within the program to help you get started.


The program costs $97.00 with several upsells along the way. It covers all the basics of the internet, research profitable markets, planning online marketing campaigns, and more.

The Features

WAH University has many features and many people have different opinions as to how effective they are. I’m here to provide an overview of the product so you can make a judgement for yourself.

The basics of the internet covers Q&A’s that newbies will have about online marketing. You’ll go over things like business idea’s, CPA, membership blogs, creating digital products, and how to launch your own product.

Researching the Marketing –  if you know anything about online marketing, then you should know this part of the most important. You must know what’s actively selling online, and how to pick the right markets to start building your online market place, website and/or blog. This section will show you how to use the right tools to gather profitable keywords, and products. As you go through the program, you’ll learn how to use this information to create the right marketing campaign which not only builds momentum, but increases profits quickly.

The Marketing Campaigns – As mentioned, keyword research will lead to creating profitable marketing campaigns. In this section, you’ll learn how to incorporate keywords and marketing platforms to create the perfect campaign. You’ll learn what search engine marketing options you have available, and will also learn about analytics to optimize your ads.

The key is to create campaigns that convert and offer a high ROI (return on investment).

Advanced Techniques – once you become familiar with research, planning and marketing, then you’ll jump into more advanced methods of profiting. For example, you’ll explore how to create your own products so you keep 100% of the profits. Registering the right domain names, webhosting and creating a money-making website easily within minutes. Planning and structuring your website design for effective engagement. Explore different payment solutions available to you so you pay little transaction fee’s adding to your bottom-line.

What else?

The way to market products has changed enormously, and much of it is because of social media. For example, getting a high-quality product in front of the right person can generate enormous traffic within minutes when shared on social media. For this reason, it’s important that you know how to create, manage and engage on social media.

WAH University will show you how to create a brand on social media. When your all setup, WAH University will walk you through the process of sharing content using effective #hashtags. There are some tools you can use to find what tags are trending so it’s important you know how to use them to get your brand across to the right audience.

You’ll also learn how to:

  • Do effective social bookmarking
  • Post within article directories
  • Video marketing
  • Media buys

Once you have established yourself online through paid-marketing, you’ll learn some of the best organic link building strategies. This will help you generate free traffic from search engines which just adds to your bottom-line of profit generation. This portion includes keyword research, long-tail implementation, using the right anchor-text, content marketing, internal linking, and guest posting for authority link building.

The Bonus

Once signed-up for the system, you’ll have bonuses that pop up every now and then. For example, when you sign-up, you’ll be able to receive the following:

  • Unlimited phone and email support 5 days a week. This is perfect for newbies who need help getting off the ground.
  • Newsletter subscription which provides daily trends, niche relevant news and program developments.

Editor Thoughts

I spend some-time going through the entire program, and wanted to provide my opinion so you can make a better decision before buying the WAH University system. First, it’s a complete system and is perfect for those who are just starting out online. Secondly, the system provides you with a support system just in case you get stuck when creating your online business empire. Third, it’s very in-depth so you’ll get all the information you need step-by-step within running into any problems as you go through. These are the “Pros” of the WAH University, and now I’ll discuss some of the “Con’s”.

The program is $97.00 + you’ll be spending more purchasing some of the upsells. After researching online, I’ve notice much of the information in this program is available for free online. You don’t need to invest money in buying this program to learn how to setup a blog, research a niche, learn online marketing, etc. There are more than a handful of case studies online for free. But, if you don’t want to spend time researching, then you should purchase WAH University as it’s a step-by-step system. I also encourage you to search online and read other reviews before getting started.    

I hope you enjoyed my work at home university review. I look forward to hearing your comments in the box below.

