The Ultimate Resource Guide How To Run A Blogger Outreach Campaign

How To Run A Blogger Outreach Campaign

Many companies are running blogger outreach campaigns today and why shouldn’t they do it. A blogger outreach is vital in today’s world.

What is a blogger outreach?

Blogs are considered to be one of the most influential digital factors after retail websites and brand websites, while making total purchases. It is also considered to the 5th most trustworthy source of overall data on the web. Blogger relations or Blogger outreach is the cooperation among companies and bloggers to develop an authentic, genuine content to promote a service, brand or a product. It may contain things like live events, sampling campaigns, twitter chats and much more. The objective of this exercise to get good bloggers so that they can help you promote your products or services well. But why do you need bloggers? Bloggers do not only write on the Web, but form communities and tell them authentic, honest, and personal stories. This leads to trust; which has been referred to as a digital currency of influence. This trust often helps to get action and this is what makes bloggers so powerful. Here are some of the blogger outreach benefits:

Run A Blogger Outreach Campaign

  1. A human approach – other forms of marketing strategy or promotion often lack the human element which blogging provides. A blogger is a person whose opinion is valued, and if he says something positive about the brand, people trust their opinion and take interest in the company, its services, and products. People develop trust for the bloggers they follow and this may benefit the brand. A customer may ignore a display ad or commercial but a positive review from a blogger they trust can make them sit up and take notice.


  1. Gain more exposure – a blogger has a wide reach. If you want to generate a curiosity among the customers for your brand, then, bloggers can help you do just that. People not only read what bloggers say but also share them with their family, friends and co workers. Thus, a brand will benefit from a bloggers readership every time it is shared. Sometimes some such posts may even go viral which may cause huge name for the brand.


  1. Boost search engine traffic – By picking blogs which rank high on the search engines for your blog outreach campaigns, you can get a boost in traffic. When these blogs link to you, it results in search engine boost which helps to get you more customers. Increased search engine traffic will lead to an increase in your brand and more sales of your service and products.


  1. Successful launches – suppose you have a new service or product that people will love, a great blogger outreach campaign will help to get it in front of a huge portion of your audience. Forming a relationship with the proper kind of bloggers who have huge readerships can help to target the right people. This is a very good idea indeed.


  1. Mutual benefit – A blog outreach means not only selecting a blogger that has a huge audience but to provide them with something of value in return. It can be for a blogger or complimentary gifts the blogger might give away to his/her readers. Even a contest may help in benefiting a blogger, because that may boost reader interest, increase sharing and give prize to one lucky reader.