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May 6, 2016
Search engine optimization is essential for a website. The vast majority of traffic ends up at a website with the aid of search engines. Due to this, the better a website ranks, the better off it is going to be in terms of search engine traffic. But how exactly is a website designer and owner able to do this? After all, they showcase important information on the website and do what they can to ensure a high-end look and feel. What else can they do? Well, there is something known as search engine optimization, or SEO. This is the method of editing the website specifically for search engines in order to make it more desirable for rankings. While it is always important to make sure the website actually provides quality content and information (outside of this it really doesn’t matter how much SEO the site tries to implement, it simply isn’t going to do any good), there are ways to boost exactly how well the site fairs with search engines (namely Google, as more Internet traffic comes from Google than all other search engines combined). With the help of Crowd Search Technology, it is possible to directly tap into several different forms of SEO boosting, which in turn increase the Google ranking while also bringing in more traffic (which in turn increases revenue from sales and advertisements). Understanding more about Crowd Search Technology is important to determine whether or not it is the right course of action or not.

So What is Crowd Search Technology?

Search engine optimization is important in the world of boosting search engine rankings. However, what is more valuable is understanding current search trends. This entails what is going to be searched in the coming weeks and months. For a website that can predict this, it instantly garnishes a foothold over the competition (which there likely is hundreds, if not thousands of other websites out there competing for the same target audience). But how is a website able to identify what is trending, or going to be trending. There are keyword search features available on Google, which shows current number of visitors and look ups for particular words and phrases. This is where Crowd Search Technology comes in and how it is different.

Crowd Search Technology utilizes thousands of different search professionals spread around the world, located mostly in the United States, Canada and the UK, all designed to sift through Google information to see what keywords are trending and what are starting to move and shift. This is going to generate continual data which can show if a keyword is trending up in importance or heading toward in performance. With this kind of help, the website owner is able to alter their given keywords in the website. Once the website is saved featuring the changed words and Google detects these changes, it should instantly see a boost in search engine optimization. This SEO boost continues as long as the keywords continue to trend upwards. Thankfully, Crowd Search Technology stays on the trends, so should it start to shift, or if there is something else shifting in a more positive light, the website designer can go into the site and editing accordingly.

How Does The System Work

So how exactly does Crowd Search Technology work? After all, it likely does not have tens of thousands of users physically looking something up. That wouldn’t prove all that beneficial and, with thousands of people using the service, it wouldn’t help looking up keywords for everyone at all times. Instead, Crowd Search Technology uses several hundred thousands users, each of whom have an automated software installed onto their computer system. Once installed, it cross references information against what all of the other individuals have installed on their computer. This cross referencing makes it possible to identify exactly how works are shifting across the Internet spectrum. When signing up for the service, not only does the website owner have access to this keyword information, but they become part of the network, refining search engine results in order to help everyone else, including themselves, in determine the best keywords.

Identifying the keywords doesn’t just work for the website though. Thanks to the cross referencing, it is possible to see how keywords are altering and shifting inside of a given location as well. So, if a storefront website is looking to increase traffic over a set geological region, they can use this information to do so as well.

Searching For the Campaign

So how does a website owner determine the best keywords for their particular campaign. After all, they have the products created or the set services they wish to sell. That doesn’t mean they know what keywords to look up. With most keyword searches (such as the searches provided by Google), it all depends on the keywords the site owner types into the service. If they do not type in the correct keywords, they will never know how well the information is doing. With Crowd Search Technology, it works far differently. The individual just needs to type in the name of the website, the URL, potential keywords and select the search engine they wish to rank well in. The results show up not only the best keywords for the particular search engine, but alternative keywords that are potentially associated with the website. With the additional power to compare keywords over different search engines all together, it makes it possible to rank towards the top of all search engines, not just Google, Yahoo! or Bing.