Work at Home Jobs Through Freelancer & Odesk


The work from home phenomenon is incredible, and many people are turning to the internet to make money online. One of the reasons for its success is because technology has changed so much in recent years. For example, we are now able to connect all over the world, and this has allowed us to remotely work in different locations. Two companies that have done very well are and Both offer a way for people to connect from all over the world, and hire people where labor is cheaper. When you start searching on these networks, you’ll see more than a handful of data entry jobs which can earn people a decent living. This again depends on how many hours you can work daily.

Some the best work from home jobs I’ve had in the past are content writing, graphic design, social media posting, etc. I started getting involved in this industry after I saw the expansion of the internet and noticed how people needed content written often. Bloggers always need articles written, and high quality is one factor which Google looks at when ranking websites. The better the content, the more engagement and this is a signal to Google that you offer value on your website. Personally, I have made a decent living working from home, and would encourage everyone looking to earn money online to give it a try.

Today, I’ll be talking about my experience with and I’ll be exploring some of the best jobs available on their networks, and what you should focus on when getting started. First, below is an infographic analyzing how many freelancers are scattered throughout the world. This infographic looks at different aspects of people involved in freelancing.


Image by:

You’ll notice a cool fact on this infographic, and that where many of them live. Asia accounts for nearly 40% of freelancers, and it’s important to note that this is a “hiring” number. Because work is so cheap in Asia, many people from within North America will hire them for coding, designing, etc. However, much of the content writing is done within North America because of English being the first language. This means much of the content writing will be done, and published from down here.

Now that you know this, you can understand when I first got started with freelancing it was through writing content for others around the world. Here are some other cool jobs you can bid for on these two platforms.

Content Writing

This is one of the best ways to earn money through freelancing. As mentioned, when you are a blogger you are looking for the best type of content for your website. English being the first language for content, you can make enormous money bring hired by someone who can’t write in this native language. Many of them are willing to pay top dollar for high quality content especially after the recent Google update. However, when you start bidding for these types of jobs, you must make sure of the following:

Experience – you want to write content with experience because this will improve your overall success rate. If you write engaging content, then you’ve just improve your chance of getting hired again.

Structure – by this I mean your grammar and punctuation should be on point. High quality content is only valuable if the readers can pull out the substance. The only way to do this is by making sure it reads smoothly, and is not cluttered.

Keyword research – if you have read my other content, then you know optimizing is key so make sure you have the right keywords in the right place. Make sure you use brand, long-tail and LSI keywords within the content before publishing.

Link Building

If you know anything about SEO, then you know that link building is key so having this skin can earn you big bucks. Your value increases more when you have a network of other bloggers you are an authority within your niche. This means you can reach out to them, and have them publish your content on their blogs building a value backlink back to a specific site. You can be anywhere in the world, and be involved with link building because all it takes is knowing people, great content and knowing the right keywords to build anchors with.

However, here’s some advice,

Never sell yourself short because a link has value so get paid top dollar for each link you build. Doing a great job means word will travel leading to further link building opportunities from other bloggers. Just make sure you understand the value, and stay clear from back-listed backlinking methods.


When I first got started online, I spent a lot of time designing logo’s, banners and even images for content. Since this is a skill that requires experience many people don’t know how to do it professionally. If your good at it, then it can be a great way to earn money working from home. What’s even better is that with each graphic you design, you’ll be able to add it to your portfolio showing people what you can do for them. This makes it easier for you to acquire work going forward earning you more money through each job.

Head over to and to find relevant work skimming through each one. This will give you a better idea on how much money you can make and what’s the average bid per job. It’s just a great way to do research before getting started so you cover all the corners.

Email Marketing

If you have been blogging for time, then you can make a decent living off email marketing. It’s one thing to email your list with your content, but you can turn this into a business by emailing for others. This is known as solo-ads and has been lucrative for many online marketers. If you go on both these platforms, you’ll see many people looking for email marketers to send to their list. If you have experience within this niche, then get a proposal ready and start to connect with others to see if you can turn this into a business.

