How Can a Stay at Home Mom Make Money

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March 10, 2015
There is an unwritten clause omitted from the title of this article, “How Can a Stay at Home Mom Make Money”;  the title also should state, “While Performing Excellent Parenting”.  The avenues to make money through your home computer skills should never take away your parenting objectives while earning money. In the same vein, your parenting duties should not adversely affect your remote work duties.  It is no great feat to know which is more important at any given circumstance. The purpose for your choosing to work from home is to afford your children an attentive parent while making extra money for their needs. Never lose sight of that. 5LINX Reviews An online job search company which focuses on telecommuting opportunities, reports a 27 percent increase in 2014 in the number of postings for remote jobs. It also freely lists companies to watch for remote opportunities in 2015. Predictably, tech companies take up a fair number of slots in the top 100; however,  the range of skill demands  for remote work is wide. Health Services Professionals Due to great demand for home health care visits for disabled and elderly, those service companies are looking for people to work both  in the field and from home. The major insurance carriers have offered telecommuting jobs to:
  • licensed registered nurses,
  • home care providers,
  • social workers
Educators Online education’s growth is providing instructors who want to work from home part-time. There are has millions of students worldwide and more than 30,000 teachers, many  working remotely. At the higher-education level, courses  that truly are independent of time and place for instructors as well as students exist. Government Work Even the federal government is catching up with remote workers. The U.S. Department of Transportation offers tele-work opportunities for:
  • air traffic,
  •  railway,
  • highway safety inspectors,
  • desk-bound jobs in finance and analytics.
  • The Department of the Interior and Department of Agriculture also hires flex workers.
Customer Support Today, this field covers a wide range, from hand-holding buyers of new gadgets to direct sales and even debt collection. Those jobs increasingly are available for work at home employees. A major player in temporary secretarial positions provides short term workers for a wide selection of professions. New Tech America’s biggest technology companies are finally practicing what they preach when it comes to home office productivity. Customer support specialists working from home as well as from fulfillment centers provide valuable tech assistance and support. IBM, for example, hires people around the globe for IBM technology services. Transcriptions The need for skilled and accurate transcriptions for medical, accounting, and information industries have been in demand for years, working from centers or the worker’s own home computer. Certain specialized fields pay the highest wages for fast and accurate transcriptions. Many times more than one remote worker is utilized as one transcribes the high end material and another remote service is employed as a runner to deliver the completed work within a timetable. Executive-Level Jobs 5LINX Review The most surprising work-from-home job listings of 2014 included  with high-level titles like chief operating officer, chief executive officer and senior staff attorney! They might need to offer telecommuting to get the best candidate for the position. Inc. magazine indicates that at least 8 out of every 10 people work from home occasionally, if an option. Remote Buzz Words To Remember If you’re looking for telecommuting work, certain search terms should rule your search for home office work:
  • consultant,
  • case manager,
  • sales representative,
  •  engineer,
  • marketing manager,
  • account executive,
  •  interpreter/translator
  • Developer
Parenting-Telework Isn’t a One Size Fits All Performing work at home while parenting children requires an extra set of filters. You cannot serve an employer well if you will be working your home office duties while bouncing a colicky baby or refereeing toddler sibling fights.  A schedule for work and a schedule for parental duties has to be in effect for your home office to work efficiently and serve the purpose for which it was designed. On the other hand, you can data entry accounts while sitting outside in the shade while your children play, or during the blessed nap times and after evening bedtime.  The data entry jobs are excellent examples of work that can be interrupted without causing heartburn or mistakes.  Data processing such as writing articles and SEO blogs require more continuity focus. Customer service duties can easily be carried out while parenting small children, especially those utilizing phone services or pc chat options. Mailing out advertising folders from home can easily be performed and logged while parenting your children.

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