3 New List Building Apps

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list building apps

For blog growth and increase in engagement, internet marketing is an important tool. All bloggers need email and they can never say anything negative about it as the email service providers are everyday coming up with new and unique ways to keep subscription high. Previously, due to the stigma surrounding email marketing, it was really difficult to get subscribers. Email addresses were used by spammers to bombard them with junk mails. Today, email marketing along with social media is today helping in the success of any online business. Today the email service providers making ways to ensure that you utilize your list fully. For this start partnering with email marketing companies and chalk out ways to grow your email list. Here are 3 good list building you can use easily:

  1. Justuno – this tool is great for people who have an e-commerce website, are marketers or publishers. Justuno helps to increase your social audience and grow your email options. In order to increase the engagement on your website, one needs to sign up the right people. Great quality leads mean you will be able to bring visitors back your website many times and increase interaction with your page. Justuno.com uses the promo codes in email forms to convert visitors. Next, this works like a social media currency, permitting you to exchange codes and other options that visitors find helpful in exchange for likes, shares, and email opt-ins. Attractive incentives will ensure you actually get real option and visitors have to confirm before redeeming their promo code. Ecommerce websites have the highest leverage as they are allowed to add discount buttons beside their product or on the social profiles. Some great features of Justuno.com are:
  • It has fully customizable promotional tabs and pop ups
  • Here one can do visitor segmentation and behavioural targeting
  • It has reliable and helpful customer support
  1. MailMunch – this tool helps you to design, code and tweak a few things so that visitors turn into loyal followers in the coming days. It is a great tool because it is so easy to use and gives you a complete testing environment. It can be used to create beautiful forms for split testing and provides plug-in for WordPress users. Some of the key features of MailMunch are:
  • Here all forms have been optimized to view without any error on mobile forms which makes it easy to use on mobile opt-ins.
  • It helps to analyze the posts, pages and forms which are bringing the most conversions.
  • It helps in page level targeting and helps to create forms for specific pages to see how well they convert.
  • They help to eliminate guesswork and adapt your forms to keep improving.
  • This tool helps to set special rules for when opt-inappears.
  1. Coupon Pop by StoreYa – this is a great email marketing application for those who want to utilize promo codes to grow subscriptions. It works like an email popup form, but uses promo codes. It is easy to use and you only need enter your email before receiving discount coupon. It is one of the best approach to email marketing related with discount coupons. It has no discount button but a popup coupon form right on the product page. Some features of coupon popup are:
Coupon Pop by StoreYa
  • Discount coupons help to increase customer visit to a page which helps in better conversion and sales. They help customers to save.
  • It is easy to customize as no design or coding skills needed.
  • Provides rewards to fans and followers.