Final Thoughts

Some of the best work at home jobs are freelance so it’s important that you start taking part in the trend. Head over to both these networks, and register an account for free. Take a few days to setup your profile because many of the people will check out your profile before hiring you. You can also Google “freelance tips” and the search engine will provide you with a list of strategies to get started.

Start Your Blogging Business and Work from Home

Over the years I’ve been working with several people helping them setup their business. These people are trying to live the America dream, but need some help getting started. In recent years, we have experienced the “work from home” phenomenon and can now tap into a global audience which otherwise would have been impossible. The internet has connected us with people all over the world and continues to allow us to provide them with much needed solutions. With that said, the next question is: What is the ideal work from home business? Let’s explore this question and you feedback will be greatly appreciated below.


When you skim online, you’ve noticed that many people are blogging about product reviews, a specific niche industry or even writing to promote their own brand. Some of the biggest bloggers have businesses named after themselves so they can then license out their names generating enormous income. To be honest, these options are amazing, and you can make money fast, however how many of these will last throughout time. I’ve seen many businesses start up, make money online, then disappear within a few short months. The problem is it’s hard to find a niche which you can write about now, and continue to write about going forward for several years. The good news is working in/with several different niches; I know which ones are a safe bet and will continue to build traction over time.

When you start your online blogging business and want to work from home, then these are the best options available to you.

First, reviews are a great way to build momentum especially because there are no shortages of products understanding the market. No matter what niche you think about or even research online, you’ll notice an array of products in that market. For example, health, finance, SEO, romance, or even general blogging all have products which could be great for your next blog idea. I recommend choosing a niche you are passionate about, then creating review content for a specific audience. You can then turn your reviews into referral commission going forward which can amount to enormous money going forward.

When writing your reviews, it’s important that you are authentic and try out the product. Contact the product owner to ask them for a free trial of the product so you can write an in-depth review. To stay competitive, you want to write about the features, positives, negatives, include images, and even testimonials.

Secondly, you can earn money online by creating tutorials which help solve a common problem within your niche. I’ve always stated that the best content solves a common problem which your audience is having. Start by researching topics by visiting other blogs and niche specific communities. Then, create a list of the major problems people are having so you can compile all of this into an in-depth post.

In my experience, tutorials have a high rate of social media activity because of the value they provide to readers. Just make sure when creating them you outperform your competition by standing out compared to them. With so much being circulated online, you must find ways to be creative by including images, infographics and even videos. With the popularity of, it’s a great idea to create some video tutorials because you can quickly upload them for free. You can also add a link back to your personal website allowing people to trickle through increasing traffic and brand awareness.

Third, we have had growth in MLM (multi-level-marketing) programs in recent months and they continue to grow each year. One reason they continue to become popular is because of the business model which involves building your network by getting other people to join. The fact that you create a website, write content and promote your online business through marketing gives MLM more credibility. For example, MOBE is a system which was developed years ago and teaches people how to create a website, and write high value content. It caters to those people who are looking to get started online, and your income depends on how many other people you can help get started too. It’s a cool concept and works very well especially when you know every business is looking to get online. Now they have a mentor to help them get started, and you get paid for every person you bring in and they bring in.

Finally, once you have established yourself as a writer, you can get paid for writing sponsored reviews. Instead of writing content on your own topics, you’ll be writing content for people or even a review of someone else’s website. I have been involved as a content writer for 7 years and this can be very lucrative especially when authority bloggers will pay top dollar for high quality content. I wrote about this last because for you to get opportunities, you’ll have to establish yourself. This means writing for years and build yourself as an authority before you can pursue opportunities.

Final Thoughts

If you’re wondering how to make money online, then above I have provided you with some of the most popular ways. Personally, some ideas will resonate better than other, but you should give them all a try until you figure out what works best for you. Over the years, we have seen enormous growth in work from home opportunities so getting started is NOT as difficult as it once was. You must have an objective in mind with a solid game plan which will help smoothen the entire process. To find additional help, you must do a quick search in Google for “work from home blogging”, and you’ll find enormous information which will point you in the right direction. With that said,

Read through this content again, and make some quick notes to help you on your way. Again, I suggest you try to implement all the strategies above and then settle on one which works best for you.