The Service Packages

When signing up for the Crowd Search Technology, it is not just a single device rendered. It does take a considerable amount of data sifting in order to identify the kind of information obtained. Due to this, in order to maintain everything and do harness the bandwidth (in many nations and locations, it costs a substantial amount of money to handle the bandwidth), there are payment services. In total, there are three different Crowd Search Technology packages.

The first package runs $47. This provides 5,000 search credits. The price per credit is a penny each. Each credit is a single keyword search. It is possible for a single product or a single page, this amount can last a long time. However, for a storefront with dozens, if not hundreds of products, it is necessary to create specifically targeted titles and keywords for each product. This is where larger number of credit services is important. With this particular priced package, it offers daily keyword tracking for utilized words and full access to the entire search network.

The second tier package costs $97. This comes with 12,000 credits and every credit costs eight tenths of a cent. This also provides unlimited keywords and URL searches, plus daily keyword tracking. The top priced service runs $197 for the service. This in turn provides 28,000 credits and every credit costs seven tenths of a cent per use. The package provides daily keyword taking, full access to the entire search network and unlimited keywords and URLs.

Content is King, With Keywords a Close Second

The thing about websites is content is king. This is the first and most important rule to remember whenever creating content for the Internet. Without proper content, the website is never going to do well. It doesn’t matter how strong the keywords are, if the content is garbage, the search engine is not going to rank the website high. Google does an exceptional job in determining when a page is simply spam, or if there is quality content found in it. So, while following through with Crowd Search Technology can help boost search engine optimization, the only way to make sure it sticks and lasts a long time is to make sure the content is of the highest quality possible.

After content, as long as this is solid content, the next most important feature of any website are the keywords used in the site. This is also why it is important to take advantage of keyword sifting and to make sure the very best keywords are used for the page. If the best content keywords and long tail keywords are not used, the website is going to suffer and drop behind the competition because of it. Thanks to Crowd Search Technology, it is possible to identify not only the current best keywords, but future keywords that will provide especially helpful for the website.

Does Crowd Search Technology Work?

Crowd Search Technology is all about search engine optimization and improving how well a website ranks on a given search engine. As this is the only main goal of the service, it does do what it needs to do. It is extremely difficult for someone to forecast search engine trends on their own while also making sure they select the right keywords for their individual pages and products. Crowd Search Technology provides the necessary assistance in making sure someone receives the best designated keywords possible. While using the service, it is always able to change keywords on the website as trends shift.

It is important for anyone contemplating this service, it is just a keyword generator. This is what it markets itself as. It is not necessarily a “make money online” service. If someone has a website that offers products or services, then it can eventually lead to a substantial growth in profits, but outside of this, it is not going to specifically make money online.

Is Crowd Search Technology For Everyone?

The fact of the matter is Crowd Search Technology is not for everyone. This is not a service that just anyone or everyone should sign up for. This is something for a small business looking to increase exposure online and to bring in more potential leads and customers. It can be used by a blogger who wants to outreach to new sources online and to bring in more continual readers. This is who the service is for. Outside of this, there really is no other reason for most other people to consider using it. Now, for an individual who wants to make money online, they are able to sign up for a different service, such as an affiliate program, and then they can consider signing up for Crowd Search Technology in order to use the keyword sifting to help rank the website above what other affiliate programs are ranking. This actually can prove helpful and may be something someone wants to consider. So, when it comes down to it, Crowd Search Technology is a supplemental program that works off of something already created. This is where a potential user needs to contemplate whether or not it is right for them. For many, it can prove extremely helpful, yet for those who are still looking for the right way to make money online, this is not the right service, at least just yet.


Crowd Search Technology is a keyword sifter, designed to help individuals find the right kind of keywords that are not only popular now but look as though will be trending shortly in the future (while also avoiding keywords that are declining in popularity). All of this will help boost search engine optimization and how well a website ranks on search engines. Although not designed for everyone, it is a fine supplemental service that can work with currently established websites. It can be added later to a service for someone who wishes to grow the amount of money they make online but bolstering exposure, although it will come much later after they have signed up with the other services and affiliate programs. For those looking to increase search engine rankings, this can help.

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