The Ultimate Resource Guide How To Run A Blogger Outreach Campaign

How To Run A Blogger Outreach Campaign

Many companies are running blogger outreach campaigns today and why shouldn’t they do it. A blogger outreach is vital in today’s world.

What is a blogger outreach?

Blogs are considered to be one of the most influential digital factors after retail websites and brand websites, while making total purchases. It is also considered to the 5th most trustworthy source of overall data on the web. Blogger relations or Blogger outreach is the cooperation among companies and bloggers to develop an authentic, genuine content to promote a service, brand or a product. It may contain things like live events, sampling campaigns, twitter chats and much more. The objective of this exercise to get good bloggers so that they can help you promote your products or services well. But why do you need bloggers? Bloggers do not only write on the Web, but form communities and tell them authentic, honest, and personal stories. This leads to trust; which has been referred to as a digital currency of influence. This trust often helps to get action and this is what makes bloggers so powerful. Here are some of the blogger outreach benefits:

Run A Blogger Outreach Campaign

  1. A human approach – other forms of marketing strategy or promotion often lack the human element which blogging provides. A blogger is a person whose opinion is valued, and if he says something positive about the brand, people trust their opinion and take interest in the company, its services, and products. People develop trust for the bloggers they follow and this may benefit the brand. A customer may ignore a display ad or commercial but a positive review from a blogger they trust can make them sit up and take notice.


  1. Gain more exposure – a blogger has a wide reach. If you want to generate a curiosity among the customers for your brand, then, bloggers can help you do just that. People not only read what bloggers say but also share them with their family, friends and co workers. Thus, a brand will benefit from a bloggers readership every time it is shared. Sometimes some such posts may even go viral which may cause huge name for the brand.


  1. Boost search engine traffic – By picking blogs which rank high on the search engines for your blog outreach campaigns, you can get a boost in traffic. When these blogs link to you, it results in search engine boost which helps to get you more customers. Increased search engine traffic will lead to an increase in your brand and more sales of your service and products.


  1. Successful launches – suppose you have a new service or product that people will love, a great blogger outreach campaign will help to get it in front of a huge portion of your audience. Forming a relationship with the proper kind of bloggers who have huge readerships can help to target the right people. This is a very good idea indeed.


  1. Mutual benefit – A blog outreach means not only selecting a blogger that has a huge audience but to provide them with something of value in return. It can be for a blogger or complimentary gifts the blogger might give away to his/her readers. Even a contest may help in benefiting a blogger, because that may boost reader interest, increase sharing and give prize to one lucky reader.

12 Free Tools Which Will Help You To Make Money Online

12 Free Tools Which Will Help You To Make Money Online

12 Free Tools Which Will Help You To Make Money Online

As an online business owner you must be already having a lot to do and it would be really great if you had the help of a tool which made all your tasks easier. But, money is also something that has to be considered. People who have enough money to spare can spend it on tools required to make online business easier, but new business owners are tight on a budget. There are free tools for such newcomers who can use these cheap but effective tools to enhance their business prospects.

  1. Evernote – now no need to carry files full of papers or worry if you misplace one, Evernote has replaced the huge amounts of paper that used to fill up desks and cabinets. It can be reached on any device so, you can work on your projects while at the airport and finish it up when you get back home to your laptop. It has a dictation feature too.


  1. Dropbox – Dropbox has become a popular tool for businesses as it makes sharing documents with others easy and simple. This tool increases productivity as you can share folders in real-time, which makes collaboration among team members an easy job. Dropbox offers a free plan which is basic and features 2GB of space. For more space, you need to get Pro plan at $9.99 or Business plan $15 plan.


  1. Trello – this is a project management tool that makes the job easier by providing members the real-time updates through a board that shows the progress of a project. No matter where your team members are spread sending spreadsheets is easy and has features like adding check lists, due dates or upload files from computer, dropbox etc.


  1. Free hosting with Hostt –Hostt offers fully free virtual hosting to all in the world.  It is really worth it to get free hosting. They also have a great and helpful hosting blog where you can learn the various ways to keep your website ahead of the game.

Free hosting with Host

  1. Gmail, Google drive and Google+ – Through Google Drive, you can share and collaborate documents in real time with team members. It is free, secure, and can be shared almost instantly. Gmail, is one of the best email provider around and allows you to create a business address and even organize them. While Google+ can help searchers to discover your business in search results.

 Google drive and Google+

  1. Google Analytics – this tool is helpful for people who want to monitor and track campaign results. In this you can receive detailed report to show engagement and conversion rates. You can also know through this tool where customers originally came from before landing on your page.

 Google Analytics

  1. Hootsuite – Hootsuite offers a free version of this tool that allows you to manage different social media profiles under one dashboard, view traffic reports, and shorten links through the URL shortener. You can also get plenty of news, tips, and advice on how to improve your social media campaigns.


  1. ai – No more messy spreadsheets or keeping a content calendar on your phone is required, to keep track of all your content as well as your content calendar here easily.

 ai content calendar

  1. Aweber – it is an email marketing tool and includes access to subscriber profiles, personalizing emails, emailing at the right time, and reports showing open rates and click rates. The cost for the first month to use this tool is 1$ which you can get back if you don’t like it.


  1. Score –This website publishes blog posts with advice on marketing and financial concerns, along with free templates and business software.


  1. GT Metrix – GT Metrix, lets you optimize your site to make it faster and more attractive for visitors. You also have access to interactive graphs which show your website’s history so that you can see if traffic is increasing or decreasing.

 GT Metrix

  1. Skype – With Skype, you can talk with other Skype users from almost anywhere in the world as long as you have wifi. Apart from one-on-one calls, you can do group calls, video conferences and messaging.

Online Reputation Monitor Your’s With These 3 Tools

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reputation management

Searching the name in Google or any other search engine is interesting and even prestigious. Just imagine the name on Google pages, it’s a worldwide Online Reputation . So what exactly must be the names? The names can be of a person or a business or a thing or any kind of service. Whenever there is publicity about any business or a product, definitely people will be looking in the internet to know about it.

What if the name is on the web, then it is known to have a good reputation. So what exactly this reputation means and where does this come from and how to improve it? Reputation is the status and it will be coming from the visitors or the clients. What are to be done to monitor the reputation and to improve it.

There are many tools to check the reputation of anything even the name of a person. What is usually done is spending lot of money in search engine optimization. This process needs many blah blahs and a very costly and time taking affair. But there are some easy methods to solve this. Number of tools are available and some are free and some are payable.

Among them Google alerts, Knowem and mention are the three tools to check and monitor the reputation.

Google alerts

It is free and easy tool. Simply insert the name in for free and register in the mail and in mobile if prompted and when any search that is indexing the name that is inserted then a message or a notification will be seen. Depends on the type of content and name too. This is all about the content in the web.


Need to know the brand name status? Then insert the name in this tool and the tool will be injecting the name into all the social media sites more and most important sites. Register the name and then search for it. Secure network to save the name. The most important thing about this is it is free and flexible. This is about the social media.


This is the best combination of the web content as well as social media. People consider this as the best answer for the reputation. But this is no free. The combined tool will be costing for more than $30 per month. So every time a name is inserted and then registered, the name will be seen on the search engine as well as in the social media. So this will be useful in monitoring and also in managing the reputation of any kind of name online.

No matter what the name is, these tools will be telling about the reputation of the name on the worldwide web. Instead of spending more money on search engine optimization use this low budget tools to make the name go high is reputation. The goal to look on the search engine will be served by using these monitoring tools.  

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